The Fallacy Of Calvinism And Its 5 Tenets – Part 1: Foundations

If you are not familiar with Calvinism, Calvinism is familiar with you. Nearly every western church today has its roots in this doctrine, from the Baptists to the Presbyterians, to the Lutherans, to pretty much every major denomination today; and it has been perpetrating lies and causing corruption within the church and within the people for centuries.

Calvinism may be the single greatest threat to the salvation of the people of God today. By teaching a false gospel and perpetrating deception down to the very core and heart of every Christian convert, who is brainwashed into this indoctrination from the start of their so-called Christian walk, Calvinism has sent millions of self-proclaimed Christians to hell.

Through its ungodly denial of works as having any light before God, and its false teaching that humans do not even have the capacity for goodness, and that they have no ability to seek God on their own, Christians are brainwashed into becoming evil, vile people who believe with utmost self-righteous indignation that “they are good people”, because since they are “saved by the blood of Jesus”, all the vile and detestable acts and behaviors and treatment of others and even themselves somehow “don’t matter”, because it’s all “washed away with the blood of Jesus”.

The Bible itself teaches an extremely opposing view that contrasts with Calvinism in almost every way. Each and every precept taught by God in the Bible, by Jesus Christ, and by His apostles and disciples, are starkly in contrast and at war with every fundamental aspect of Calvinism.

In order to understand why Calvinism is not just wrong but downright evil, and why thereby most every church is a false church teaching a false gospel, and nearly every self-proclaimed Christian is not really a follower of Christ at all, we much understand what exactly this “Calvinism” is and where it began.

Calvinism is aptly named in reference to – not Christ, but to John Calvin. Calvin was the founder and developer of this false and ungodly theology that has brainwashed the masses into a belief that deference of the Holy One is now acceptable, and that His laws and precepts no longer apply. John Calvin, along with Martin Luther and some others, developed a theology in the middle ages which helped separate Christianity from Catholicism through the creation of a new, and ultimately equally vile false religion, termed “Protestantism” – that is, “protesting” against the Catholic church. The reason it was created was because the Catholic church had become vile, corrupt, and evil, and it was time to recreate Christianity, going back to the basics.

A brief history of Calvinism

It is understandable why Protestantism and its “grace-alone” salvation came to be so polarized. The Catholic church of the time had an extreme emphasis on works, with things like, paying for your loved ones who died and were “in purgatory” (which is not a real place) to be able to get out of purgatory and escape hell. They were actually required to pay money to the Catholic church. There was also the payments given for the forgiveness of sins, in which Catholic priests were given authority by the Catholic church (and not God) to accept what were effectively bribes in the form of monetary and other payments in order to have people’s sins forgiven. For example, they may have been a certain price for the forgiveness of lying, or pride.

Of course, we know that the Bible does not teach that paying money is going to forgive any sins – especially when the person believes that God cares about the money, in which case the person does not change their heart. This, and many other corrupt practices based largely on a works-based salvation that tended to neglect faith and the grace of God, is what led to the polarization of Protestantism, and its stark contrast in religious views from that held by Catholic church.

On the one hand, Protestantism did a good thing in fixing much of the corruption of the Catholic church, by teaching that it was not necessary or even respected by God to make payments to the church for the forgiveness of sins or any other false benefit, like helping dead loved ones. On the other hand, Calvinism created a new religion with the exact same fallacy, in the opposite way.

The Catholic church placed far too much emphasis on works, causing people to neglect their heart before God while simultaneously exploiting the people for the personal gain of the Catholic Church. Likewise, Protestantism did the same thing: by rejecting the idea of works altogether as having any impact on salvation. By thereby teaching that now people can be saved by “grace alone” entirely irrespective of any works or human behavior, Calvinism denies the human life as having any significance before God.

These two ideas are the same problem at heart – the neglect of the heart. While Catholicism neglects the heart through works, Protestantism neglects the heart through the absence of works. The truth is, that neither works alone nor faith alone can save. God knows the heart of every individual. God taught us that He highly values our works.

“In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not burdensome” (1 John 5:3).

Faith is dead when it has no supporting actions

Moreover, God taught us that there is no faith without action. If faith is not paired with works, then there is no faith. If a person says they believe that walking aimlessly across a 4-lane busy highway is perfectly safe, this is not faith. It is merely words or thoughts. If the person walked into oncoming traffic, then and only then would their works support their statement of faith.

Today, people make a statement of faith, but this is not faith. Words are not faith. Belief is not faith. Did the disciples have faith they could get out of the boat and walk on water with Jesus? No, only one did, Peter – not when he believed, but when he took his foot and set it outside the boat. Peter’s faith was not real until the moment he stepped out of the boat. Surely, some of the other disciples might have thought it may be possible, especially after seeing Peter do it; but none of them had any faith even if they believed it were possible, because none of them stepped out of the boat. Therefore, only Peter had faith that he could walk on water, even if the others believed it.

This is why James said, “faith without works is dead” (James 2:14-26). Faith without works is dead, because like the other disciples who did not step out of the boat even if they believed it were possible, when you say or even believe something but do not take any action, then your faith is dead.

However, Calvinism goes a step further – or for that matter, miles further – by not only rejecting the very definition of what faith is as the Bible teaches (faith does not exist without works), but moreover teaching several fallacies which corrupt the very nature of humanity and deceive the God-seeking heart into separating themselves from God through their actions.

The fallacies of Calvinism: TULIP

TULIP is an acronym for the 5 tenets of Calvinism, which describe the fundamental ideology of this false doctrine. The primary fallacies of Calvinism can be summed up into the following:

T. The fallacy that humans are worthless creatures, filthy and detestable in the sight of God and unable to please Him of their own accord. This is the false doctrine of “Total Depravity“, the T in TULIP.

U. The fallacy that humans don’t even have a choice to come to God of their own accord. This is the false doctrine of “Unconditional Election“, the U of TULIP.

L. The natural consequence of Unconditional Election is that it teaches the false idea that God predestined some people to go to heaven, and some people to go to hell, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it even if they wanted. People are saved for no reason other than that God threw some dice and randomly chose some for heaven, and some for hell, for absolutely no reason other than “He felt like it”. This is the false doctrine of “Limited Atonement“, the L in TULIP.

I. Not only does Calvinism teach that God’s choice for some to go to heaven or hell was totally random and had nothing to do with who you are or what you do (not even faith), but also Calvinism teaches that the ones whom God did choose for heaven have no choice. Effectively, you are pulled to heaven “kicking and screaming”, so to speak – even if you didn’t want it, you have no choice and are forced into unwilling servitude, effectively, slavery and mind-control. That even if you didn’t want it, it is completely irresistible, so that absent from your own will, God will force you to “want” to serve God. This is the false doctrine of “Irresistible Grace“. What a terrible way to think of God.

P. Since Calvinism teaches that humans have no choice whether one goes to heaven or hell, and that whoever God chooses randomly to go to heaven will be forcefully compelled and forced to actually want to serve God whether they would have wanted to or not (and since it teaches that humans are “totally depraved”, it therefore teaches the fallacy that no one at all even wants to follow or serve God, and therefore all of God’s chosen are forcefully compelled against their will), this further implies that “once saved always saved”, because if God chose you and you had no choice in the matter, then nothing will cause God to change His mind about who he wanted to save and who He didn’t. This is the false doctrine of “Preservation of Saints“, in which everyone whom God randomly chooses for absolutely no reason, will be saved forever even if they become a mass murderer and commit rape and genocide all their days. Nothing at all could cause them to fall away, it teaches.

These 5 tenets are so false and so corrupt and evil that they have completely transformed the people of God from loving, good people into the most vile and wicked people whose hearts are dark and black from evil and sin but yet whom believe they are such “good people” and that they have “nothing to fear” because “all their sins, past and future, are all washed away by the blood of Jesus”.

Hebrews 10:26 says that “If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left”. If a person calls themselves a Christian and this does not reflect in their actions, then they are not a follower of God. They may call themselves a Christian and believe with the greatest of self-righteous indignation that being totally hypocrites down to their very core doesn’t actually matter to God; but their false beliefs do not change what God really wants and what the Bible really teaches us.

Today’s Christians are wicked, not by nature but by choice

There is a reason that most Christians are vile and despicable hypocrites – except of course to their close “Christian” friends who they treat like any people would treat their friends, but then treat everyone else like total trash, and live a hypocritical life full of spite and malice and anger and revenge and sexual immorality and adultery and idolatry and pride and every detestable wickedness on the face of the earth. There is a reason that non-Christians avoid Christianity like the plague, because they see the blatant hypocrisy in the eyes of the people who call themselves “Christians”.

The reason is because who we are, are not a physical people but a spiritual people dwelling in physical bodies, and that what we think in our minds are what create our reality. When a newly converted Christian is brainwashed into the idea that they are vile, wicked people at heart and that only the grace of God can save them, and that they are utterly helpless wicked creatures to the very core, unable to ever achieve any level of human perfection (the absence of sin in your lives), and wicked detestable creatures who God hated so much that He must compel you to be forcefully compelled against your will to do what you didn’t want to do. Even though they said “God is love”, they make out God to be a God who hates all humans for what they really are, being unable to accept them for who they are, because “all you really want to do in your heart is sin”, they falsely teach.

By brainwashing the masses of good people seeking God into believing they are actually helplessly wicked people, is it any wonder that Christians actually become these wicked people? What you believe is what makes your reality. What you believe you are is what makes you who you are. If you believe you are a helpless wicked creature, it doesn’t matter if you were previously a good person at heart. Once you believe this lie, you have planted a black seed in your soul that begins to grow wickedness. Every time you do something wrong, you don’t believe you can ever correct it, since you are “helplessly wicked at heart”. Instead you then tell yourself that there is “nothing you can do” because “no one is perfect”, and “God loves me anyway”, and “thanks for the blood of Jesus who forgives all my sins”.

Then, instead of fixing your heart and getting right before God, you do absolutely nothing – except maybe ask God for forgiveness (which will not be granted). You don’t fix your heart because you don’t believe it’s even possible to fix your heart, because the church rams it down your throat and hammers it into your head “you’re not worthy”, “you’re a helpless sinner”, “you’re dark and sinful by your very nature”, “you are wicked at your very core”, and so on and so forth. It is all a lie.

Church is teaching Christians to be evil

By teaching Christians that works don’t matter, and worse, that humans are helplessly wicked creatures incapable of being good on their own, they are brainwashing people into a new paradigm, a paradigm where Christians now believe they are evil at heart, and as a result they actually become evil at heart. When a person believes they are helpless, they cause themselves to not take the necessary actions to overcome their sin. By believing they are helpless creatures, they forfeit their power given by God to overcome their sinfulness.

By teaching that humans are all born with a “wicked sinful nature”, this plants a seed of evil inside the soul of everyone who believes this lie.

What is the truth then? The truth is that humans have the power at all times to choose to be good or choose to be evil. We are born a blank slate, not a wicked carnal creature incapable of goodness. Upon our first conscious decision after we are born into this world, we choose who we are and whether we will do a good thing, or a bad thing. We are not helpless, but if you keep believing the lie that you are helpless, and that “only God can forcefully compel you against your will to be good”, then you will never be good, because God will definitely not force someone to be good when they choose to be evil.

Calvinism is a horrible lie that has sent millions to hell and will continue to send millions more to hell until something is done to stop it. Calvinism is just as bad as Catholicism was in the middle ages, in that Calvinism causes people to neglect their heart and be evil, just like Catholicism caused people to neglect their heart thinking that works alone could bring salvation. Calvinism causes people to be wicked by teaching them that they are wicked, making people believe in a way that causes them to refuse to acknowledge that they have any power over their own sin. As a result, it causes Christians to not be Christians at all, and churches to be godless empty dwellings full of emotions and godless worship and empty teaching that serves no benefit other than to pacify the minds of the people who are living desperately wicked lives of their own accord, and telling them that it doesn’t matter.

The murderer who gets away with it

If someone murdered someone and then one day in court the judge just said, “you know what I’m feeling generous today, you’re forgiven and we’re just going to declare you not guilty even though we know for a fact you did it and have all the evidence laying on the table right here” – don’t you think that person would feel relieved? Are they relieved because their murder doesn’t matter, or because they think they got away with it?

Of course, the murderer knows what they did, but their elation is caused by having the consequences apparently removed, not because their murder did not matter.

The same is the feeling given to self-proclaimed “Christians” who are told that their sins don’t matter. They are told that there are no consequences, and then that “liberation” they feel like a “weight lifted off of them”, they attribute to being the “saving grace of Jesus”. False! This is simply a natural human reaction to the change in belief that when a person does something wrong, there are no weighty consequences.

These people are manipulated into believing the lie that “grace” is causing them this emotional experience of a “weight lifted off them”, when in reality this is nothing but a deception and manipulation of human emotions. When a person feels elation at having been told and believing that their sins are now irrelevant and there are no more consequences, all this does is create an emotional experience much like the murderer who really did it but then got off scott-free.

In reality, however, the consequences of sin are no less deadly. In fact, the consequences of sin will send you to hell. Just because you believed when someone with “church authority” told you that your sins don’t actually matter, does not mean your sins do not matter. In fact, it makes it all the worse, because this just causes your sins to multiply. Once you are brainwashed to believe your sins have no impact on salvation, you then become a much more wicked person, believing you are freed from the consequences.

On the day of judgment you will be called to account

However, when we all stand before God and are asked to give an account of our lives, every self-proclaimed Christian who tries to invoke the name of Jesus and say that all their wicked thoughts and wicked actions and wicked treatment of others are confidently “covered by the grace of Jesus”, God will reply in that day,

“Did you not read my Word? Did you not know that faith without works is dead as my servant James taught you? Where were you when I sought you but did not find you, in the morning hours and in the evening hours, while you thought and worked wickedness instead of pursuing me as you claimed to others to do?

“Did you not listen when you heard how I detest sin? No, but instead, you have hated Me and my ways, you have walked in your own ways, you have walked in wickedness and with a wicked heart. You have mistreated my people, you have refused to help my people when they needed you, you have thought only of yourselves all your lives.

“When I gave you many talents, you squandered those talents, and did not profit anything from what I gave you. In your hearts dwelled darkness, not my Word; out of your mouth spoke curses and profanity and every kind of evil, and your hands did not tire from working wickedness all of your days.

“You came to me with an empty and unrepentant heart seeking forgiveness, but I did not grant your request because your heart was not with me; your words were spoken in vain. You entered my sanctuary singing praises, but you sang these praises not to me but to those around you and to yourself, for you enjoyed the experience but not your relationship with me, and you did not honor me with your words.

“Therefore, since you have lived an evil and wicked life, and never turned from your wicked ways, and ignored my Word, and treated others with such wickedness, and abused your body the temple in which I wanted to dwell, but could not go there because of your wickedness – therefore, I never even knew you, you wicked servant.

“Angels, cast this wicked soul into the depths of hell prepared for Satan and his angels, for this sinner is wicked and I have never known him.”


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