The Corruption of the Doctrine of Justification By Faith | Grace Fallacy

Today I was reading Psalm 24:4 and came upon the commentary on the verse by Charles Spurgeon called “The Treasury of David” exposition on the Psalms. Upon reading it I was delighted to find supporting evidence on the fundamental premise of this site – a condemnation of the corrupted grace doctrine. It is further interesting to hear these words coming from such a renowned theologian such as … read more

The Historical Origins of Where, Why, and How Christianity Bred With Paganism

In the first nearly 3 centuries of Christianity before Emperor Constantine took control of the Roman Empire, Christians were literally hunted down and killed – slaughtered in droves. Emperor Nero of Rome, arguably one of the most cruel and sinister anti-Christian figures in history, was one of the most famous killers of Christians. On top of declaring Christianity illegal in 64 AD and ordering the systematic massacre … read more