Real Science Proves The Secret Of Life: Humans Are Programmers, The Ghost In The Machine

Science has proven that our bodies are not who we are. Who we really are is effectively like computer programmers; and our bodies, including our brains, are merely a computer, a machine for us to operate. We are not our bodies; who we really are is the ghost in the machine.

This secret of life and science has been intentionally hidden and buried by the “scientific” community. So-called “science” is not really science at all but literally religious dogma – in fact scientists themselves call it “scientific dogma”, for good reason. Dogma means by definition, “a religious belief that is not supported by science”.

Scientific dogma is called dogma, because actually it is not science, but religion. In other words, “scientific dogma” means, “science not supported by science”. How ridiculous! Satan has deceived the world into believing in science that is not supported by science.

So-called scientists have been falsely teaching for as much as hundreds of years that we are victims of our biology and our genes. Every study however attempting to prove this, from the studies on removing the nucleus from cells to the ambitious human genome project, have all proven the opposite – that in fact we are not victims of our biology; but actually, who humans are, are not our physical bodies at all.

We are not controlled by DNA

Dr. Bruce Lipton spent over a decade in medical school achieving his Ph.D in developmental biology, and worked as a professor at prestigious universities including Stanford University’s School of Medicine and Penn State. In his research over 50 years ago, he discovered the truth that the nucleus of a cell is not the brain of a cell, but in fact a reproductive organ of the cell. When all DNA is removed from a cell, it continues to function as normal, until it comes time to replace parts or replicate, in which case it dies.

If DNA was who we are and if we are controlled by our DNA, then without DNA our cells should die just like without the brain an organism will die. However, when you remove DNA from a cell, it does not die. Therefore, science has proven conclusively and absolutely that the DNA is not our brain – it does not control who we are.

DNA is simply a reproductive program. It does not control us or make us live.

If DNA was who we are, then removing DNA from a cell should cause it to die instantly. After all, if you remove the program running a cell, then it should stop working, just like happens if a brain is removed from a living organism. However, this does not happen. Instead, the cell continues to live and operate, proving that DNA does not in fact control the cell or the organism at all. In fact, DNA is only needed when it comes time for repairs or replication. Therefore, DNA is simply a program, a blueprint, to duplicate the cell, but not actually the cell itself and it does not control the cell.

So if DNA does not control our cells, and if therefore we are not controlled by our DNA, then what controls us? What makes us run, what makes us tick? DNA is not who we are. In fact, DNA is simply the equivalent of a computer program. In Dr. Lipton’s research, he came to the discovery that a cell functions exactly like a computer, and DNA functions exactly like a computer program, but not a computer program controlling the cell, but a program just designed to repair and replicate the cell.

So then, if DNA does not control our cells and if therefore DNA does not control who we are, then we are not victims of our biology, because it means there is something else at work. Dr. Lipton in his research came to the realization that there is nothing at all physically in a cell which makes it work. If you remove all the components, it still continues to operate even when all that is left is an empty cell membrane. Eventually it dies but only because it cannot repair itself without the information that has been removed.

the human cell diagram

Therefore, if all that remains in a cell is the cell membrane and nothing inside, but it still operates as usual and continues to live, then something else must be controlling the cell. With the membrane, or the skin, so to speak, being the only thing left, and the membrane not having any information to live but it still lives, then the only possible solution can be that something outside the cell is controlling it.

As a result, if the membrane or skin is all that exists in the cell when everything is removed, but it continues to live because something outside the cell is controlling it somehow, then it means that the cell membrane is the most important part of the cell. The membrane, effectively, is a receptor. It is like a radio tower receiving a signal. Something is telling that cell to live, because with nothing inside, it can’t live on its own, but yet it does.

This means that the cell is not life in the first place, but in fact life is an existence outside the cell, not the cell itself. Therefore the obvious conclusion is the analogy that effectively we are actually computer programmers, and we do not exist inside of our own cells, but outside our cells. All the trillions of cells that make up our human body are simply “radio” receptors; they are waiting for a signal from us, who we really are, to tell the cells how to live, whether to live, and what to do.

Our bodies are merely receivers, much like this satellite dish.

DNA cannot tell the cell what to do, when it has been completely removed, but this is exactly what Dr. Lipton and other well-known scientists have proven, that the cell continues to exist even when all DNA has been removed or destroyed (there were experiments where they used radiation to kill the DNA, yet the cell continued to live). So, our cells and therefore our entire bodies (for the entire human body is composed of cells), are not controlling who we are and what we do, and in fact it is not us at all.

Our bodies are a machine, and we are not our bodies

We are not our bodies. Our bodies are simply a complex computer. The brain is a computer, but the brain is made up of cell just like the hand or the heart or the skin or the nose. Every part of our physical body is made up of cells, yet cells do not control themselves, because they continue to live even when there is nothing inside. Why? Because we are something outside of our cells.

This means that who we are is not physical. Who we are is something outside of our cells, and this therefore proves, by scientific fact, the existence of a soul or spirit. Science can’t prove what our soul is, but it does prove that it has to exist because who we are is not physical, and the instructions telling a cell to live and what to do, have to come from something outside the cell, not inside it.

Our spirit tells our cells what to do. Our cells are not who we are. Our cells are merely trillions of tiny computers working together, each with its own ecosystem. However, the power button is not inside the cell. The cell only survives because of instructions from outside of the cell, and instructions which do not come from DNA.

We are not machines. We are the ghost in the machine.

Our bodies are machines, they are computers – in fact our bodies are made of of trillions of tiny computers. However, science has proven that the computer program for life is not DNA. In fact, DNA is just the computer program for physical reproduction, but it does not control the fate of the cells, and it does not control the life of the cells. Even when DNA is removed or destroyed, the cell continues on as normal, living and moving and operating, because DNA does not make the cell live.


The thing that makes cells live, and the thing that controls cells, comes from outside the cell. We are not our cells, our cells are simply computer programs. We are non-physical beings who control our body much like a pilot sitting in an airplane. Without the pilot, the airplane cannot fly, it cannot move, it cannot do anything on its own. But put a skilled pilot into the cockpit, and the plane flies beautifully.

Conversely, put an unskilled pilot or a pilot with the wrong knowledge into the cockpit, and the plane crashes and is destroyed. So it is with the human body. Our bodies are the plane. We are controlling our bodies, the plane, the machine, the computer, but we are not the body we live in. The pilot is not the airplane, and the human is not the body.

Jesus said, “For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.” (Luke 12:23). How can life be more than food if we are physical only? Because the truth is that we are not physical; we are non-physical beings. Our body is physical, but we are not physical. We are not our bodies. Who we are, who we really are, is who controls our body. We control our body, but our body does not control us.

Just like a pilot is not the airplane, a driver is not the car, and a computer programmer is not the computer, we are not our physical bodies. We are merely passengers – or drivers – of our physical bodies. This is why we continue to live even after death, because who we are is not our body. We are something more, and non-physical. Our spirits, our souls, are immortal. Our souls control our bodies just like a computer programmer controls a computer or a driver controls his vehicle.

airplane pilot

Therefore, since we are merely drivers, pilots, or computer programmers, then dependent on how skilled be become at controlling the body, and how much time we devote to teaching our body how to work, depends on how well we can control our bodies and what we can achieve in this life.

Once you understand and come to the most powerful understanding that who we are is not merely a collection of physical cells, but that we are actually something far more, and our physical body is nothing but a medium by which to interact with the physical world; then everything opens up.

In addition to this, which I will not delve much into in this article, this includes the ability for us to physically control the world around us, by our own beliefs. This is not mysticism, this is science. Quantum physics tells us things that break free from Newtonian physical mechanics, and teach us things like, observation physically alters subatomic particles, and that things can literally teleport instantaneously (termed by Einstein as “spooky action at a distance”).

The Bible supports that we are more than mortal bodies

Above the fact that this is proven by science, this is also indeed told to us by God; so Christians can take comfort in the knowledge that this is safe for Christians to know and understand this. Jesus Himself said that “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20).

faith like a mustard seed

Most people don’t understand this because they are fooled into believing we are just a collection of physical cells. However, Jesus said nothing will be impossible when we believe. Things are impossible for physical, mortal beings with finite control, victims of their DNA. The truth is you have been lied to your whole life by so-called “science” which is actually atheistic religious dogma – unsupported by science. The truth is that you are not victims of your DNA, and you have far more control than you have been taught to believe.

John 6:63 is direct proof that our life is our spirit, and not our physical bodies. It reads, “It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.”

In order to understand this verse, especially if you are reading a translation other than the King James Version, you must understand some historical significance to translations. The false scientific presupposition of a purely material and non-spiritual world began in the mid to late 1600s with Isaac Newton. With Newtonian mechanics, the idea of physical materialism – that the world is just physical matter.

The King James Version was translated in 1611, before the introduction of the idea. Therefore, the King James Version is uncorrupted by the false idea of physical materialism. That is important, because later translations including ESV, NIV, and all the others, came after the world had begun to believe in a purely physical materialistic bodily existence. As a result, translators, perhaps unintentionally, corrupted the Bible because they could not rectify what the Bible taught with their physically materialistic worldview.

Now that we have a basis, let’s talk about John 6:63. First, let’s briefly look at “quickeneth”, a word that isn’t used today. The original Greek word is ζωοποιοῦν (zōopoioun), and it means, “giving life”. Other translations do use the more modern phrase “that gives life”, which is accurate.

However, modern translations, unlike the King James Version, capitalize “the spirit”. This subtle change is very important because it completely transforms the meaning of the verse. When non-capitalized, the implication is “a spirit”, which could be the human spirit or soul. But when capitalized, it can only imply the Spirit of God.

The original Bible was directly referring to the human spirit, not the Spirit of God. How do we know? The original Greek word used is πνεῦμά (pneuma), which means “spirit”. It does not suggest any capitalization. Throughout the Bible, when “pneuma” was used, it was used to describe the Spirit of God, but also the spirit of demons or just the human spirit. Therefore, the word cannot be said as only meaning the Spirit of God, because it is also used to describe the spirit of demons.

Modern translations only capitalized “spirit” because they could not understand that it could be possibly talking about the “human spirit giving life”, because they had been brainwashed into a false scientific viewpoint in physical materialism, that our bodies give us life. So, they changed the King James Version which did not capitalize “spirit” and gave the verse a completely new meaning that subsequently obscured the truth about who we are.

However, with this new knowledge which is really very old knowledge that our spirits really do give us life, as science has now proven – and that the body does not give any life and lives even without any DNA – this helps us to understand and believe the more literal and actual meaning of the original verse in the original Greek, and the King James translation which uses “the spirit” as a general context which refers to the human spirit, not the Spirit of God.

Therefore, the original Greek Bible says very clearly, that it is the spirit of humans that gives the body life, and not the physical body itself. The Bible clearly directly supports what science has now proven.

The devastating failure of the Human Genome Project

When scientists finally mapped the human genome, they were shocked and disappointed, because it proved modern science to be false. The entire scientific community suddenly become silent, and that’s why we haven’t heard anything else about it since they completed the project nearly 20 years ago.

What they hoped was to determine who were are because they believed we are nothing but a meat bag, a collection of physical genes which control who we are. However, when they completed the project, they discovered that humans do not have enough genes to account for our human complexity. In fact, we have only a few more genes than the most basic and primitive life forms ever studied.

Even the Scientific American admits that the Human Genome Project was a devastating failure: Revolution Postponed: Why the Human Genome Project Has Been Disappointing. Of course, they hide this embarrassing fact behind a paywall, they don’t want people to read many details about how badly they failed and how this transforms the entire scientific paradigm. They simply ignore it like it never happened and continue to follow their unscientific dogma while still calling it “science”, despite being debunked by science itself.

human genome project failure

“Where are the missing 100,000 genes?” was the question. Search the internet for it. You’ll see. The truth is that humans for some reason don’t have even remotely enough genes to account for how complex we are. If we were just a meat bag controlled by our genes and our biology, then we should have had well over 100,000 genes controlling every aspect of who we are.

But when they completed the Human Genome Project, they discovered we only have 25,000 genes. This is so small that we can’t possibly be alive and human if we were controlled by our genes. As a result, the Human Genome Project was a devastating failure, because since it proved without a doubt we are not controlled by our genes, then it means that altering human genes through genetics will not work to cure disease, because humans are not controlled by our genes.

Therefore, the Human Genome Project proved conclusively that humans are definitely not the product of genes, but that something else controlled who we are. The truth is that we are not physical beings. God said “you are gods”, because unlike the animals, humans do not need genes to control who we are. All our genes are for is to provide a blueprint for cell replication and cell repair. But our “brain”, so to speak, our controller, is not found in our physical body – in fact our real “brain” is not even our brain.

We are the pilots of our bodies

we are in control of our own body

The thing that controls our body is not a collection of cells with DNA and genes telling us who we are. Instead, our genes are simple computers and computer programs, and we are not inside of our cells but outside of our cells. We are the programmers, and we, from our spirit, program and control and pilot our bodies, controlling how it lives and even all the way to cell death. We can tell our cells to live or die, because we are not part of our physical body.

Our physical bodies are nothing more than a machine that we pilot, and we use this machine to interact with the physical world. In fact, we have power to control the physical world around us as well, but I won’t get into that in this article. We are pilots of a complex machine, but without our spirits, our bodies actually do not have enough to operate.

Death and the spirit as the human controller

Studies have shown that many people who lose their spouse shortly die. This is scientific evidence that human life and death is not controlled by our physical bodies, but by our own beliefs. When a person loses a spouse, they are devastated and many times no longer want to continue living on earth without that spouse. They die, not because there is anything wrong with their body, because because they don’t want to live. They stopped telling their body what to do, and so their body died.

When someone is in a major injury, often in movies you may see an EMT saying, “stay with me! Stay with me!” This is because deep down they know although they refuse to accept it, that our life and death is controlled with our minds. And by our minds, again I do not mean our brains, but I mean our spirit.

People are told “stay with me!”, “fight, come on!”, because the mind controls the body. Not the brain, but the intangible mind. The brain is simply the receptor for the mind. Our brain simply receives signals from our spirit telling it what to do.

emt rescue

There is a powerful reason why emergency technicians know that if they keep the patient awake then it will dramatically increase survival. Often, if a critically injured patient falls asleep, they will not wake up. Why? Because while they are awake, their brain is receiving signals from their spirit telling them to stay alive. But once they fall asleep, their bodies are largely at the mercy of the physical world.

This is why when people have a near-death experience, they often have seen themselves from outside their body. I had one and it had a profound effect on my life. I saw my body even though the room was completely dark, and then I left this plane of existence temporarily. Effectively, I died for a few seconds.

Why does this happen? The reason is because who we are is not our body. In fact I can tell you that I was able to process information even when outside my own body! This is proof that knowledge exists after you die, and that it is not stored in the brain. I began writing a lengthy topic on that but will save that for another article to keep this one more on topic.

As long as our brain is awake we can tell our bodies to live. But if we “lose consciousness”, which I believe to mean that our spirit separates from our physical body in the event of a critical injury, then the body no longer has the same amount of power to remain alive. Why? Because without the brain awake, it cannot receive instructions from your spirit telling the body and the trillions of cells in your body what to do.

Renew your mind

“Renew Your Mind” Image Source: ValMariePaper

The Bible says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2)

The reason we renew our mind is because our minds, which is not our brain but our subconscious, which is really our spirit and not part of our physical body at all (our brains are merely receptors listening for instructions from your spirit); we should daily renew our minds because our spirit is what controls our body. And in order to live in a way that is righteous and holy, we need to dwell on God and the thoughts of God, so that, in our own arrogance at our own power, we do not stray from God’s precepts.

Our spirit is the real power and brain, the controller and pilot, the driver, of our body. We can be merely passengers or we can be drivers. Today, because of the lies of modern “science” that we are nothing but a collection of cells, people have become merely passengers in their body. They have not tried to consciously control their body because they do not believe they have such power.

People today are taught to believe they are victims of their biology, but science has proved this to be false. We are something more, we are something greater. Our knowledge and power exists outside of our physical bodies, and we are merely sitting in the driver’s seat. If we do not choose to drive, then we will be victims because we allowed ourselves to be victims. Eventually, the machine will crash like a driver who takes his hands off the wheel.

God told us to, each day, renew our minds. God knows who we are and that we are not passengers but drivers. Don’t be a passenger of your body. Once you realize who you are and that you are more than your physical body, you can then begin to grab ahold of the wheel and begin steering. Right now, millions – even billions – of people are simply sitting in their machine, the machine that is is their mortal human bodies, and folding their hands behind their back with the foot on the gas. And people wonder why they don’t go in a straight line.

grab the wheel

Take the power and control over your own life. You are not a victim unless you choose to be a victim. Yes there are environmental factors, but when you realize that you are not your body, you can realize that the only thing that external factors can influence is your physical body. And you, by controlling your own body, can determine if this will be your fate, or if you will take power and control over your own power.

Paul said, “But I keep control of my body, and bring it into subjection.” (1 Corinthians 9:27). Take the power over your own body, including your brain and mind. However, it is important to note that as Christians we need to take instructions from God first. God through his Word, and through daily prayer, can teach us and train us and guide us to live in a way that pleases God. You must dwell on God daily, in order to understand what God really wants for you and your life.

We are taught to be passengers in our body and that we have no control, but it’s all a lie. Satan wants you to believe that, because then you will not take control over your own life, and therefore let your plane that is your earthly life crash, so that then you can blame your circumstances on God.

“Why did this happen to me God”? Because your hands are not on the wheel. Grab a hold of that wheel! Back up your life away from that guardrail you smashed into when you let your machine, your body wildly go forward with your foot on the gas full throttle and your hands folded behind your back. Unfold your hands and grab onto the wheel, repair your body with your mind and your brain with your spirit, and drive it forward while steering it strongly. Don’t let your body just move forward, it can’t move forward successfully without your help.

A plane does not fly without a pilot, a car does not drive without its driver, and a body does not move forward in a useful direction without you consciously controlling it. Not with your brain. Your brain is part of your body. With your mind, your spirit; you must use your spirit to control your brain and your body. You might say, “well a plane does fly on autopilot, and there are driverless cars now.” Sure. But guess what, humans programmed it.

plane does not fly itself
A plane does not fly itself. Even on autopilot, it is still following human instructions given directly by humans.

The plane on autopilot did not write its own autopilot program, and the car did not drive itself without being given a programmer and directions on where to go. What is happening today is that humans are running on autopilot – but the body did not write the program, other humans did. Ever since you were little you have been trained and brainwashed and manipulated and taught by other humans – not your own DNA – on how to live and what to do with your life.

If you don’t control your own life, someone else is going to control your life for you. If you don’t grab that wheel of your life and your own body, one of two things will happen – either you will crash, or someone else is going to grab your wheel and drive you wherever they want you to go – but it won’t be where you want to go. If you want to go where you want to go, then you have to grab our own wheel and control your own body, and recognize that you can in fact control your body, and then tell your body what to do.

You are not your body

If there is one takeaway, take this: you are not your body. You do not live in the cells of your body. Your body is a machine, a machine that does not control itself. You control your machine, and you are a non-physical being which uses your physical body as purely a machine to interact with the world. You are the ghost in the machine, the spirit in your body – that is who you really are.

Once you recognize this and take control of your life, you will be amazed at the power you really have over your own life, your fate, and your destiny. God told us “you are gods”, and God meant it. We have the breath of life of God who created us with power over our bodies and our world; God gave us spirits so that we can control our bodies in a way that no other creature on Earth has the power to do.

We have power over our lives, and we have the power to control our bodies – for healing, or for sickness, for life or for death, for happiness or for sadness, or success or for misery, for purpose or for obsolescence. You have the power, above and beyond that of the cells in your physical body. To control your life, to control your fate, and to control your destiny.

So, what are you going to do with this power? It’s up to you, and no one else but you.

In the meantime, I recommend to watch this powerful video by Dr. Bruce Lipton which in part inspired me to write this article today. Additionally, please share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media you use. The world needs to know that we have the power to control our lives, and are not victims of our own biology.

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