Modern Medicine is Literally Sorcery, and How To Find True Cures

The medical industry and their pharmaceutical drugs are age-old witchcraft, sorcery. It is no different than the witch doctors of times past; and “doctor” today has the same meaning as witch doctors. They brought their sorceries and deceived the world.

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Sorcery, Placebo, & Magick

The placebo effect is the power of sorcery through suggestion. In fact all pharmaceutical drugs are in part the power of suggestion and therefore sorcery.

Magick is the classical term to describe the ancient term “sorcery” or “witchcraft”.

Renown Satanist Aleister Crowley defined magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. This should be understood to be real magick (sorcery), not stage magic.

Therefore I will continue using the spelling “magick” to differentiate it (sorcery) from stage magic (mere tricks) or Hollywood magic (special effects).

Real magic is mental actions. It is wanting something to happen and trying to use your mind and thoughts to make it happen. It is often facilitated with “magic” words, drugs, and talismans. This is sorcery.


Magic words like, “you have cancer”, drugs like “chemotherapy” (also a magic word because it is literally poison), and talismans like crystals. Talismans are less used in Western sorceries and more in Eastern sorceries.

Magick (sorcery, pharmakeia) has nothing to do with the colored lightning bolts depicted in movies and television, or fictional supernatural powers like telekinesis or levitation.

The Placebo Effect, Crystals, and Sorcery

The power of suggestion is in fact a form of sorcery. It is to “bewitch” an individual through manipulation and even forms of hypnotic suggestion in order to cause changes in the minds and bodies of the victims.


“Christopher French, a professor of psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London [said] “In other words, the effects reported were a result of the power of suggestion, not the power of the crystals.”

It is not crystals that work, but the power of suggestion, which is a form of sorcery. Crystals are a talisman. They do not actually challel energy, or even demonic energy, that is a myth. What they do is provide a physical cue for the human person to commit the act of sorcery, witchcraft, which is to contact the spirit world and seek help from demons, usually inadvertently and without realizing what they are doing.

“There is no evidence that crystal healing works over and above a placebo effect”
– Christopher French, head of the anomalistic psychology research unit at the University of London

Like crystals, potions such as drugs, medicines, and vaccines are often used to facilitate magick. The drugs themselves may cause effects, but the real purpose of it is to commit sorcery, and part of the effects of potions (pharma) is the placebo effect.

The Sorcery of Prognosis

The entire pharmaceutical industry and almost all of the medical industry participates in these sorceries. When an oncologist diagnoses a person with cancer (which most of the time is a false diagnosis), it is purely an interpretation, not based on objective evidence. In fact, most tumors are benign, but any abnormal growth or marking on an x ray will give an oncologist the tool they need to begin their work of sorcery.

It is an act. “Sir, I’m sorry to have to say this, but..” — they are sorry about nothing. They are thrilled to have an excuse to curse the victim with death unless they agree to the sorceries of the witch doctor. This is big business. Oncologists are witch doctors, sorcerers of the highest levels, who have potions to sell. And those who walk through the doors are already bewitched, or they would not have sought the opinion of the witch doctor known as an oncologist.


The prognosis of a doctor is sorcery. It is a hex, and this curse by itself causes great harm through the placebo effect and the stress and fear induced in the victim. This fear then puts the person into a trance, where they become highly open to suggestion, and the sorcerer can then get to work “prescribing” sorceries and making huge profits at the expense of the victim’s money and health.

The same goes for most – although perhaps not all – doctors. Doctors are not medical physicians, they are sorcerers pronouncing blessings and curses and hexes, and peddling witch potions.


Emergency surgeons are different, because they tackle a physical issue like gunshot wounds and removing bullets. Nonetheless, they also do sorceries by giving medical potions for pain and healing, etc, which is sorcery, witchcraft.

Eastern vs Western Sorcery

Holistic, naturopathic, and homeopathic doctors are less likely to use the same (Western) pharmaceutical sorceries, but they are also more likely to incorporate (Eastern) mystical sorceries such as the use of crystals, hypnotherapy, mediation, and other sorceries. Make no mistake, this is no different and just as spiritually and physically dangerous as Western allopathic medicine.

Western sorcerers (allopathic doctors) and Eastern sorcerers (many homeopathic doctors) both believe the other to be a fraud, but really they are both doing the same thing in a different way.

The fact is that God created the best medicines: abstinence (from unhealthy behaviors), fitness, natural foods, fasting, and prayer, along with a healthy immune system.

If naturopathy is used as sorcery instead of a natural life as God intended, then it can be deadly. But far more people die from the sorceries of Western allopathic “medicine”.

Notice how there was no medical industry or pharmacies in the Old Testament despite God directly dictating their laws. Rather, God set standards of good health and cleanliness. Good health and cleanliness averts nearly all diseases.

We live in a time of great global sorceries disguised as science and medicine. Be aware.


Natural Cures

Are all medicines including natural cures all called “pharmakeia” aka sorcery? No.

Pharmaceutical drugs are a concoction of chemicals, usually altered, to CAUSE a desired effect unnaturally. For example, statin drugs to lower cholesterol. This is unnatural. It is not part of the way God designed us.

Some “natural cures” may indeed be considered pharmaceutical aka pharmakeia. Witch doctors would take their mortar and pestel and combine a perfect amount of ingredients over some magic words to try to cause some effect. It is sorcery because this is not the way things were designed, and the magic words (whether it’s “hocus pocus” or “this is for lowering your cholesterol”) are witchcraft to go along with the sorcery.

Where do we draw the line, then?

Consider this. If you are hungry, you eat food. If you exercise, you eat meat because you need protein. Nothing at all wrong with eating food. If you eat naturally fermented foods like yogurt, apple cider vinegar, or kambucha, this can aid in digestion and promote good gut health.

Apple cider vinegar, a natural aid

The key here is that you are consuming something completely natural, and the body heals itself. You are not MAKING the body do anything, and you are not trying to circumvent your poor life choices, like taking a fat burner to try to cheat while still being gluttonous. Fat burners are sorcery.

Something completely natural is not “doctoring” your body (like you would “doctor” a document to create a forgery). But if you take pharmaceutical drugs or get surgeries, then you are “doctoring” the body, that is, altering it. That is sorcery.

The difference between pharmakeia and natural cures therefore is that natural cures are just like taking protein (meat, dairy, etc) to build muscle or apple cider vinegar to aid digestion: you are feeding your body, with an all-natural, unaltered part of God’s natural creation.

Now if a lab sorcerer starts with something natural and then chemically processes it and alters it genetically and creates a pharmaceutical drug to change the body by force, then this is sorcery, that is, pharmakeia.

So the key is that if it is a completely natural and unaltered natural substance like protein from milk (raw protein powder is just dried whey or casein, both natural milk products – the key is raw, as in no extra ingredients) or apple cider vinegar, and it simply facilitates things naturally the way God intended, then it is not sorcery.

Pure protein powder – a convenient way to add
more protein (although kind of expensive today)

Pure protein powder and natural supplements are no different than food, as long as you think about it in that way. It’s called a “supplement” because it is food that adds more nutrition into your diet. The same goes for other raw, natural, unprocessed, unaltered concentrated food powders or natural vitamins from natural sources.

But every single kind of medication from any pharmacy, this is absolutely sorcery – the name is on the building. “Pharmacy”. Pharmakeia. Big Pharma. It means sorcery.

The Only Two Forms Of Legitimate Medicine

There are only two forms of legitimate Medicine:

  1. Preventative Medicine
  2. Natural Medicine

All “healing” medicines are frauds. All “medicines” and drugs which are designed to “heal” or “cure” or alter the body in any way, are literally pharmakeia, that is, sorcery/witchcraft. Actually. We have all been deceived by Satan who uses his pharmakeia to deceive the world into committing sorceries.

Even naturopathic herbs are often sorcery and even active witchcraft, so beware.

1. Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is self-explanatory, and the absolute most effective form of medicine. It is simply avoiding bad behaviors such as a sedentary lifestyle, bad foods, etc that cause sickness.

Health and fitness is the best cure – prevention
is the easiest and most effective

2. Natural Medicine

I intentionally chose the word “natural” and chose not to use the terms “herbal”, “naturopathic”, “holistic”, or “homeopathic”, because all of these areas have been infiltrated by the same western ideologies and often fused with eastern mysticism.

I define this as “anything that enables the body to heal naturally”, with as minimal intervention as humanly possible. The primary principle is that you are not curing anything, you are simply enabling the body God gave you to cure itself. It can include fasting; eating healthy natural food; avoiding all processed foods; some natural, homegrown herbs when not modified or taken as “medicine” such as garlic;

and emergency medicine – that is, only necessary emergency medicine such as a splint to facilitate healing of a broken bone, or surgery to remove a bullet, or the very very rare case of performing a c-section to save the life of the mother or baby. But as many as 99% of c-sections today are medically unnecessary and cause permanent scars and often damage the ability to have more children.

Natural Medicine Is An Aid

Homegrown herbs in pots. It’s not sorcery as
long as you consider it to be food, not magic.

Natural medicine can also include natural ways of killing parasites and fungal infections. For example, curing a fungal infection could include soaking in raw apple cider vinegar, etc. Pink eye (a bacterial infection, there is no such thing as “viral” pink eye) or ear infections, can be cured with no lasting damage simply by mixing one part raw apple cider vinegar with one to three parts distilled water and dipping a sterile cotton ball to put a couple drops in the eye or ear. Soaking the nails in raw apple cider vinegar for up to 30 minutes so that it can penetrate the nail bed, is a natural cure for toenail fungus (it must be repeated daily for up to 6 months).

Natural medicine is about creating the environment so the body can function and heal as God intended it.

Western Medicine (allopathic and pharmaceutical medicine) is a fraud; it is sorcery and torture. I believe that all pharmaceutical drugs are sorcery and a crime against nature; and nearly all invasive surgeries, except in the most rare cases such as a severe injury, to be forbidden, horrible forms of human torture and maiming for profit.

The only two legitimate forms of medicine are prevention and merely assisting the body to heal itself. The correct purpose for a physician is not to “heal” the subject, but merely to minimally facilitate the body to heal itself. Almost no physicians are actually needed.

The Doctor/Pharma Hoax: It Didn’t Heal, Your Body Did

Modern medicine will not shortcut you to health, it will only kill you faster. They are lying. If any modern medicine seems to “work”, it didn’t. Your own body worked despite it, but you were deceived to think that modern medicine cured you. It did not.

Antibiotics never cured you, they made you sicker, and your body healed itself anyway, but with lasting damage from the poison drugs. The doctor lied to you when they said that you would have died or never healed without their intervention. It is a deception.

Drugs are poison not cures. Avoid with maximum discrimination.

It should be noted that it is harder to consider the truth about modern medicine when most people in the west are sick and unhealthy from unhealthy living and eating and drugs and various medical interventions over many years causing long-term damage to the body. But there are no shortcuts.

Some people are permanently disabled from the medical industry. Once they remove physical parts of your body such as from hip and back replacements, or do other major surgeries that permanently alter your body, these can never be cured naturally, the victims of this medieval torture may be customers for life. Which is not nearly as long as it could be.

Victims of the pharmaceutical industry can incur damage physically and mentally that can take many years to reverse, but the only way out is to power through it. Some such as those with the mRNA vaxx may be permanently altered. Many on drugs may be so brain damaged by mental drugs that they are not able to function normally or have long-lasting brain damage that could take decades or a lifetime to cure – but the healing can only stop when the drugs stop.

Modern medicine is not to be trusted. The only cure to long-term sickness is to undo the years of damage by healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

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