Revelation, the End Times, & The 4 Horses of the Apocalypse: Not What You Think

It is common thought that the book of Revelation is entirely about the end times that haven’t even started yet. But what if this is false? What if the book of Revelation, like the book of Daniel, is prophesying not just the times at the very end, but the centuries and millennia leading up until the end? The book of Daniel prophesies the great kingdoms of the … read more

The Immortal Principles of True Unconditional Love

Do not expect perfection but be completely understanding, and forgive everything from our brothers and sisters every day. Be understanding and understand that you too are like that or were like that and you are damaged as much as them, so be kind, patient, and understanding about people’s weaknesses. What is on the surface is only an outer shell of protection, a shield – it is not … read more

What is a Christian?

There is a teaching that all paths lead to God, and all religions. This is a false teaching which is called “ecumenicalism”. It is a heresy. Muslims, Buddhists, etc do not serve the true living God. However, on the other side there is another dangerous teaching, and it’s called “my version of Christianity is best and everyone outside my church is going to hell”. This is equally … read more

The Hebrew Bible Is Likely A Forgery; The Septuagint LXX Bible in Koine Greek Is The Preserved Bible & Much Older

Ancient Greek was based on Ancient Phoenician, which is the predecessor to the Ancient Greek alphabet and subsequently Latin and today’s English. But Square Script, today called “Hebrew” was historically used for a different language: Babylonian Aramaic; and later, Yiddish. Under the notion that Modern Hebrew is a fraud, based on my previous research (here), which proved that Ancient Hebrew did not use square script; and the … read more

Is It Really Impossible To Stop Sinning Or To Become Perfect?

Many have said, “It’s impossible to be perfect”. Yet, Jesus said we must “be perfect, therefore, as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). Many will argue that sin is inevitable and unavoidable, but this is not what the Bible teaches. The Bible says that everyone has sinned, but not that everyone continues going on sinning forever helplessly. The Bible teaches the exact opposite – that … read more

Walking By The Spirit & The Power of Fasting

Fasting is the exercising of power of the spirit over the body. It is the power struggle between the carnal and the physical. Fasting is the act that teaches the physical man that the spiritual man is in control. It teaches obedience of the flesh and teaches the flesh to submit to the will of the spirit. To fast, that is, to withhold food, is to exert … read more

Gratefulness vs Thankfulness & The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

To be grateful is an inward feeling, but to be thankful is an outward action. Gratefulness precedes thankfulness, but to pursue gratefulness as an end in itself is dangerous, because it neglects to thank God and others for the things we should be thankful for. Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks, not just feeling grateful. It’s a time to remind ourselves that we should be always … read more

Milk and Honey and Biblical Prophesy

There is an interesting history of milk and honey, or better described as dairy and honey, as described in biblical prophesies, and to help understand the origins of the current peoples of the world. In the 8th century BC, the prophet Isaiah prophesied that Jesus, the man born of the virgin as the Son of God, would eat butter* and honey: “Butter and honey shall he eat, … read more

The Gaza Strip Is In Ancient Philistia, Not Ancient Israel or Judah

What you are about to read may be shocking. Gaza is not even in the ancient land of Israel. It is located in Philistia – land of the Philistines, the mortal enemies of Israel. You know, where David fought the giant Goliath (a Philistine)? Yes, that Philistia. Think about it. PALESTINE. PHILISTINE. Yes, the Palestinians are physically located NOT in the ancient land of Israel, and not … read more