Introduction To Revived Christianity, Not Just A Denomination, A Compete Revival of Christianity Based On Original Biblical Values

For years I have been praying and researching the truth about the Bible and about Christianity to get to the bottom of the problems that currently plague Christianity, lead people astray from genuine biblical teachings, and set a poor example to the outside world of what Christianity is supposed to be.

Although there are some Christian denominations that follow Christianity to some degree, the truth is that every denomination of Christianity has been infiltrated and corrupted by Satan’s agenda in one way or another. As a result, all denominations have become weak, pacified, lukewarm, and tolerant of evil, while promoting a wishy-washy superficial version of Christianity that no longer aligns with biblical teachings.

Therefore, after years of study, prayer, and contemplation, I believe it is time to move forward with reviving original Christianity, completely rebuilding the entire system from the ground up using the original system of the early church. The entire organizational structure of the current church system must be abolished. It has failed.

Revived Christianity is not a “new” religion at all, it is merely a re-establishing of core biblical values, sanity, and love for God and fellow humans, truth, and real justice, contrary to the lies and injustice that is called “social justice” today.

Some primary beliefs of Revived Christianity, more of which can can be read the “Our Beliefs” page, include:

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God.
  • Salvation and eternal life is only through Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection.
  • The Bible is the authoritative Word of God, written by men and inspired by God. Translations are not infallible but the original text is. No other text can be used as a basis for doctrine.
  • God states clearly in scripture multiple times and undeniably that God requires obedience as a condition of salvation.
  • Jesus said clearly that if you do not forgive others, then God will not forgive you.
  • One is not given a license to sin when accepting Christ. If you willingly turn from God, you can and will lose your salvation, as scripture clearly proves.
  • The seventh-day Sabbath was never abolished. God never erased the fourth commandment from stone. He sanctified the Sabbath at Creation, it is not a Jewish holiday.
  • We are only to pray directly to God, not to any priest, angel, Mary, or any saints.
  • We are never to have any graven images, idols, religious statues, luck charms, rosaries, etc. This is idolatry.
  • Heaven and hell exist and are real. All will be judged on Judgment Day.
  • God created the heavens and the earth. The Bible and science prove evolution to be false.
  • Life begins at conception. Abortion at any stage is murder and forbidden.
  • There are two genders: male and female as God created them.
  • God created a hierarchy of God over Man, and Man over Woman. Modern feminism and “equality” is harmful to both men and women, and a violation of scripture.
  • A woman is not permitted to teach a man. Therefore a woman is not permitted to argue for or against any theology. A woman cannot teach in the church. She is not permitted to write theological books.
  • Children are to be obedient, and disciplined appropriately. A child is never permitted to be disobedient to parents, unless the parent is telling them to do something against God and the Bible.
  • Homosexuality, transgender, crossdressing and other horrors are an abomination to God.
  • Sexual immorality including adultery, spurious divorce and remarriage which Jesus calls idolatry, promiscuity, sex outside marriage, etc is forbidden.
  • All forms of witchcraft, sorcery, and occult are forbidden.
  • Every race and people have a God-given, inalienable right to freedom, autonomy, and exclusivity. Forced integration is immoral, unethical, unnatural, and harmful to people and God’s natural order. Forced integration is genocide, and genocide is an abomination.
  • The Bible does not support a “rapture” of Christians where they disappear before the tribulation in the end times.
  • Vaccines, blood, certain medical treatments, body alterations, genetic alterations, etc are forbidden by scripture. Greater details are in the Our Beliefs page.
  • Health and fitness is required by scripture. Obesity is idolatry. Put away the love of food and money and follow God.
  • Laziness is sin, and only brings poverty and destruction.
  • To love is not a feeling. There is no love without action. To only “feel” love but do nothing, is worthless.
  • There is no faith without works. To say you believe, but fail to act accordingly, is to lie to yourself. Faith without works is dead. There is no salvation with dead faith.
  • Usury, that is, lending with excessive interest, is forbidden. Lending money for any interest is forbidden because it inevitably results in usury. Lending for profit is evil, and theft.
  • Tithing is unbiblical. Revived Christianity will not request money, donations, or sell books or materials. Give to the poor, not the “church” establishment.
  • Giving to the poor is lending to the Lord, He will repay you. Give in secret only. Do not let anyone know about your generosity.

Do not judge this before you see the biblical evidence. Much of modern Christianity is based on false doctrines of men, not on Biblical principles. They stretch irrelevant verses far out of context to support their own false views. The Bible is clear, if you read with with a clear mind. Do not be clouded by doctrines you have been told. Read the Bible for yourself.

Revived Christianity is not a cult. Cults are defined as “false”, “spurious”, or “unorthodox” religions. Cults also usually have a devoted following where the leader of the cult is something like a “god” to the followers. This is unbiblical. As a human being, I am not perfect, but I strive to be a positive and godly example every day. I am merely a vessel for God to use to bring His truth to many people.

While I see virtue in having leadership, I myself being the founder have no desire for anyone to revere me, and I would condemn the practice of worshiping any human. My primary goal, by the power of God, would be to be used as a vessel to speak truth and to lead others by teachings that are solely backed by the Bible, to bring holiness, joy, peace, prosperity, and even protection to God’s people; for there is protection in numbers.

Second, you should know that this is not intended as an attack on other Christian denominations. Instead, I am offering only an alternative to mainstream Christianity, an alternative that most closely adheres to the Bible.

While the motivation for creating Revived Christianity which has been years in the working was more related to the failures of Christianity, it is in current times with the current global crises that creates an urgent need to move this forward so that people can come back to God and hopefully build a new, true Christian community to shelter ourselves among each other to escape from the tyranny and oppression of the new order that is coming to the world.

For those who are Bible-believing Christians, you must have noticed that Christianity is failing you, our people, and our countries. America and countries in Western Europe are now primarily secular countries, with ruling authorities who not only deny God and the Bible, but viciously attack it in the name of “tolerance”, “non-discrimination”, “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, and “anti-racism”.

Identical to the Communism of the former Soviet Union, agents of Satan infiltrated every level of government, pushed “progressive” policies that have diminished and attacked Christianity, degraded the populace, and moved people away from religion, in order to undermine Western values of morality, honesty, charity, and freedom.

The current system which is heading toward a secular, one-world government has promoted insidious and despicable ideologies of sexual degeneracy, rebellion, and blind faith in the system, while degrading our health, reducing our ability to enjoy our God-given inalienable freedoms, and enslaving us to debt and dependence on the government for every aspect of our lives. It has removed and even criminalized the freedoms for Christians to follow our faith, raise our children in godliness, and pursue our future in peace as we see fit.

In short, due to the undermining of our Christian institutions, it is required to recreate the Christian ideology so that those of us who are left can join together under common beliefs, purpose, and identity, so that we can forge a future for us and our families, current and future.

The foundation of Revived Christianity, which you might even say is a new religion, yet an originally orthodox one, is based purely on biblical principles, combined with the virtues of freedom and self-determination that offer us the freedom to live our lives without tyranny and oppression.

Therefore, as I write this now, I attest the following primary principles to undermine our faith as true Christians following the Bible, known hereforth as: “Revived Christianity”.

View our foundational beliefs:
Our Beliefs


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