The Fallacy Of Calvinism And Its 5 Tenets – Part 1: Foundations

If you are not familiar with Calvinism, Calvinism is familiar with you. Nearly every western church today has its roots in this doctrine, from the Baptists to the Presbyterians, to the Lutherans, to pretty much every major denomination today; and it has been perpetrating lies and causing corruption within the church and within the people for centuries. Calvinism may be the single greatest threat to the salvation … read more

The Miracle Of Healing Is In Your Belief, Not Pills Or Medicine

The modern medical industry today tries to teach us that we have to rely on pills and modern medicine in order to be healthy and to cure disease. This is utterly false, as recent studies have proven that modern medicine is actually now the number one cause of death. The medicine they are pushing to cure you, is killing millions. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed … read more