Top 5 Biggest “Conspiracy Theories” That Really Are Fake Conspiracies

Virtually everything you were taught is a lie. However, there are some lies that are disinformation designed to discredit truth seekers, or they are simply the mad ramblings of the demon possessed. Some of these massive lies have confused some, and terrified others, but do not worry, none of the below are true.

If you are a new truth seeker, it can be difficult to discern between what is real. A communist method is to bombard the public with nonsense conspiracies until people don’t know what to believe anymore, because they don’t have time to research every single one of them.

If you are an experienced truth seeker, you may also know the facts about certain matters, and may seek to find out who to discredit as controlled opposition by seeing what propaganda they push. Do not worry, we know the truth about the real conspiracies, and we also know the truth about the hoaxes.

There are four main categories of conspiracies:
1. Conspiracies that occurred that MSM denies (e.g. 9/11)
2. Conspiracies that occurred that MSM admits (e.g. US Biolabs in Ukraine)
3. Fake Conspiracies that MSM promotes (e.g. Russia/Trump collusion)
4. Fake Conspiracies that MSM publicly denies (e.g. Reptilians)

This article lists conspiracies from category 4, not from the other categories. Category 4 is part of the disinformation machine. These are fake conspiracies that are often created by the same people that control MSM (Mainstream Media), but that publicly they deny. Some of these are not necessarily created by them, but are phenomena due to other reasons; but MSM and Hollywood certainly don’t help matters by continuing to make blockbusters and news reports about them.

To promote these fake conspiracies, they send their army of paid shills and trolls in secret, posing as real people on social media and forums, and push these fake conspiracies to discredit whistleblowers and truth speakers who share the real truths that they deny (Category 1). These Category 4 theories are merely part of the propaganda disinformation machine.

This article is not intended to provide the comprehensive evidence. To do that would take many articles, and when we make articles on these topics separately to provide the evidence, we will post them here.

Here are the top 5 biggest real conspiracy theories which are not true, they are not true at all.

1. Flat Earth


We’ve researched this topic extensively, and the only logical conclusion, based on the facts, evidence, real science, and even the Bible to some degree, is that the Earth is a round globe and is not flat. However, the chances of convincing a flat-earther that the world is round is extremely difficult, if not impossible, so I will not try to sway you. This article is only touching on these topics, and will not address or refute every single point.

The truth is that the Flat Earth conspiracy was designed by the agents of Satan to discredit the Christian Church on Earth and remove power from the church. It was one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in known history.

2. Aliens/Abductions


People who have been supposedly abducted by aliens will swear by it and really believe it. They can describe it in minute detail. The bright light, the probing, and the torture. However, these people have been psychologically manipulated through hypnotherapy, which inserted suggestions into their mind and also allowed demonic influence to alter their memories.

The truth is that there are no extraterrestrials or aliens from outer space abducting people. However, there are people who have been diabolically manipulated by hypnotherapists, psychologists, and demons, often under the influence of drugs (illegal and pharmaceutical) which create an altered state that open people to influence.

3. Reptilians


The reptilian conspiracy is basically an alien/extraterrestrial conspiracy that states that all the global leaders have been replaced by reptile-looking creatures, where under their skin is a lizard creature, and they are wearing a sort of “human suit”.

The reason the myth is effective is because of a human phenomenon that allows the creativity of a person to make abstract associations, such as to imagine that people look like “lizards”. If you tried you could also imagine people looked like foxes, or bears, or wolves. You could also imagine that animals look like people. The phenomenon is known as anthropomorphism (attributing human characteristics to animals or objects); but the same exists the other way, to attribute animal characteristics to humans. In reality, it is simply the power of the human imagination.

The origins for this science fiction nonsense go back to a sci-fi television show called “V – The Visitors” which describes just this. There is a 2009 reboot of the original 1983 series. However, this is nothing but elaborate science fiction. The funny thing is that many leaders do kind of look like lizards; but the truth is that they are certainly not lizard people from outer space.

4. Clones Replacement


A newer conspiracy theory is that the elite have been replaced with clones who look like them and are easily controllable. Evidence given is different angles or different types of ear lobes, but these pictures are usually just different angles or ages, or the ear lobes are usually photoshopped. It’s a trick. No, Hillary Clinton has not been executed in Guantanamo Bay, and no she hasn’t been replaced by a clone. Same with the rest of the list of elites supposedly executed and replaced.

The truth is that it’s easy to fake a photo, especially as subtly as an ear lobe; and different camera, camera angles, and camera lenses can make the same person appear quite different. Add to this that many elites do use body doubles in public – lookalike actors who pose as them for security reasons. These factors have led some to believe the conspiracy theory that many elites have been replaced with clones; but the truth is that this is just another hoax from another department of the same disinformation machine that says that Ukraine is a victim and Covid-19 is a “deadly plague”. It’s all a hoax.

5. The Roswell Crash


No UFO incident has received greater support than the Roswell crash of 1947, which was an alleged alien spacecraft. A crash did likely happen, but it was not aliens from outer space, and no, NASA was not covering up the aliens they found.

Entire series, like the X-Files (1993) and Roswell (1999) became hugely popular and continued to disseminate the myth that a flying saucer crashed in the city of Roswell, New Mexico; and that the government is hiding the aircraft as well as aliens in Area 51. This isn’t to mention the slew of other movies, shows, books, and other media which have been inspired by it. It has become a pop-culture phenomenon.

For decades, the government hid the fact that Area 51 even existed, and called everyone who believed in Area 51 “conspiracy theorists”. But in 2013, those conspiracy activists were vindicated, when the US Government officially declassified hundreds of documents which admitted the existence of Area 51.

Area 51 exists, but the Roswell crash was not extraterrestrial aliens from outer space. Circular, disc-shaped aircraft had been invented and experimented with for nearly a century now, all the way back to the Third Reich in Germany. It simply has not made it into the mainstream, perhaps due to technological or economic restraints. Several successful “flying saucer” type aircraft have been tested and flown.

The crash in Roswell may have even been a so-called flying saucer, but it was not from aliens; it was likely just a top-secret military aircraft. Area 51 is simply a top-secret military base, where they likely hold top secret information and may conduct top-secret scientific research. But there are no aliens there.


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