The Dangers of Empty, Ritualistic, Routine Weekly Observance of Holy Communion

In researching opposing views, it was difficult to find any articles contrary to the traditional observation of the weekly or even monthly ritual taking of communion on Sunday. This is tragic, because I believe the Lord has impressed onto my heart the tragedy of ritual routine communion observance. It is my belief that the ritual observance of the Eucharist, that is, holy communion, commonly defiles and desecrates … read more

Salvation: The Free Gift – Is It Really Free? Unconditional? No Strings Attached?

Christians have heard over and over and over, had it hammered into our heads, that salvation is a “free gift” and “totally unconditional” and “no strings attached”. Is this really true? Take this scenario. It is your child’s birthday. You have a gift you have prepared for your teenage child for their birthday. No strings attached, right? It’s a “gift” which inherently means that it’s free without … read more

The Fallacy Of The Church Altar Call: Are You Saved Just Because You Answered An Altar Call?

Altar calls. Anyone who has gone to church has surely heard it. Near the end of a powerful sermon, or in some churches after every sermon, the pastor will call up the musicians to play ambient Christian music, possibly even a hymn like “At the Cross”. He will then call out for anyone who is not a Christian to get out of their seats and walk down … read more

Unto the Pure All Things Are Pure, Unto the Clean All Things Are Clean: A Context Taken Way Out of Context

One of the most common and pervasive myths of modern church doctrine is the myth that “all things are pure” or that “all things are permissible”. It is based on several verses which seem to allude to the idea that the Old Testament laws are now passed away and that now all things are “covered under the blood of Jesus” allowing all things to be permissible. However, … read more

It Is Better Not To Marry? What Does The Bible Really Say About Marriage and Celibacy?

For centuries, even millennia, the Catholic church has maintained a position of monks and nuns who take a vow of celibacy to never marry. This vow is premised on the founding of a doctrine – a doctrine not actually found in the Bible. Today, Christianity is fundamentally impacted by this ideology. The idea is founded on an interpretation of one of Paul’s letters to the church at … read more

Should I Go To Seminary? Why I Decided To Go To Seminary

It is interesting how I suddenly got very tired, in midday, when opening this website. Perhaps the enemy does not want me to write. Regardless, today I wanted to share my experience deciding whether or not to go to seminary. There is an article written by Daniel Im who wrote about why he chose not to go to seminary, Why I ditched the M.Div.. and am still … read more

Cultural Reality Check: The Bible Never Says That The Greatest Of These Is “Love”. Here’s What The Bible Really Says

If you have grown up in the church, surely you have heard this verse many times, and you may even have it memorized. It is certainly one of the most famous Bible verses today. In fact, it could be said that the whole chapter of 1 Corinthians 13 is one of the most famous chapters, perhaps because being loved is one of the most important human needs. … read more

God Never Promised A Perfect Easy Life; But Here Is What God Really Did Promise

Today I couldn’t figure out why the gym was empty on a Saturday at the normal time when it should be full. Tonight I was reminded why – Father’s Day is tomorrow. For many, this Father’s day will be a joyous day as many spend time with their earthly fathers and grandfathers and extended fathers. However, there are also many who will not be having a good … read more

God Doesn’t Hide His Word Behind A Paywall – Neither Should You

I recently learned about a newish series which was produced in order to help men conquer sexual sin. This program is being marketed to individuals as well as Christian leaders who can use this program to help their congregation or small groups. With today’s sexually depraved society where 60% of people (probably much more) are in bondage to sexual sin, this could be a welcome blessing to … read more