God Never Promised A Perfect Easy Life; But Here Is What God Really Did Promise

Today I couldn’t figure out why the gym was empty on a Saturday at the normal time when it should be full. Tonight I was reminded why – Father’s Day is tomorrow. For many, this Father’s day will be a joyous day as many spend time with their earthly fathers and grandfathers and extended fathers. However, there are also many who will not be having a good … read more

God Doesn’t Hide His Word Behind A Paywall – Neither Should You

I recently learned about a newish series which was produced in order to help men conquer sexual sin. This program is being marketed to individuals as well as Christian leaders who can use this program to help their congregation or small groups. With today’s sexually depraved society where 60% of people (probably much more) are in bondage to sexual sin, this could be a welcome blessing to … read more