Top 5 Proofs That Property Ownership In America Is Dead | No One Truly Owns Property In America

America is no longer the land of the free. It is worse now than it was in England in 1776 which took revolution to escape. The government is more tyrannical now and has denied Americans the God-given rights their forefathers fought for.

Property ownership is important for Christians because to have freedom of religion we also need to have the right to enforce our freedoms to live how we want in our own homes. We need to have the right to control what people will be allowed, and the right to exclude witches, homosexuals, or other evil people from entering our homes and worse, influencing our children.

Moreover, churches need to have the right to own their own property, because if they do not, then the government can restrict them from holding services (as happened during the 2020 lockdowns), or from teaching things that the government might not agree with (such as that abortion and homosexuality are evil). This means that without property ownership, the right to religion is also infringed upon.

Property ownership is a fundamental right in a free and open society. Without it, society has no rights and no freedom. Without the right to have one’s own home and own property, the government is free to oppress the people and take away all their rights.

Here are the top 5 proofs that America no longer has private property, and that there are no more homeowners in America. The government now considers itself owners of all the property and homes in America.

1 Property Taxes

Property taxes are evidence that the government owns your property and feels that they are merely renting it out to you. There is no way to opt out of these taxes. You cannot refuse services. If you do not pay these imposed “taxes”, even if it is $1 in some states, then the government will place a lien on your property and evict you from the property that you own even if it is paid off.

Many poor and elderly people have lost their homes that they worked their entire lives to pay off, because the government imposed taxes and they were unable to pay this ransom to the government. The government took their home, evicted them, sent the police to kick them out, and then sold the property to forclosure companies. If you can be evicted from your home that you own outright, then you are not a property owner, you are a tenant and you are renting from the government.

2 Anti-Discrimination Laws

The epitome of freedom is the right to discrimination. If you are not allowed to discriminate, then you are not free. Freedom can even be defined as the right to discriminate. If you cannot choose what you want, then you are not free. There is no such thing as freedom without discrimination. The premise given is “racial” discrimination, but the fact is that you are not allowed to discriminate against any person – and the result is that you do not have a right to determine who is allowed on your own property.

If you, for example, want to rent only to a particular type of person, perhaps you are Christian and refuse to rent to gays, or you are afraid of being attacked so you refuse to rent to blacks or muslims, then you have committed a so-called “crime” in the United States. Why is this important? If you cannot choose who is allowed on your property, then it is not your property. The ones who make the decision as to who is allowed on the property are the real owners.

The government is the de-facto owner of your property, since you cannot choose who is allowed to be on it. The reason doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you are a racist, or a bigot, or other weaponized term, if you are not allowed to restrict who is allowed on your property, then you do not own the property. In some countries in Europe the government is even forcing homeowners to accept “migrants” into their homes, who often end up raping and killing the homeowners and their familes.

3 Building Codes

Like property taxes, the government tells you what you can do with your own property using building codes. There are some remote places where the building codes are lax or not strongly enforced, but in most places in the United States there is a strict set of codes that have to be followed. If they are not followed, then the government will impose fines, and if the fines are not paid then the home will be stolen by the government and sold to a foreclosure company. In some cases the government may even condemn the property. In either case, the homeowner will be evicted from their own home that they own and the government will take the property from them.

It is understandable that the government will want to protect other people from entering a dangerous home. It is also understandable that the government will want to protect a homeowner from getting hurt in their home. Yet, this is not the right of the government to decide. If a person owns a property, then that person can do whatever they want with the property. If they cannot, then they do not own the property, the government does. If a homeowner wants to build a house that kills them, it is their right to do so. It is their property, and it is their life to do with what they want.

If you cannot build your house however you want, then you do not really own your property, you are a renter. Imagine if the government said that if your wallet was not the correct size and shape and material, then they had a right to steal the money in it. Would that be fair? No.

4 City Utility Requirements

In many states including Florida you are not allowed to own a home unless it is connected to city utilities. This way they can guarantee a profit for the utility providers. You are forced to pay $10,000 to hook up to city water, septic, and electric, regardless of whether or not you want to use it. To say that you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to hook up to city power and water is to govern the property as if the government owns it.

This means you do not own the property, the government does. If you were the actual owner, then no one can force you to use their expensive utilities when you can get it all for free using nature, or choose to live without it. Since they can force you to hook up to the city, and if you do not then they can steal your property and evict you, then you are not the owner of the property, the government is.

5 Inheritance Taxes

If you truly own a piece of property, then you have a right to bequeath it to whomever you wish. This is no longer the case. Now the government in America imposes inheritance taxes so that the government gets to profit from simply handing private property to a relative, even in the event of the death of the owner.

If the heir or inheritor cannot pay the inheritance taxes, then the government will steal the property from the heir and will sell it to a foreclosure company. Not only is this unfair, it’s unethical and robbery. This is proof that you do not truly own your property, the government does.

All of these are a violation of the Fifth Amendment, which states as follows:

No person shall be … deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Anywhere that participates in any of this tyranny has a government that believes they own the property instead of the citizen, and therefore does not respect or acknowledge private property rights. America is especially egregious because it is a blatant violation of the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.

No government has a right to tell a property owner what they can do with thier own property, and they cannot steal the property from an owner just because they want to earn some money in what they call “taxes”.

As it is, every property “owner” in America is simply a renter, falsely led to believe that they are free and owners of their property, when in reality they are simply renting it from the government. There are no more homeowners or property owners in America, and it has been that way now for decades.

Why did this happen? Because the right to property ownership will always be infringed on by those who want to, unless the people fight against it and stand up for their rights. Because people got lazy and more dependent on the government, they gave up their rights and handed it to the government, and forfeited it for future generations.

Now we suffer from their failures, and we are faced with the same choice that the founding generation was faced with – roll over or fight back. The government will not give us back our rights without public outcry and potential civil war. It’s too late to “vote” our way out of this. We know what the Founding Fathers did to enforce their God-given rights. What will you choose?


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