World Atheism Composes Only 1.8% of the World’s Population Outside China

It is often touted that Atheism comprises a major percentage of the world’s population, but this is deceptive. The number of claimed atheists in the world is 1.19 billion, but 1.07 billion of these are in China, where Atheism has been enforced by law since the Cultural Revolution (massacre of 50+ million Chinese by Yale-educated Mao Zedong). The organs are harvested while alive of those arrested for … read more

Modern Hebrew (Square Script) Is Really Babylonian Aramaic, Which Became Yiddish

Mindblowing research. Took me a long time to make all this. I had to actually learn some Modern Hebrew, Greek, and learn the phoenetic sounds of each letter to actually make this. The conclusion is undeniable. Modern Hebrew is really Babylonian Aramaic, which became Yiddish. Ancient Hebrew was really Ancient Phoenician, and became Greek, then Latin, and today, English. Because of this, all European languages which use … read more

The Origins Of The Hexagram And Its Uses Through The Ages

Here is a hexagram, a symbol used in pagan and satanic religions throughout history, including the star of Saturn, the star of Remphan, Buddhism, Hindu, satanism (druids, witches, etc), and many more. The Hexagram In Various Pagan Cultures Through The Ages This is a very historical symbol that may well be the one unifying symbol to all of the satanic pagan religions throughout human history since the … read more

The Fingerprint of Satan: Islam, Freemasonry, and Cults

Islam claims itself to be a religion of peace. It claims to never kill any “innocents”. It claims many things on western and European television that many Americans or Europeans would agree with. However, what is not evident is that hidden deep inside their every word is the fingerprint of Satan – lies and deception. Satan is known in the Bible as “the father of lies”. This … read more