The Age Of Earth And Our Importance In History

Because of the fallacy of evolution, children are taught in school that the earth is billions of years old. This makes us believe that we are just a speck at the end of a vast and almost timeless expanse of time and space. However, this is not true. We are not at the end of time, we are merely at the beginning of time. Adam, the first human on earth, existed only around 5 to 6 thousand years ago. The great flood and devastation of the world occurred only around 4 thousand years ago. King David who fought Goliath, and his son the wise Solomon, lived on earth only about 3 thousand years ago.

Jesus came to earth only about 2 thousand years ago. The middle of the middle ages with knights and castles was only about a thousand years ago and ended only about five hundred years ago. The Bible was translated to English only about four hundred years ago, America has only been a country for about 250 years, the civil war was little over one century ago, and computers entered people’s households only about 50 years ago. It was only in the last about 20 years that everyone had a computer in the house, and only in the last 10 years that smartphones became ubiquitous.

While the Bible calls these the last days, it does not mean the last days of time, but merely the last days of the first days. We are living in the first days, the days before time began. Time in eternity has not begun yet, the thousand year reign of Christ has not begun yet, and the eternity which the elect will live in for eternity with Christ will span a millennium, ending at the very least over 1000 years from now if Christ returned at this moment. We are not merely a speck at the end of time, we are a speck at the beginning of time.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was only a few thousand years ago. Not that long ago, really.

Only a stone’s throw ago in the cosmic scheme of things, God created all the earth and the universe. Adam lived less than 70 generations ago. All of human history thus far has only been 70 generations of time. Time has barely even begun yet. We are not at the end of things, we are in the beginning of things. We are living in a unique and fragile time in human history, a time when we have a choice what we will choose, and when the glory of God has not been revealed in fullness. Unlike eternity, we live in fragile, mortal bodies, and must live by faith and through suffering, because we have not seen God and we are bound to the mortal coils of a yet unglorified body, not being yet transformed in the resurrection, as so few of us will.

Imagine the people who lived before the great flood. It seems like so long ago but it was only a few thousands years ago. It was only a handful of generations ago – less than 70 generations of 80 years. Those people of old probably also believed themselves to be a modern people, far more advanced than the more primitive people of time past, with knowledge and technology their ancestors only dreamed of.

But today, thousands of years later, we look on these people as being very primitive – though we do not even have knowledge of their level of technology, which was totally destroyed and buried under the depths of the oceans – and we think of them as an ancient people, forgotten in history. Most people never even give them a thought, maybe even their whole lives. Yet those ancient people lived not that long ago, merely a few thousand years. So it will be with us, one day not very far in the future.

The great flood happened only about 4 thousand years ago.

People of today even consider the civil war to be ancient times, even though it was barely 150 years ago. Or people today may even consider World War 2 to be ancient times, even though there are people alive today who lived during it, merely 80 years ago. Just like those times of old before the flood, we are also living in times of old still; we, an ancient people at the beginning of time.

We are the men and women of old, the people of antiquity; and here we are, living in the time of antiquity at the beginning of time, before time began, before eternity has even begun its course. We are the people of ancient times, not the people of new times. We are not people of the modern days, we are the people of the ancient times. Ancient times have not been forgotten, because we are living in the ancient times still.

If the Earth lives on long enough, then one day thousands of years from now when time may still not yet have hardly begun, people will look back at us and imagine us to be an ancient people, long forgotten, the people at the beginning of the technological revolution which will be of ages long past. Yet, even those people will still be at the forefront, the beginning of time.

Merely a handful of centuries and millennia has past thus far; we are here at the relative beginning of antiquity. The seemingly complex and often overwhelming lives we live are often almost entirely in vain, pointless, useless, and forgotten in history. Only the greatest of us will even be remembered, and certainly our trivial thoughts about meaningless things that may seem so important at the moment, will be lost in the great span of eternity. No human again will ever remember your trivial challenges, your meaningless worries and worthless concerns that serve only to concern a few relative moments in your trivial lives, because you think so highly of yourself and the meaningless importance of your overglorified meaningless lives.

It isn’t that you are worthless, it is that you pursue worthless and meaningless things that are not important and which will be quickly forgotten and never have any impact or even be remembered by anyone, ever again. In short, you are wasting your life, not because it is your fate, but because it is your choice to waste your life and to spend it utterly in vain.

Therefore, recognizing that we are not merely worthless humans at the end of a great chasm of billions of years, but rather an ancient people at the beginning of only thousands of years past, with a power of choice and freedom of power that will not be available to those in the great expanse of time that lies ahead – shouldn’t we cease wasting our time on pointless endeavors and worthless striving for meaningless, small and trivial goals that will do nothing and fulfill no true purpose, and simply be forgotten in time? Shouldn’t we instead recognize the power we have as people of old, an ancient people of antiquity, and strive instead to make a difference that will affect not only our own trivial mortal existence but also the time that lies ahead, and people’s souls, which will enter into the expanse of eternity?

You were meant for more than pointless striving about material, vain, and ultimately meaningless things. When you put the lies of evolution and the lies about “billions of years” behind you and realize the truth that you are only at the beginning of time, that we are not new people advanced beyond the ancients, but rather that we are actually the ancient people, then you can recognize the importance of your life, and that you are not a speck at the end of a vast sea of time. In doing so, you can finally make something of your life, recognizing your importance in history, so that you are not just another forgotten soul; and more importantly, you can focus on serving the purpose that God has planned for your life.


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