Revelation, the End Times, & The 4 Horses of the Apocalypse: Not What You Think

It is common thought that the book of Revelation is entirely about the end times that haven’t even started yet. But what if this is false? What if the book of Revelation, like the book of Daniel, is prophesying not just the times at the very end, but the centuries and millennia leading up until the end? The book of Daniel prophesies the great kingdoms of the … read more

The Hebrew Bible Is Likely A Forgery; The Septuagint LXX Bible in Koine Greek Is The Preserved Bible & Much Older

Ancient Greek was based on Ancient Phoenician, which is the predecessor to the Ancient Greek alphabet and subsequently Latin and today’s English. But Square Script, today called “Hebrew” was historically used for a different language: Babylonian Aramaic; and later, Yiddish. Under the notion that Modern Hebrew is a fraud, based on my previous research (here), which proved that Ancient Hebrew did not use square script; and the … read more

Milk and Honey and Biblical Prophesy

There is an interesting history of milk and honey, or better described as dairy and honey, as described in biblical prophesies, and to help understand the origins of the current peoples of the world. In the 8th century BC, the prophet Isaiah prophesied that Jesus, the man born of the virgin as the Son of God, would eat butter* and honey: “Butter and honey shall he eat, … read more

The Gaza Strip Is In Ancient Philistia, Not Ancient Israel or Judah

What you are about to read may be shocking. Gaza is not even in the ancient land of Israel. It is located in Philistia – land of the Philistines, the mortal enemies of Israel. You know, where David fought the giant Goliath (a Philistine)? Yes, that Philistia. Think about it. PALESTINE. PHILISTINE. Yes, the Palestinians are physically located NOT in the ancient land of Israel, and not … read more

The Truth About September 11, 2001

9/11 was orchestrated for many reasons, To collect the billions in insurance money from a policy taken out 2 months before, To steal the billions in gold that were stored under the tower, To usher in the Patriot Act to seize control of America and erode the constitution, To seize control of the oil in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East, and To destroy Israel’s enemies in … read more

Christian Evangelism Illegal In Russia and Difficult In Japan

Evangelism (proselytizing – sharing the gospel) is generally banned in all Communist and Islamic countries. This is obvious, as officially Communist states are atheist, and Islamic countries are strictly Muslim. However, lesser-known is that although Christianity is fully legal in both Russia and Japan and protected by laws on freedom of religion, new laws in recent years have made it illegal in Russia for Christians to share … read more

World Atheism Composes Only 1.8% of the World’s Population Outside China

It is often touted that Atheism comprises a major percentage of the world’s population, but this is deceptive. The number of claimed atheists in the world is 1.19 billion, but 1.07 billion of these are in China, where Atheism has been enforced by law since the Cultural Revolution (massacre of 50+ million Chinese by Yale-educated Mao Zedong). The organs are harvested while alive of those arrested for … read more

What is Judaism, and is it Compatible with Christianity?

Preface: First of all, let me make a few things clear about who I am so you know that this article is factual and unbiased. I am not a member nor associated with any groups. I am not a white supremacist nor an Israeli. I am a Christian and a follower of the true Word of God, the Bible (Old and New Testaments), and a devout believer … read more

How Feminism Causes Dygenics And A Less Intelligent Population

Feminism causes dysgenics. That is, it degrades biology and causes lower quality genetics over generations. Men are good at choosing spouses that encourage a good gene pool. Men choose young and healthy women, and are designed to have a natural intuition to reject less fertile women and women that would make bad wives and mothers. Women have children younger in a traditional society. Younger mothers have been … read more

Wireless Radiation Linked To Every Significant Viral Event

For lack of space, we will not discuss every significant viral event. Instead, we will discuss the 3 most significant “viral” events of the last century: the “Spanish Flu” of 1918-1919, the first discovery of a “Coronavirus” in humans in 1965, and “Covid-19” in 2019. The two most significant flu-like events of the 1900s directly linked to EMF radiation 1. First, let’s look at the “Spanish Flu” … read more