How Feminism Causes Dygenics And A Less Intelligent Population

Feminism causes dysgenics. That is, it degrades biology and causes lower quality genetics over generations.

Men are good at choosing spouses that encourage a good gene pool. Men choose young and healthy women, and are designed to have a natural intuition to reject less fertile women and women that would make bad wives and mothers.

Women have children younger in a traditional society. Younger mothers have been shown to produce more intelligent, happier, and healthier children. Most marriages last a lifetime in a traditional society, causing children to grow up with a normal family, be more well-adjusted, happier, healthier, and have a far better chance at success in life, as proven by much research.

Feminism on the other hand causes women to be the choosers, and improperly teaches them what mate to select; and women choose incorrectly, as women do not have the natural capacity to choose good spouses on their own, especially in a society which teaches them to want the worst men and reject the best ones.

Women who are feminized reject the best spouses opting instead for more stupid, passive, and gullible men who are less likely to be successful, and less likely to be good fathers. An intelligent, dominant man who has a high chance at success in life, would be seen as oppressive, controlling, and bigoted to a crazy feminized woman, and therefore will be rejected despite being a better husband and father, and more successful in life.

Feminized women also marry later, because they waste their good years sleeping around and pursing careers they will hate (careers which are better-suited for men like doctors, lawyers, business, medicine, etc). By marrying later, that is, when they are older, less fertile, less desirable, and less attractive, they lower their available options for quality men, having rejected the best quality men when they were younger.

A feminized woman will sleep around through her childbearing years, killing her offspring before they are born and not procreating during the best times of health and fertility. As her sexual market value rapidly declines after age 24, she is forced to accept that her time is running out (those who do not accept this fact of life remain alone forever). After 25 and into her 30s, her good suiters have dried up, as she is aged and past her best childbearing years; so even the best candidate who accepts her at this age will be of far lower quality than she could achieve a decade or even a few years earlier. She will have to settle for less, it’s the law of nature. You cannot turn back time. The longer she waits, the less and less quality men she will attract. This further perpetuates dysgenics.


The best quality women who do choose to marry younger, will choose men they believe to be higher quality than themselves, but they will be wrong. A football star or a gigachad may be physically attractive due to youth and regular exercise, but the men she chooses will be ones who are less intelligent and passive, because feminism is not compatible with real men.

A feminized woman’s choices in a mate will be less intelligent, because intelligent men would not choose a radically feminized woman, and instead opt to pursue success instead, knowing their choices will be better in a feminized society when they are wealthier, which brings a more natural power imbalance into the relationship, raising the likelihood it will last.

A strong man will be able to set aside their personal desires and not submit to a relationship with a feminized woman which they know will bring a life of misery, divorce, and poverty. Instead, they will better themselves and wait to find a younger non-feminized woman.

Women will choose less intelligent men, and more gullible men who buy into the feminist nonsense about bending over backwards for women to make them happy (it does not make women happy and causes women to eventually divorce, and intelligent men can see this ahead of time). These men will do all the things society says are the “right” things, like letting women take the lead, catering to her feelings, and making her feel empowered. These things will cause the woman to hate him and not respect him, and ultimately divorce him.

Women choose less moral men who sleep around with many women, because they are stupider, less responsible, and less successful in what matters in life. Immoral men are seen as valuable to women because of their many options, but they are not valuable men, because it is the false feminized society that creates this false value giving them more options. Only in a society where the women are sexually liberated would good husbands and fathers be seen as bad, and shallow womanizers (men who sleep around recklessly) be seen as valuable, and women allowed to sleep with more than one man in their lifetime, causing them to become whores, and perpetuating the false ideal that womanizing men are valuable when they are the lowest quality and least responsible men and lowest quality spouses and fathers.

All of these factors cause women to marry (and subsequently divorce) lower quality men, devolving the gene pool and producing less intelligent and less responsible offspring, as well as less offspring.

In addition to this, in a feminized woman-dominated society with women in traditionally male roles, society does not function well. Medicine, the legal system, engineering, industry, and corporations, all suffer from hiring women instead of better-suited men.

The same goes for politics and government, which are more easily taken over by evil people, and by power-hungry women who are quickly promoted due to “equality” and not competence. And with women voting, the worse candidate often wins, because women are easily manipulated by emotional appeals, which are usually (if not always) lies.

Moreover, a feminized society is more likely to commit abominable crimes against humanity like miscegenation (race mixing, aka bestiality), eliminating good DNA from the gene pool by systemic ethnic genocide and combining human and partially non-human DNA from Africans and natives. This also lowers intelligence, since Africans have an average IQ of 75-85, lower than some gorillas and chimpanzees, further ruining society as these creatures are given higher positions and rights in society than full humans, despite being unable to perform these roles effectively, as they are intellectually incompetent and in every way inferior.

A feminized society is also more likely to accept abominable crimes against nature such as homosexuality, transgender, and surgical child castration and mutilation in the name of social justice. They are also more likely to murder their unborn children (abortion); as well as fail to procreate as God intended by using birth control, which kills the fetus in the womb.

So, in a traditional male-dominated society where women have traditional roles like they should (because it is best for women and society), the society is happier, healthier, more moral, better functioning, more responsible, and the people are physically more intelligent, and also more physically attractive. But in a feminized society, people over generations become unhappy, unhealthy (bad genetics), less human, less moral, less productive, and less intelligent, due to women’s poor choices and incompetence at roles that God did not design them for, along with the intentional feminist (communist) brainwashing from childhood.


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