Multiverse Fallacy: The Theory Of Multiple Parallel Universes Is A Self-Defeating Impossibility

The theory of multiple universes, also known as parallel universes and the multiverse, which was developed upon the fallacious Copernican Principle which says that we are not special in the universe, is with the utmost certainty, false.

The multiple universe theory proposes that there are an infinite number of parallel universes all stacked up on each other. It proposes that in each of the infinite universes, an infinite number of possibilities plays out. It suggests that we are only one in a vast and uncountable number of infinite universes. One theory how this could be possible is frequency-based, another is quantum-based. The problem is that all are false and logically impossible.

Multiverse theory – an atheistic dream

The reason that modern atheistic science wants so desperately to have a multiple universe theory is because they are desperately trying to prove that there is no God. They want evidence in the absence of a Creator, and want to believe in an impossible theory of evolution. The idea is that if there are infinite universes, and we are just one of them, then it solves the statistical impossibility of things even so simple as the human eye, which Darwin himself admitted is undeniable evidence that evolution is scientifically impossible.

If there are an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of possibilities playing out at the same time, then it could be possible that we are just one of those that happens to be one where such an infinitesimal possibility could actually play out. The problem, of course, is that it is all, frankly, hogwash.

Logic proves parallel universes false

In truth, one simple test of logic can conclusively and absolutely prove that there are not infinite universes, but instead, only one. There could not be more than one but less than an infinite number, such as only two or three or ten. This because the very theory of multiple universes that would allow more than one would also require an infinite number of universes.

This simple logic which disproves infinite universes rests in the fact that if there were infinite universes, with an infinite number of possibilities all playing out, then in an infinite number of these universes (some of them), some disaster would occur in which all universes would be destroyed in one great bang. Pun intended, of course. The reality is that if there were really multiple universes, then in at least one of them, there would be an explosion or unexplainable disaster so great that it tore through the theoretical time-space continuum, ripping apart the fabric of all universes resulting in total, absolute destruction of all universes and all of existence.

Put simply, if there were really multiple universes, then we wouldn’t even be here, and we never would have been. All of existence and all universes would be destroyed before anything could even happen. It is therefore conclusively, absolutely, and undeniably evident, that multiple universes are self-defeating and create paradoxes that prove it an absolute impossibility.

For example, one could say that in the multiple universes, one or more destroyed all the universes, but in another, one or more was impervious to destruction. This creates a paradox because all cannot be destroyed and not destroyed simultaneously. The truth is that infinite universes is truly an impossible theory. There are, ironically, an infinite number of possibilities proving that multiple universes could not possibly exist – but certainly, absolutely no possible evidence that they could.

Atheists want multiple universe theory to disprove God

Multiple universe theory is just one more desperate attempt of atheists to try to come of with something to support in their mind the denial of the truth and scientifically evident existence of God. God is proven to exist, because science has already proven that even the human eye is so impossibly intricate, that it could not possibly have come into being. It is a statistical impossibility.

The same goes for even a single human cell, and then multiply this statistical impossibility by the entire universe. Simply put, science has proven it is not possible that our universe was here accidentally, and therefore, if it could not be an accident, then it must have been created by some form of intelligence which exists outside of the universe. This intelligence, is God. Science has already proven that God exists.

The multiple universe theory is nothing but fraudulent pseudo-scientific nonsense that is inherently and utterly self-defeating. The very existence of infinite universes with infinite possibilities would ensure that all universes were destroyed before they even began. The fact that we are here is absolute and irrefutable evidence that there are not infinite universes or infinite parallel realities. It is a logical and scientific impossibility.

We are alone in the universe(s)

Our universe is the only universe. God created our universe, and God created our Earth in a very special place in this universe. We really are in the center of the universe, and science has actually proven both that our Earth is in the center of our universe (quite recently proven), and also that our Earth cannot possibly be moving or spinning (proven over a century ago, and many times since). Instead, the entire universe revolves around Earth.

Even Einstein admitted that the whole universe could be revolving around Earth instead of the Earth being the one spinning, and we couldn’t tell the difference. However, he neglected the fact that multiple experiments have been performed proven that Earth is definitely not moving, but rather, the universe is moving around Earth. It goes beyond the scope of this article, but if you are interested then check out the Michelson–Morley experiment, Sagnac Experiment, and the experiment known as “Airy’s Failure”, which all failed to prove a moving earth and therefore do prove the Earth is a stationary globe (some of these also prove the existence of the aether, but that is another topic).

Is it possible God created another universe? Maybe, but it is not a parallel universe, and there are most certainly absolutely not infinite universes. Is heaven a parallel reality? No, most likely not, it is not parallel with this one, and is not in any way identical to it. We know that God exists in heaven. But it is inexplicable, and we also know that heaven is nothing like Earth. Therefore the existence of heaven has nothing to do with parallel universe theory.

Multiverse theory: an entertaining fiction and tool of Satan

That said, just like time travel and warp speed, multiple universes make for great science fiction movies, shows, and books. In fact, these are some of my favorite, even though I know them to be false. But it is indeed just a fiction. There are not infinite realities where in some, objective truths are false. There is only one universe, ours, and in our universe truth is truth, and truth alone.

The devil wants people to believe in things like multiple universes, Earth as being just one of many insignificant planets, even the possibility of life out in the universe – all complete and total fictions. All lies. The devil wants us to believe in such psuedo-scientific lies because it downplays God’s true creation, and the absolute truths of good and evil. If there were multiple universes, then who is to say that good is good and bad is bad? Maybe in one, bad is good, and in another good is bad? The truth is that this is nonsense, but Satan is the author of confusion and lies.

Satan wants to confuse people, and has used the guise of science to trick people into thinking that atheistic lies are actually solid science, and that religion is just a fantasy like magic. In reality, we know that “magic” is actually the science of deception, and Satan is a master at this deception. The real magic is the tricks that Satan has used to deceive the whole world into believing that what we know as modern “science” is actually truth, when in reality, most of it is grounded in absolutely nothing but the mystical beliefs of atheists who desperately want to believe in the absence of God.

Parallel universes: just another work of fiction

In reality, “scientific” theories like the Big Bang, evolution, multiple universes, string theory, and even general relativity are all utter frauds with absolutely no grounding in truth or reality. Satan uses television and the educational system to propagate these lies and deceive the world, while burying every evidence that real science has proved these are all false.

All you really need to do is open your eyes and recognize that our entire modern education system, television, and the majority of science are all utter frauds propagated originally by atheists desperately seeking to have a way to support their denial of God. Fortunately, God has given us a spirit of power and of a sound mind, which we can use to defeat the lies of the devil, if we only open our eyes to see the lies for what they are.


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