Wireless Radiation Linked To Every Significant Viral Event

For lack of space, we will not discuss every significant viral event. Instead, we will discuss the 3 most significant “viral” events of the last century: the “Spanish Flu” of 1918-1919, the first discovery of a “Coronavirus” in humans in 1965, and “Covid-19” in 2019.

The two most significant flu-like events of the 1900s directly linked to EMF radiation

1. First, let’s look at the “Spanish Flu”

Events of Early 1918

1918: A 200 kW alternator starts operating at Station NFF, the United States Navy station at Somerset, New Jersey, the most powerful radio transmitter at this time. [1]

The Radio Materiel School (RMS), operated by the United States Navy, was the first electronics training facility of America’s military organizations. During the 1920s and 1930s, it produced the core of senior maintenance specialists for the Navy’s communication equipment that “paved the way to United States world leadership in electronics.” [2]

The Navy established a radio school at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in early 1917. With the entry of the United States into World War I, the student body grew exponentially, necessitating the move to a more suitable location. Later that year (late 1917), the US Naval Radio School was launched in Cambridge, Massachusetts. [2]

During the last few months of 1918 the Navy installed a rotating loop antenna at the Naval Radio Station, Bar Harbor, Maine.

Spanish Flu: First Wave

The “Spanish Flu” of 1918 did not begin in Spain. It began in the United States, at the Naval Radio School of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 400 initial cases.

“The first wave originated in the spring of 1918, during World War I”. [3]

This was months after opening the US Naval Radio School, and in the same location, and in subsequent rollouts.

Events of late 1918

September 2 – The first radio broadcast from the United Kingdom to Australia is made by Amalgamated Wireless to the home of Ernest Fisk in Sydney. [3]

Spanish Flu: Second Wave

A second, more lethal wave began about August or September 1918. [3]

Again, directly linked to the widespread global use of the new powerful radio frequencies.

Events of 1919

19 March – The first spoken word radio transmission from east to west across the Atlantic is made. [4]

Spanish Flu: Third Wave

A third wave began in the winter and early spring of 1919. [3]

We can see a direct link between EMF and all three “waves” of the so-called “Spanish Flu”, which was neither Spanish nor the Flu.

2. Next, let’s look at the first “coronavirus”
(now known as the “common cold”)

First Major Communications Satellite in 1965

Intelsat I (nicknamed Early Bird for the proverb “The early bird catches the worm”) was the first commercial communications satellite to be placed in geosynchronous orbit, on April 6, 1965. [5]


Common Cold First Discovered in 1965

In 1965, researchers discovered a vexing respiratory infection called 229E. Today, we know it as the common cold. … In 1965, Dorothy Hamre, a researcher at the University of Chicago, discovered a new kind of virus, which became known as 229E. [6]

The first coronavirus of human origin, B814, was described in 1965. [7]

It can be seen clearly that immediately after launching the first commercial high-powered wireless communications satellite, the first coronavirus was discovered in humans. No coincidence.

3. Now lastly let’s look at the next major “virus”: Covid-19

Despite op-ed articles to the contrary, Wuhan China was indeed the first to roll out real mmWave 5G.

South Korea rolled out “5G” before Wuhan, but it was not mmWave. mmWave 5G was only first rolled out in Wuhan China at the start of the so-called “pandemic”.


Sub-6 5G is not 5G at all, this is a misnomer. Sub-6 5G is really 4G+. Microwave radiation is only in the microwave frequencies, denoted by the term “mmWave”, which means milimeter wave, or microwave, also known as “high-band 5G”, and this is the real 5G, which is between 24 Ghz all the way to 300 Ghz.

The difference between sub-6 (below 6 Ghz, not microwave) fake 5G and real mmWave 5G, is that below 6 Ghz is not microwave radiation. Even though sub-6 is licensed as 5G, it is not mmWave, that is, it is not microwave radiation which the real grave danger. Even though 4G and other EMF is dangerous and harmful, mmWave hundreds of times more powerful and is far more dangerous.

The term mmWave refers to a specific part of the radio frequency spectrum between 24GHz and 100GHz, which has a very short wavelength. … Lower frequencies are more heavily congested with TV and radio signals, as well as current 4G LTE networks, which typically sit between 800 Mhz and 3 GHz. [8]

As you can see from the picture below from the referenced article [8], 6 Ghz or less (“sub-6”) is classified as 4G, NOT 5G. You can see there is an overlap in the term “5G” which covers most of 4G as well. This is intentional, to blur the terms.


This knowledge is necessary so you can understand that the greatest danger is mmWave, not sub-6 “5G” which is really 4G or 4G+.

Wuhan Events & Results

  • Wuhan China was the first city to roll out mmWave 5G.
  • Wuhan China is where the “Covid” “outbreak” started at the same time.
“WUHAN, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) — The branches of Chinese major telecom operators in central China’s Hubei Province announced Thursday the launch of commercial 5G applications in the province.

Wuhan City, the capital of Hubei, is expected to have 10,000 5G base stations by the end of 2019, said Song Qizhu, head of Hubei Provincial Communication Administration.

China Telecom has established a 5G network covering airports, railway stations and other areas in the city, which will also help boost the digital and intelligent transformation of the industries with 5G technologies, said Li Hongbo, general manager of the company’s Hubei branch.

China Mobile Hubei Branch has activated 1,580 5G base stations in the city as of mid-October, achieving the 5G coverage of universities, transportation hubs and other densely populated areas, according to the branch.” [9]


Diamond Princess Events & Results

  • The Diamond Princess cruise ship was the first to use mmWave 5G.
  • This is the same cruise ship that people were getting sick and was evidence for a “pandemic”
On February 3, 2020, the same day the Diamond Princess was quarantined, the satellite company SES put out a press release advertising “the best WiFi at sea” and announcing that Princess Cruises would be using a “hybrid medium earth orbit (MEO) and geostationary (GEO) network” to become “the first cruise ships to access SES’s ground-breaking O3b mPOWER satellite-based communications system.”

mPOWER uses beam-forming technology and frequencies from 17 to 30 GHz and SES boasts that its satellite system is part of the global 5G network. “We offer the fastest wifi on the high seas making it easier for you to stream movies, stay connected on social media and even text with friends and family on board with you!” advertises Princess Cruises. Each Princess ship has 7,000 sensors, 650 wall-mounted touchscreen devices, 1,780 WiFi access points, 4,030 digital displays in private rooms, and 75 miles of cable. The antennas on the ships that communicate with the satellites are huge globes that look like this:

mPower was operating on the Diamond Princess at the time of the coronavirus outbreak. A photograph of the Diamond Princess on February 5, 2020 while it was quarantined in Yokohama shows the five antenna globes that it had on board. [10]


Europe doesn’t use mmWave 5G, it uses 4G, except for Italy

Today, Europe has 5G, but it is all sub-6. Europe does not have mmWave 5G, with the exception of Italy, where the original “outbreaks” occurred. Italy is the only country in Europe currently licensed for mmWave 5G.

The evidence is conclusive. It is hard to deny this evidence, despite all the efforts to scrub the facts from the internet.

They need 5G because it is what is required to handle the extreme bandwidth needed for all their self-driving cars, the internet of things, and global tracking and control with AI monitoring every aspect of our lives.

5G is absolutely necessary for absolute, total control. And this is the single and sole reason for the “pandemic”, also known as the scamdemic, and the lockdowns.

The lockdowns were used to secretly roll out the 5G towars into all public places, school, statiums, and so on using unmarked vehicles and the employees were required to sign top-secret contracts and NDA agreements (non-disclosure agreements). They could be improsoned for violating these agreements. Yet, some still shared it, but it received zero news coverage.

EMF is the real cause behind all global viruses and pandemics of the last century

The conclusion to all of this is that radio frequency EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) are responsible for all global viruses not caused by poisoning.

What are viruses? There is no such thing. What they picture as “viruses” are exosomes, our body’s natural defense to cell damage and poisons.


Exosomes are released when cell damage reaches critical mass due to EMF radiation. The symptoms are cold and flu symptoms. The same symptoms as radiation poisoning. Because it is radiation poisoning.

This is well-documented by scientists, virologists, and experts all around the world. Medical doctors and career scientists have given up their careers to expose the frauds.

All colds and flues are really radiation poisoning

It has been a scam going on for more than a century, all to sell vaccines. And they have made hundreds of billions from it.

And when you learn that so-called “cancers”, especially brain cancers, are directly correlated with the rise in cell phone usage, among other evidence, you will see just how much of a threat EMF radiation really causes us.

Ever feel tired, overwhelmed, bogged down, despite being otherwise healthy? You should look around for smart meters, consider if 5G is in your city, your proximity to cell towers and power lines, and the power of your wireless router, aas well as your cell phone signal (especially if it is 5G).

It’s everywhere now, and hard to escape. Yes we can get stuff done, but there never seems to be enough energy for the day. That is because our bodies are constantly healing the damage from EMF radiation, from wifi, from 4g, from 5g, from cellular signals, and from other EMF frequencies.

And when it gets cold, our bodies slow down, but the radiation stays the same, so it causes some people to get sick, because the EMF damage is too much and the body is not healing fast enough.

This is one of society’s greatest problems today, and no one is any the wiser, because we were all born into it and don’t even know what it’s like to live every day with a clear mind and tons of energy. Many people live off coffee and tea, because there is barely enough energy in the day. Our problem isn’t time, it’s energy. And EMF is the cause.


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