Disconnecting From The Digital, And Truly Living, In The Real World

Go offline. We need to live in the real world. Use the internet for learning, but set maybe 1 hour per day to do things online and that is all. Download what you need to if you need to learn online, if possible. Put it on an offline device. I have hundreds of thousands of books, digitally. I would prefer them on paper, but putting them on an offline tablet is acceptable.

Our generations have forgotten what it means to be a human. Many of us live on the internet. In doing so we alienate those of us in person. People become flaky, because they can get their required social dopamine through the internet instead of the harder method of in-person. But digital is not real. It creates a self-created, filtered echo chamber without real connection.

If anyone dares create any displeasure by not having full agreeance, many people just block, mute, or otherwise disconnect and disengage. This is harmful. Just as drugs give a dopamine fix without the hard work of real life, so does social media give the illusion of social connection without the hard work of building something real with one another in person. Because of this, people live in a fictional, imaginary world, on both sides – the left and the right. In so doing, people waste their life for nothing, and the clock ticks on.

In times past, this was done through the Roman Colosseum, the gladiator fights, plays, watching sporting events, and other illusions, but it could never be at the level as it is today with total disengagement from society. You should seek extreme and radical measures to disconnect, but without accountability, it is like breaking a drug addiction. It means you have to experience the pain of the real world in order to get the joy of the real world. Many would seem to be happy to live in the Matrix, the delusional, imaginary world of the internet, but in so doing they deprive themselves of true life and true joy and real connections and real life that lasts into future generations.

We have to disconnect. If you cannot turn on the internet for only 1 hour and then turn it off every day and live the remaining hours of the day in real life and/or offline, then you have a problem, an addiction. Yes our world is broken, but if we bury our head in the sand on the internet, it will only get worse until future generations have nothing left.

Breaking The Cycle of Comfort

We must stop pursuing meaningless pleasure and avoiding all pain. We must pursue the hardening of the mind and the soul through toughness, challenges, and difficulty. I saw in my life that I was doing this. Day after day the years were passing and I watched as my life was slipping away. I was getting comfortable, but excluding real life.

I had everything I needed, but in only stuff. Everything except that which was real, real life. So I sold everything I owned and threw the rest away and headed across the Earth to escape this cycle of comfort, so that my life was not wasted as the time ticked away. I sought to create something hard, to create challenges and difficulty, and to force myself out of my comfort zone, so that I could break the cycle of comfort and find something real.

I will not lie to you, it was hard. I could instead have bought a piece of land and lived alone in the woods the past 3 years, away from society, and it would have been much easier – but it would have been in vain, and I would have been wasting my life. I knew that life alone is not life at all, so instead, I choose another path, a path of challenges and difficulties, and created a hardness of mind and changed who I am as a person. I occasionally find myself falling back into old habits, but without the comforts of my past that I removed, I cannot truly settle down in comfort and forget the world, so I am forced into living real life.

Your path may not be the same, but do not give up on people. Yes many people are broken, flaky, stubborn, difficult; but see through the shallowness of people and see though them, see the beauty that lies underneath, the potential in people, and ignore the distasteful things you see on the surface. Know that people can and will change over time when presented with normalcy and patient friends and family. People are not normal now, not even us, because we are all damaged by the internet and communism.

The world is run by communists, and communism damages people, it damages the social framework of society. But when people are surrounded by an offline, patient world of real people and real life, you will be surprised how rapidly people will normalize. Not all people will normalize, many will be comfortable in their illusion and prefer to remain in their delusion, in their Matrix, and are too afraid to step out into the real world.

This is ok – these people, the majority, will not step out until society is changed. Instead, find those people who are willing to change, who are bold enough to step out, who are willing to do what it takes to normalize. The important thing is that you learn to accept people for who they truly are. Break free from the digital prison constructed to keep us confined and to separate us from one another, and exist in the real world, and disconnect. You can only truly live when you love other people, in real life.


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