The Immortal Principles of True Unconditional Love

Do not expect perfection but be completely understanding, and forgive everything from our brothers and sisters every day. Be understanding and understand that you too are like that or were like that and you are damaged as much as them, so be kind, patient, and understanding about people’s weaknesses. What is on the surface is only an outer shell of protection, a shield – it is not who people are at their true center and heart.

See through this shell and see who people really are, not their surface shell, and people will love you. See what people truly are, see who they truly are, and understand their brokenness is not caused by their desire to be broken but their weakness in a broken world, and their defense in the only way they know how, because they never experienced anything different, they never experienced genuineness, they never experienced unconditional love and friendship.

What Is Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love and friendship means truly loving and caring for your friends and family no matter what they do because you love them to their core. We do not have the energy to love everyone unconditionally, so select a few, every member of your family, and your close group of friends. Unconditional love is truly real.

Remember that “love” is not the western “feeling” or emotion. Love is a concept that means to do something for someone – to truly accept them and do acts of kindness for them, despite their flaws and failures. It is the active choice to go each day and to love your neighbor and forgive their errors and failures, even when they hurt you, because you have faith – you believe, truly believe – that at their heart, they are not evil, but good.

Unconditional love of your friends and family is achieved by seeing a person’s heart, their soul underneath the surface; and not judging by the pain they cause but by their potential as a genuine human being, underneath the surface shell of superficiality that is their defense against pain. People act wrongly only because they are either in pain or they are in need.

They act wrongly because they lack the discipline, but this discipline can be acquired. Painfully acquired, through time, to build grit and strength and power and mastery over oneself. And when you understand that all of us are just like you at heart, we all want to be loved, we all want to be understood, accepted, and forgiven when we err – once you see through this and develop the fortitude and personal strength to truly forgive, to let people be wrong, to let people make mistakes, it is here that you learn how to truly love unconditionally.

Exceptions To Unconditional Love

Infinitely unconditional love? No, there are some limitations, even God has His limits and does not love all unconditionally – if they betray and reject Him in their hearts, He will reject them. God extends his hand to everyone in unconditional love, but it is not 100% unconditional; but most people set the conditions wrongly. God hates liars, those with a dishonest heart, and murderers and the sexually depraved, which have betrayed the basic principles of reality – the homosexuals.

Only radical betrayal can supersede unconditional love. Murder, treason, betrayal of trust, manipulation and deception, as well as crossing the line to LGBT, these core betrayals are the rejection of unconditional love and one must avoid those with these severe betrayals. If a person cannot be trusted, then they cannot be loved. Pursue maximum integrity. Integrity is the requirement for unconditional love.

But yes, unconditional love exists for your brother who is not a murderer, traitor, liar, or depraved. Unconditional love is a choice, and if you learn to do it, if you learn not to react to pain, if you learn to let your friends and family make mistakes without lashing out, but seeing through their failures and knowing their heart is true, when you have someone you can trust, not to trust to never make mistakes, because they and you will make mistakes, but to trust that they mean well and have a true heart and can be trusted, when you learn to love unconditionally their true heart and not to hate because of pain and failures of your friends and family, then you will earn true love in return.

Love like a child loves

Jesus said,
“[Unless you] become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3-4)

Perhaps this is in part what Jesus meant. A child loves unconditionally, a child has not yet built the shell, or experienced the pain from others that causes one to fear opening up. A child is true, genuine, and real, and loves without fear and loves without reservation. The other day I saw two little girls writing with chalk on the sidewalk and they were writing I love you and I heard one say I love you to her best friend. This is how we should love.

Do not expect unconditional love from others if you yourself do not love unconditionally. Take responsibility for yourself, do not blame others or demand that other love you first. You are your responsibility. Love others unconditionally first, and then expect them to reciprocate. It is a guarantee. The love that you give unconditionally to your friends and family will absolutely earn unconditional love in return. Not from all of them, but you will find the true souls who love you back, and cling to these as your own soul and never let them go, and they will never let you go.

Be as a brother and sister, and love one other without reservation. Forgive one another their errors, and you will be forgiven your errors. Do not expect perfection, but love one another in perfect brotherly love, in true, genuine love without conditions, and you will receive the same love in return.


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