World Atheism Composes Only 1.8% of the World’s Population Outside China

It is often touted that Atheism comprises a major percentage of the world’s population, but this is deceptive. The number of claimed atheists in the world is 1.19 billion, but 1.07 billion of these are in China, where Atheism has been enforced by law since the Cultural Revolution (massacre of 50+ million Chinese by Yale-educated Mao Zedong). The organs are harvested while alive of those arrested for their religious views in China, so it’s no wonder that China’s claims to Atheism are so dramatically higher than the rest of the world.

This leaves an astoundingly small percentage of atheists worldwide outside China where they have the freedom to choose a religion: only 119 million worldwide across all other countries. This means that outside China, Atheists only make up 1.8% of the world’s population. It’s fair to say that Atheism is one of the world’s least popular religions outside China; this 1.8% also includes Agnostic (those who are not sure) and Unaffiliated (those who are not sure or not telling). So the total true Atheists are even lower than 1.8%.

Here is the proof:

1,455,329,471 = Population of China
x 0.7356 = 73.56% of China is Atheist
= 1,070,540,359 Atheists in China

1,190,000 000 = Total world Atheists
– 1,070,540,359 = Atheists in China
= 119,459,641 Atheists outside China

8,032,856,064 = Current World Population
– 1,455,329,471 = Population of China
= 6,577,526,593 World Population outside China

119,459,641 = Atheists outside China
÷ 6,577,526,593 = World Population outside China
= 0.01816 = 1.8% World percentage of Atheists outside China

Atheism: One of the World’s Smallest Religions

Atheism is one of the world’s smallest religions outside China, where it is enforced by law. Based on the massive disparity between China and the rest of the world (73.6% China vs only 1.8% World), it is clearly evident that most people in China are not atheists, but secret theists. This is supported by the fact that a 2005 survey found that only 32.9% (of the then over 80% of the population claiming to be Atheist) were convinced Atheists.

But isn’t Atheism really the absence of religion rather than religion? No. Atheism is a religion: the religion of naturalism. Religion does not mean belief in a god – that is called “theism”. Britannica defines “religion” as “human beings’ relation to that which they regard as holy, sacred, absolute, spiritual, divine, or worthy of especial reverence.” This is absolutely the case with Atheism; while most religions believe in the supernatural, atheism is the religion which denies all supernatural.

World Religion Totals

The world religions are as follows:

Christianity: 2.38 billion
Islam: 1.91 billion
Hinduism: 1.16 billion
Buddhism: 507 million
Folk Religions: 430 million
Other Religions incl. Judaism: 76 million
Unaffiliated incl. Atheists: 1.19 billion

Religions In China

Atheism: 1 billion
Buddhism: 231 million
Other: 86 million
Taoism (Daoism): 63 million
Folk: 12 million
Christianity: 37 million
Islam: 6.5 million

Religions Outside China

But when you consider the religions outside strictly-controlled China, the numbers change as follows:

Christianity: 2.75 billion
Islam: 1.98 billion
Hinduism: 1.16 billion
Buddhism: 738 million
Folk Religions: 442 million
Other Religions incl. Judaism: 162 million
Unaffiliated incl. Atheists: 119 million

In percentages of the world population outside China, this is:

Christianity: 41.8%
Islam: 30.1%
Hinduism: 17.6%
Buddhism: 11.2%
Folk Religions: 6.7%
Other Religions incl. Judaism: 2.5%
Unaffiliated incl. Atheists: 1.8%

So, here it is evident that Atheism is by far not a popular religion, as much as the atheists would like to believe.

Organ harvesting of religious followers in China

The consequences for being religious in China is death of you and your whole family and probably many people you know. Devout religious believers in China are routinely arrested and their organs are harvested while they are alive and sold for profit. Most people are not willing to die and have their family and friends killed unnecessarily by publicly claiming to be religious. Is any wonder, then, why Satan wants China to be the “model for the world”?

Atheism is an extremely unpopular view in the world, with the overwhelming majority, 98.2%, acknowledging the existence of a God and the supernatural. It seems to be that most human beings have common sense, because Creation is evident everywhere we look.


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