The Dangers of Empty, Ritualistic, Routine Weekly Observance of Holy Communion

In researching opposing views, it was difficult to find any articles contrary to the traditional observation of the weekly or even monthly ritual taking of communion on Sunday. This is tragic, because I believe the Lord has impressed onto my heart the tragedy of ritual routine communion observance.

It is my belief that the ritual observance of the Eucharist, that is, holy communion, commonly defiles and desecrates the holy observance, because this ritual observance is overwhelmingly done in mere ritual and not with a pure and repentant heart, and total respect for the divine nature of this powerful sacrament.

Every time I hear of a church that mindlessly takes communion every Sunday, I have been feeling a weight on my heart. One of the greatest problems with this ritual observance is that most, if not all partakers do so out of fear of others thinking less of them, in a sort of social observance and not with divine and holy respect. Or, they do not understand the power and significance of observing this holy sacrament and partake blindly.

Moreover, pastors fail to present adequate reverence to the severity of partaking of communion with an unholy heart; and even when they do mention that “no one should take unworthily”, the implication is often that “as long as you said the sinner’s prayer once, then you are magically worthy to take it now.” This is not scriptural.

The holy and reverent observation of the partaking of communion, the body and blood of Jesus Christ, cannot be taken lightly. It should not even be taken with a thoughtful heart when any person is living in unrepentant sin. This does not simply mean adultery or some other obvious and serious sin, but any sin whatsoever.

And considering the likelihood that the majority of the attendees every church in America are not true Christians, and that the majority if not the entirety of each church in America are not living a blameless and sinless life as commanded by the Bible and by Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:48 “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect”, and that these same majority or entirety are not wholly and utterly dependent and broken before God on the taking of communion; then as a result the majority or possibly even entirety of each church in America are defiling and desecrating the holy sacrament of communion when they partake.

Moreover, they profane the body and blood of Jesus and bring condemnation down on themselves for their reckless partaking in vain of such a holy sacrament with an unworthy and unrepentant heart.


The root of this evil is founded in the false doctrine of “Sola Gratia” – that is, the fallacy of salvation by grace alone in the modern reformed context. The great fallacy of the modern church is in the misinterpretation of scripture and the devising of false liturgical exegesis, minimizing and even alienating the significance of any good works whatsoever as having any propitiatory significance.

Put simply, the modern reformed church’s theology that works are not a part of faith and that God does not care how we behave in this world and that we are saved entirely regardless of anything we choose to do in this life, fundamentally alters the context of a myriad of theological issues and topics, including the holy sacraments such as communion.

By downplaying and even anathematizing the scripturally founded significance of living a holy and truly blameless and sinless life here on Earth, the modern reformed church has created a generation of churchgoers and even church leaders and pastors who have no sense of the severity of God’s hate against evil, and the consequences of sinfulness in the eyes of God and in the presence of God.

By partaking of the holy communion, the body and blood of Jesus (setting aside for the sake of this topic any debate regarding transubstantiation), as a ritual, social, godless religious routine, and doing so without recognizing the severe consequences of this partaking of communion with any sin in one’s heart (including anger, unforgiveness, pride, and a myriad of other hidden, obscure, or overlooked sins), one brings the condemnation of God down on their heads.

1 Corinthians 11:27 says, “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty concerning the body and blood of the Lord.”


While the individual churchgoers are no less to blame for this in their ignorance of scripture due to failure to read, pray, or understand scripture through a daily and personal relationship with God, and blind following of a religion of selfish pandering known as reformed grace-alone Calvinistically-inspired modern western Christianity; the leaders who propagate this with this ignorance of scripture and blind following of grace-based theology are even more to blame, for they, the pastors and teachers, are the ones leading their own sheep astray with their false teachings.

James 3:1 says, “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.”

It is true, that many, perhaps most pastors of churches today truly believe they are doing the right thing, and have a genuine heart (at least to the extent of their own shallow beliefs), and that they themselves are brainwashed into this grace theology through their seminary education which rammed reformed theology down their throats. However, by being teachers and teaching falsehoods such as the modern reformed interpretation of grace alone doctrine, and the pushing of communion blindly upon their congregation, these leaders are themselves even greater to blame, for it is their responsibility to teach the truth of God and prevent their flock from going astray and bringing themselves under condemnation.

This is not to pass blame from the people to the leaders, for as much as the leaders are to blame for (surely, unintentionally) propagating this desecration of the sacraments, the people are just as much to blame. Each and every churchgoer who partakes of communion has a responsibility to read scripture for themselves and determine what is right, based on the prayerful guidance of the Holy Spirit.


The roots of Christianity have deviated so far from God that modern Christianity is no longer recognizable as the true religion of faith and truth in Christ Jesus and the serving of the one and only Most High God. Christianity has become an empty, depraved, selfish, reckless, heartless, blind, impotent, hypocritical facsimile of the church that Jesus established on this earth.

As a result, people and even pastors and church leaders fail to recognize the significance, severity, and even relevance of the holy sacrament of holy communion in the partaking of the body and blood of Jesus Christ. In this blind and empty gesture, which is almost entirely taken without thought or reverence to the divine perfection of God Almighty and the power of His Son, Jesus Christ, church members profane and defile the body and blood of Jesus Christ and bring condemnation on themselves.

This is exasperated even more when it is taken not only a couple of times per year, but every month or even every week. And by creating a cultural and social context in which even if your heart is not right before God you are obliged and socially pressured to partake in a communion for which you are unworthy, the pastors leading this church to do such a thing are themselves guilty for not recognizing the condemnation they are influencing their flock to bring themselves under.

I believe that the proper way to take communion is to do so with the utmost and holy reverence to the Almighty God, and the perfect sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. And not to do so in word or thought only, but in a humble and broken and contrite heart over the failing of ourselves. I believe that the only proper way to truly take communion would be to be within small groups of individuals who continually confess all of their sins to each other and hold each other accountable.


To in intense and prayerful brokenness allow the Holy Spirit to bring any sins to mind so that you can repent of these sins – that is, not just ask for forgiveness, but to truly turn from these sins – in order to become pure and blameless in the eyes of God before the partaking of the holy sacrament of communion.

To live a life of total devotion and holiness, and to, in a spirit of true devotion, on a rare occasion – perhaps once per year – partake of communion only after you have confessed, repented, and turned from each and every sinful deed and even thought, so that you may not defile the holy sacrament of the body and blood of Jesus Christ who died as the sacrifice for our sins.

To do anything less than this is to utterly blaspheme Jesus by recklessly desecrating the body and blood of Jesus by claiming to be Christian yet partaking of communion with a black and sinful and unrepentant heart, and to do so without having any true daily relationship with God.

That the modern church teaches people today that our sins do not matter, is a total contradiction of the most fundamental precepts of holy scripture, the Bible. As a result, this false doctrine influences people and even church leaders to commit apostasy by recklessly ignoring holy scripture to pursue one’s own selfish ambitions and selfish gain. And this ultimately leads to a popularly accepted desecration of the holy sacrament of communion, defiling the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and bringing each member into condemnation, incurring the wrath of God.

And people today wonder why, when holy communion is so frequently defiled by millions even every week, and so many other cultural apostasies from the lbgt agenda to the popularization of abortion, that America and the West are being overrun by our enemies (the communists, atheists, Muslims, and others who hate Christianity), and sickness, disease, and poverty affect well over half, if not the overwhelming majority of the entire population of the West.

It truly is no wonder, when one realizes and recognizes how far we have strayed from the original precepts of God’s Word. It really is no wonder that our civilization is being overrun and destroyed, when people are living in such outright apostasy, blindly following after an empty and godless religion masquerading as Christianity.

We need to change, and we have to change. We need to return to our original roots. We do this by truly knowing the Bible through daily prayer and a daily, intense, unwavering personal relationship with God. In reading and understanding what the Bible says apart from popular “church” culture and Calvinistic fallacies, we can learn the truth about what God really wants from us in this life.


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