The Myth Of Thermonuclear War, Atomic Bombs, Nuclear Radiation, Radioactive Fallout, & WW3

Nuclear war. Since childhood we have been indoctrinated to fear this terrible war that would allegedly destroy the whole Earth. Now that Russia is at war with Ukraine, many may wonder if we are at the brink of a nuclear holocaust. The media and the propaganda machine is certainly making it look like that’s a possibility, but what’s the real truth? Prepare to be shocked.

It all started when a group of Jewish scientists in Germany 1938, Otto Hahn (Jewish), Lise Meitner (Jewish) and Fritz Strassman (Jewish), allegedly discovered nuclear fission, and as a result, this made the advent of the Nuclear Age possible. The idea is that “when an atom of radioactive material splits into lighter atoms, there’s a sudden, powerful release of energy” [1]. Shortly after, in 1939 the Manhattan Project was envisioned in America by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, after hearing that Germany was allegedly developing this new atomic technology [2].

After the creation of the agencies leading to the Manhattan Project, Enrico Fermi (whose wife was Jewish) and Leo Szilard (Jewish) acquired funding to start their research “on radioactive isotope separation (also known as uranium enrichment) and nuclear chain reactions” at Columbia University. Officially, the Manhattan Project began in 1942 [2].

Due to the nuclear terror that followed after propaganda about the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the “atomic bomb”, children in classrooms in the 50s and 60s were instructed to hide under tables and cover their head as they were shown Hollywood productions of the destructive forces of these alleged “nuclear” bombs. Because getting under a table will certainly save you from a so-called nuclear blast. This was obviously merely fearmongering to condition a generation of children to hate Russia and fear WW3. It was the time of the Cold War.


Pictured: A cold war spy plane.

The Cold War, which lasted over 4 decades from shortly after the end of WW2 in 1946 until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, was a war of nonaggression, a war where instead of fighting, there was fear and psychological warfare. The US and the Soviet Union did not get into an actual physical war, this is why the war is called a “cold” war. After the US detonated what they called a “nuclear bomb” over Nagasaki and Hiroshima in World War 2 in 1945, helping to end the war, World War 3 which was imminent was stalled and eventually prevented because of the mass destruction of bombs and technological advancement of weapons, planes, and other technologies.

Simply put, the fear that prevented the “cold war” from turning into a world war was “mutually assured destruction”. With both superpowers at each other’s throats (which was really just a charade, as both powers were controlled by the same elites who were instigating the war), the only thing stopping them from going to war was the fear of bombs so powerful they could wipe out a city, and the fear of total global destruction and the end of life as we know it.

From this fear, the supposed “invention” of atomic (nuclear) weaponry, and the psychological tactics used, people began to become terrified of an impending “nuclear war” that could wipe out the entire world. The suggestion was that if only the world fired hundreds of nuclear weapons all around the world at major cities, then the nuclear fallout, we’re told, would be so great that the world would be cast into a “dark winter”, a nuclear fallout which would supposedly last decades, or even hundreds of years. The suggestion was that we would go back to the dark ages, and Mad Max style roving bands of dispossessed homeless people living in caves would be the result. Hollywood production – propaganda fear videos, movies, and television shows, as well as books and other media, all reinforced this fear, topped off by the mass media and the news.

But what’s the truth?

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War 2 was the first and only time such a “nuclear” bomb was allegedly used in war – but what is not connected is that thousands of such bombs have been detonated since then in places like Nevada, Alaska, New Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, Algeria, Australia, China North Korea, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and more. In total, eight nations have detonated 2,056 “atomic” bombs [3].


Map of nuclear detonations around the world [3].

Isn’t it surprising then, that with thousands of nuclear weapons being detonated around the entire Earth, we don’t suffer from this alleged fallout or “nuclear winter”? Why not?

The truth is because global nuclear fallout is a myth.

World War 3

What should be made clear is that if there was a World War 3 and these megabombs aka “nuclear” weapons were used, what would be the result? Certainly, big bombs could cause a lot of destruction. But it would not be the destruction of the whole Earth, just a couple cities. It would be no different than a standard war. A world war is bigger than a smaller war, but there will be no “nuclear holocaust” or “dark winter”.

A mega war with these large “atomic bombs” and “thermonuclear bombs” could cause a lot of damage, but not everywhere. It would mainly occur in only a few major cities, and only the ones hit. Other cities even nearby would only be impacted economically and technologically. Trade would be disrupted, and there would likely be huge power outages in those areas. But this is nothing more than what happens in any war zone, just with higher casualties.

It is estimated that only 13,080 nuclear warheads exist on Earth today. Over 2,000 nuclear bombs have been detonated in the last 80 years, and yet we suffer no global “radioactive fallout” from them. You could say that all these were spread out over decades and only done in remote test sites, but that does not matter. You can go to any of these test sites today and suffer no ill effects, because there is no radioactive fallout.


Plants growing fine on so-called “nuclear” test site [Source]

The Earth will be just fine, as there are not enough of these bombs to impact the Earth. There are 10,000 cities on Earth, and while technically there are enough “nukes” to destroy them all from a pure numbers standpoint, this would not happen in real life. Moreover, half of all the current 10,000 cities did not exist even 40 years ago. It would be easy and relatively quick to rebuild even if many were destroyed, but the truth is that even if all 13,000 nuclear warheads were fired at once, only a few would reach major cities, and the rest of the missiles would be destroyed in transit. There is nothing to fear from nuclear war.

As of 2020, the US developed enough technology to demonstrate the interception of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) [4]. In November of 2020, the US demonstrated this by firing an ICBM toward Hawaii and then shooting it down, proving they are capable of doing so. If hundreds or thousands of nukes are all fired at once (extremely unlikely, there are protocols to make it difficult to even fire one, and then the soldiers may not follow orders in such a case, as they did defy orders during the cold war), still most of these ICBMs could be shot down even if they arrived many at a time. The world superpowers have technology capable of destroying most if not all “nuclear” weapons that are fired.

Is it any question then that as soon as a war with Russian and Ukraine begins, they start releasing nonsense articles in Mar 2022 about how now there is supposedly no way to block ICBMs? Of course, this is part of the narrative. The timing is too suspect. We could supposedly intercept the missiles 2 years ago, but suddenly they are saying we cannot, and the reason is to create fear.

Nuclear weapons are a hoax

But the plot thickens, because the truth is that “nuclear” weapons do not even exist at all – they are just big bombs, and nothing more. Nuclear radiation, etc, is a total myth, a fiction, and a fraud. The purpose of this scientific fraud is government control and fear. It is used as propaganda.

Yes, nuclear bombs are simply large bombs. They are measured in TNT equivalent because they are simply large bombs. Atomic bombs use plutonium or uranium to create an explosion. But plutonium and uranium, contrary to what you have been told, are virtually harmless. Caffeine is far more deadly than uranium or plutonium. A bottle of caffeine pills can kill 4 grown men, but one person can swallow an equivalent bottle of uranium, and suffer no harm.


Pictured: Unused plutonium rods.

Have you heard of “heavy water”? It’s simply water with more hydrogen. This isn’t related to nuclear bombs, but it’s an analogy. Heavy water is composed of deuterium (“heavy hydrogen”) instead of regular hydrogen. Deuterium is a naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen – and it has double the mass or weight of hydrogen, hence the “heavy” in heavy hydrogen, and this makes water composed of it heavier, thus “heavy water”.

Uranium is a naturally occurring element (unlike Plutonium), with the atomic number 92 on the periodic table. 92 stands for the number of protons. Uranium is a rare element which has the highest weight of all the elements on the periodic table. The reason for this is because it has the most protons and neutrons. U-238 has 146 neutrons in the nucleus, but the number of neutrons can vary from 141 to 146 [5].

“Depleted Uranium”, another somewhat fictional description, is simply natural uranium that is left over after enriched uranium is used and is restored to its natural state. It is not “depleted”, it is simply another isotope of Uranium – elemental uranium. Depleted uranium is U-238. It is stable and noncombustible. Uranium is only slightly less dense than gold or tungsten. It’s not special, and it is no more harmful than gold. In fact, “Everyone is exposed to low amounts of uranium through food, water, and air” [6].

Here is what uranium looks like:

There are 5 isotopes (forms) of uranium: 233U, 234U, 235U, 236U and 238U. All isotopes are very slightly radioactive [5].

  • Uranium-233 is composed of 92 protons, 141 neutrons, and 92 electrons.
  • Uranium-234 is composed of 92 protons, 142 neutrons, and 92 electrons.
  • Uranium-235 is composed of 92 protons, 143 neutrons, and 92 electrons.
  • Uranium-236 is composed of 92 protons, 144 neutrons, and 92 electrons.
  • Uranium-238 is composed of 92 protons, 146 neutrons, and 92 electrons.

Radioactivity is effectively a hoax

What does it mean they are “very slightly radioactive”? It means that the atoms emit some ionizing radiation. But there is a problem with the idea that detonating a device like a uranium bomb would create “radioactive fallout”. Uranium is found in extremely small quantities in nature, and extremely small quantities are found in nuclear bombs. When such a bomb is detonated, it does not create more of these atoms, it simply spreads the few atoms equally over a large area miles wide. Could this create some ionizing radiation? Sure, but in amounts so small it could not affect anyone.

What is ionizing radiation? “Ionizing radiation is formed by high-energy particles (photons, electrons, etc.), that can penetrate matter and ionize (to form ion by losing electrons) target atoms to form ions.” [7]

You know what also creates “high-energy particles that can penetrate matter and ionize”? The human body. Here is a peer reviewed article straight from NCBI:

Free radicals and other ROS are derived either from normal essential metabolic processes in the human body or from external sources such as exposure to X-rays, ozone, cigarette smoking, air pollutants, and industrial chemicals. [8]

Free radicals are the effects of ionizing radiation. This is a natural biological process, and the body has defenses to protect against it. “Radioactive” particles are simply natural particles that have a chance of emitting free radicals. Because uranium and plutonium are so heavy and have so many electrons, there is a chance of losing some of these, which can cause some cellular damage.

What’s important here is that “radiation” is simply the same as “free radicals” that our bodies experience all day, every day, and is the natural cause of aging. Moreover, our bodies have the ability to repair the natural damage from free radicals from ionizing radiation (IR) and by the body’s metabolism.

“In the last quarter of the 20th century, the scientific community began to accept the fundamental principle that many of the same free radicals that were formed as a result of IR [Ionizing Radiation] interacting with biological material were also formed as by-products of oxidative metabolism” [9]

“Oxidative metabolism” is what occurs when you go for a walk in the park or for a run or do any cardiovascular activity. It’s what occurs in your brain as you read this article. It is essential for life. Free radicals are a result of this natural process. It is simply your metabolism. “Radiation” is the same as the free radicals caused by your own body’s normal functioning. It isn’t a mysterious and deadly toxin, it is as basic as life itself.

There is a massive myth that uranium and plutonium are harmful and that you will get “radiation poisoning” from it. This only happens in movies, not in real life. Reports of individuals getting radiation sickness from radioactive material are much like reports of people getting “coronavirus” or the flu. People get sick from other things, and then it’s attributed to the “mysterious poison or virus”. The purpose of the lie? Fear and control.

“Nuclear” radiation fallout is a hoax

The truth is that “radiation” from a “nuclear bomb” is not some aerosolized invisible deadly toxin floating around in the air that can make anyone who comes near “instantly sick” and cause them to experience deformities and die or turn lizards into Godzilla. That is the realm of fantasy, it is a complete and total fiction.

Q: Can nuclear radiation cause mutation in people and animals?

Galen Windsor: If a cell gets too much radiation, it dies. And so if it is a sperm or an oocyte, why, they die. They don’t reproduce, and there are no mutations. I think the good Lord built that safety factor in.

Q: So you’re saying that mutation in future generations is an unfounded fear?

Galen Windsor: Yes. And the studies of the people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki have borne that out. Those people do not have that.

In fact, “nuclear radiation” is merely some extra (very very few extra) free radicals, which are molecules with unpaired electrons that cause damage on a microscopic level, a type of damage that is the same that we experience when we go for a walk in the park, causing our metabolism to produce the byproduct of free radicals, which our bodies are naturally designed to repair and defend against.

Additionally, antioxidants are in the food we eat, and assist in this repair by “absorbing” the free radicals – that is, vitamins like Vitamin C found in orange juice and most foods, act as a buffer that stop a free radical in its tracks. Just the existence of “antioxidants” in your body will protect against free radical damage.

But “nuclear bombs” have an extremely small amount of “radiation”, that is, free radicals emitted through “ionizing radiation”, and this is spread over many miles in every direction. A single molecule of uranium isn’t going to hurt anyone. Uranium and plutonium are no more harmful than your own metabolism, especially because they are in such tiny quantities. The whole Geiger counter and gas masks trope is a Hollywood production and nothing more.


Just a typical Hollywood production, screen from the series “Chernobyl”, which is fictional and pure propaganda.

What about “thermonuclear bombs”? Hydrogen bombs use a hydrogen explosion, creating a big blast. These are what are called “Thermonuclear bombs”, but they are simply big hydrogen bombs. There are also “dirty bombs” which supposedly spread radiation instead of causing destruction. These are mythological. “Most analysts say that the use of a dirty bomb is more psychological than physical” [10].

The greatest concern from a dirty bomb is that the people who watch the news will fear it and then take actions themselves out of panic that put other people’s lives at risk (like hitting someone with their car as they try to flee). In other words, if a “dirty bomb” is detonated, then only if the news reports on it will pretty much anyone be impacted at all. Put another way, regardless of whether or not a “dirty bomb” is detonated, if the news says one is, then the impacts will be nearly identical regardless of whether a real bomb was detonated or not, because it’s the fear that causes destruction, not the so-called “radiation”.

Hollywood has made people so afraid of some mysterious “nuclear radiation” that it has changed the entire face of the Earth. But more than that, it has allowed governments to take extreme control of the Earth, and prevented people from fighting oppressive regimes. It has given authority to government agencies that create excessive regulation and control (like the EPA), and has enabled governments to keep extreme secrecy when it comes to technological development. It has also insidiously prevented the cheapest and cleanest form of energy, nuclear power, from giving us safe and cheap electricity.

The truth of the matter is that nuclear bombs and the dangers of nuclear radiation are a myth, there is no “radioactive fallout”, and this also applies to nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines, and other nuclear devices.

“Nuclear fallout” from nuclear power plants melting down is a hoax

Do you know how nuclear power plants work? They are simply steam powered. They heat up uranium and plutonium “rods” and turn water into steam. The steam is then used to generate electricity. Nothing more!

Q: Well, in your estimation then, how dangerous is a nuclear reactor plant?

Galen Windsor: A nuclear reactor plant is just a way to boil water that’s the cleanest, neatest, most economical way to boil water that you’ve ever seen. And so in my estimation, nuclear reactors ought to be insured under the same insurance policy as any other steam boiler plant, power generating plant, and to have special consideration under the Price-Anderson Act, that means that the insurance industry has already paid off the Congress so that they can have a rip off, charging ever and higher and higher insurance premiums, total coverage much, much greater for a nonexistent risk. What a racket.

What does it mean if a “nuclear power plant” “melts down”? It simply means that the rods overheated which caused some damage to the equipment. It doesn’t really mean much of anything. There is no danger from a nuclear power plant melting down other than the fact that they generate a lot of electricity which will be cut off for a bit until they repair it, and there is a danger of an explosion – a normal explosion just like can happen with any machinery that is mishandled.

Q: Can a nuclear plant explode?

Galen Windsor: Only like any other steam plant, like Laughlin, Nevada, had a steam explosion. It’s a coal-fired plant, but six men were killed there last year. That could happen at a nuclear plant, but as far as an atomic explosion? Good heavens, no. No way.

What about Chernobyl? What really happened at Chernobyl is that 5% of the already extremely small quantity of “radioactive” aka free radical-emitting molecules, were emitted into the environment due to an explosion [11]. It was a virtually harmless incident, but because of all the lies and myths about “nuclear radiation”, it ended up becoming a famous global incident and people entered needlessly with hazmat suits to “clean up” the area.


Pictured: Chernobyl today.

Clean up? All that means is they collected the debris from the explosion. Was it a nuclear explosion? No, it was simply an explosion. Explosions happen at other facilities too when people do things wrong. But nuclear facilities are basically steam facilities, and they are considered the safest and “cleanest” form of energy. Of course it’s the safest and cleanest, it is simply steam energy. It’s equally as safe as a hydroelectric dam. A hydroelectric dam can also blow up and cause a lot of damage if someone does something wrong. It’s not in any way mysterious. People can get hurt from an explosion, but there is no real danger of anything “nuclear”.

Scientists admit that there is no way to “clean up” an area of “radioactive radiation”, because it is fictional. It isn’t real. If it was real, you could clean it up, just like an oil spill or other real chemical spill. But it is not real. There is not “radioactive fallout”, that’s all media propaganda just like the “coronavirus” or its fictional “variants”.

The plot goes much deeper, but this should be enough for now. Galen Windsor, the safety director of a nuclear facility in the 50s, used to go swimming in the water and drinking it – the so called “nuclear waste” water that was forbidden to enter by government regulation. He did so to prove that it was harmless, he was one of the top nuclear scientists who designed and headed much of the industry until the government started encroaching by regulating what he knew to be false [12]. Galen Windsor lived until age 82 and died of Parkinson’s, which has nothing to do with radiation.

The link from [12] has a transcript, but the link there was removed; here is another source of the video entitled “The Nuclear Scare Scam”:

The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Hoax

And Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The scientific evidence supports that these cities were firebombed, not blown up by “nukes”. People very close to the supposed center of the explosion did not show any signs of severe irradiation [13]. In Nagasaki, people reportedly survived in “primitive hillside shelters, practically at ground zero,” where they were “unharmed by the atomic blast, heat, and radiation” [14].

Also, we never experienced the hundreds of years of nuclear fallout predicted by scientists, but rather plants began growing weeks after the battle. There was no nuclear radiation from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There were also no lasting effects, the city was rebuilt in the same place right away, and there were no generational mutations or other lasting effects from “radiation”.

The same is true with Chernobyl (which is overgrown with plants as shown in the image), there was no radioactive fallout. Also in the desert and the testing sites where they detonate nuclear weapons, there is no lasting harm to the local wildlife or plants. Why? Because there is no such thing as nuclear radiation.

There is a book which provides the evidence that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not blown up by a “nuclear bomb”, entitled “Death Object: Exploding The Nuclear Weapons Hoax” [15]. Just like 9/11, the science and evidence supports a different story about nuclear weapons than what Hollywood and governments and the media portray.

Footage from nuclear bombs detonations are all edited

Here is a video which describes how supposed “nuclear detonations” are merely Hollywood productions, that no full unedited footage is ever shown, constant cut scenes, heavy editing, timelapse footage, and more. And the real shocker will be when you ask yourself: who’s filming this? A house is getting blown down but the camera man in the lot across the street is still standing?

Even the witnesses are told to close their eyes, turn their backs, and put on all this protective gear. Protective gear for what? If you’re at a safe distance, why would you need to don a full suit, except as psychological reinforcement, just like fabric face masks to protect against a supposed “virus”, when real bacterial contamination requires a full hazmat suit.

Also, the mushroom cloud is not unique to so called “nuclear bombs”. Even volcanoes produce mushroom clouds, as do smaller explosions.

We are told that mushroom clouds are caused by the nuclear explosions, but it’s simply not the case. Mushroom clouds happen from any large explosion simply due to the atmospheric layers and the laws of physics. As shown in the video above, a mushroom cloud even forms in a fish tank with denser water at the bottom and less dense water at the top, just like the atmosphere.

Who will you believe, the media and governments, or the science and evidence? The conclusion is obvious: nuclear weapons are a hoax, nuclear meltdowns are a hoax, nuclear radiation is effectively a hoax (miniscule quantities of free radicals which are virtually harmless), and the fear of global thermonuclear war annihilating the entire earth is a fiction and a hoax. Anyone with sense can see it plainly if they believe their eyes and ears and facts and logic and science and evidence instead of the years of programming that has been manipulating them since childhood.


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