Modern Medicine Is Medieval Torture, The Priesthood Of Modern Medicine, And Satanic Origins Of Big Pharma

When you see the word “medical” you should associate it with medieval torture and pure evil, because that’s what it is.

The word “pharmakeia” is where the word “pharmacy” and “pharmaceutical” comes from, which is defined as “sorcery” and “witchcraft”.

Pharmaceutical drugs are the definition of sorcery. It is salvation through chemicals, called “drugs”, not salvation through Christ.

Doctors are literally modern-day witch doctors, and modern medicine is modeled exactly after religion, because it is a religion.


Medical = Medieval = Medical Evil;
Pharmaceutical = Pharmakeia = Sorcery

“For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery.” (Revelation 18:23)

The entire medical industry is the biggest scam in human history. It is a method of sorcery, a brainwashing technique to convince healthy humans they are sick, to use invasive treatments instead of prevention by good health, and to convince naturally healable or naturally preventable conditions to get medical interventions.

The result is ultimately medical torture, the most sinister evil; it is actual medieval torture techniques that the general public has been convinced not only do they need to be medically tortured, but they should pay huge sums of money even selling homes and using life savings to pay to be tortured and killed.

Prevention is the #1 cure


More than 99% of all medical procedures are unnecessary if someone simply eats well, exercises, and gets good sleep, (at all ages); and the remaining few that are necessary nearly always result in harm to the individual to the extent they would be better off going without it.

Yet prevention is the way that God intended for us to heal and prevent sickness, illness, and early death. Living in the way God intended by avoiding excessive food, unnatural food, poisons, exercising often, living morally and not sleeping around, and so on; living in the way God intended is the way to live a safe and healthy life. Not by trusting the priests of modern medicine.

Add to this the medical insurance scam, which by requiring it and having agreements with employers to offer as a “benefit” ends up fueling the entire medical industry, which is a scam, medieval, horrific nightmare, they are cutting people up like monsters day in and day out and feeling good about it.

Medieval torture disguised as “medical treatments”

Some of these sinister medieval torture techniques include:

  • Cutting out people’s organs (women’s wombs [hysterectomy], women’s breasts [masectomy], appendix, tonsils, adenoids, etc, causing permanent maiming),
  • Cutting out people’s bones (spinal fusion, hip and knee replacements, etc, all of which cause permanent disability with no possibility of recovery),
  • Unnecessary c-sections (almost all c-sections are medically unnecessary and cause a permanent scar and endanger the ability to have additional children);
  • Poisoning and killing people with “cancer” drugs (toxic poisons that kill nearly 100% of recipients), and all kinds of other deadly drugs (like statins, insulin, etc);
  • Cutting open people’s heads (brain surgeries), to cutting up people’s eyeballs (laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, and other eye surgeries);
  • Vaccines (which inject deadly, crippling, and maiming poison that causes brain damage and many neurological problems);
  • The mRNA “covid vaccine” which is no vaccine at all, it is mRNA gene therapy (which is causing mass death and neurological injury around the world);
  • And this isn’t even touching on the atrocities committed against children (by cutting out their sexual organs for “sex change” operations).

I could spend all day going one by one and there wouldn’t be enough time to even touch on the vast array of medieval torture tactics disguised as “medical treatments”; and forced medical insurance is what enables this entire industry to exist.

Human sacrifices to modern medicine

And yet, the people receiving these medieval torture techniques, the twisted and demented cutting open of their body to maim and remove parts of them, and the poisons they consume willingly, are so sold on the idea through the sorcery of modern medicine that they will get extremely angry and insist that they are right and the medieval torture was right, because they trust the doctors with their lives. Yet their lives are what they sacrifice on the altar of the medical priesthood.

The medical industry is in no way a benevolent association of good people (although many good people start out wanting to be a doctor to help people, but through the sorcery in medical school are taught to do the opposite), but rather they are a royal priesthood of Satan, a satanic group of medieval priests whose job is to hurt and maim and kill for maximum profit.

The priesthood of modern medicine, the modern witch doctors


Historically, priests wear white or black robes. It is no coincidence that doctors wear white robes. They are royal priests, and are paid very well to perpetuate the sorcery of modern medicine as they were instructed during the decade of brainwashing leading to their degree in medical divinity, the MD.

MD stands for “Medical Doctor”, but it is a degree in medical divinity. It is derived from *dek-, a Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to take, accept”, and leech, from Old Danish læke, from Proto-Germanic *lekjaz, which means “enchanter, one who speaks magic words; healer, physician” (Source: Etymology Online: “Doctor”).

That is correct, “doctor” is an enchanter. Witch Doctors are the same form of doctor. It never changed form. Witch Doctors were classically known as “healers”, and used spells and enchantments through “magic words”, and magical potions derived from a concoction of sustances to alter the body.

A doctor is a forger, who alters but does not cure

A doctor never intends to cure, only to treat. Curing is not the job of a doctor or of pharmaceutical drugs.

You might also notice the same word “doctor” has another meaning: “alter, disguise for the purpose of deception, falsify”. As in, counterfeiting a document is “doctoring” the document. Medical doctors patch up the wounded like one falsifies a document. It is not restoring it to the original, it is creating a forgery for their own ends.

Curing a Document vs Doctoring it

When you “cure” a document, it is the complete opposite of “doctoring” it. To cure a document means to “correct a failure or omission”. The document was corrupted, but “curing” it fixed it.

But to “doctor” a document means you alter it, not to “cure” it. Legally, a “doctored” document is considered a forgery and a fraud; but a “cured” document is considered legal as it was originally intended.

A doctor’s purpose is to change someone from the way God created us (natural) into what modern medicine deems we should be, using artificial means, like drugs and diagnoses. They do not “cure”, they only “doctor” you. They use forgery to turn you into what they want you to be, not what God intended you to be.

The medical doctor is a trained priest who has devoted their life to the religion of modern medicine, which is a grand deception, a magical enchantment, and the profession of the Witch Doctor, the sorcerer, the one who uses enchantments through words such as “you have this disease”, and potions (pharmaceutical drugs), which is sorcery; and satanic medieval torture to go along with it.

Today’s doctors are nothing less than the continuation of the Witch Doctor profession, except that now it is legitimized, and the enchantments have been mastered in great books of spells, known as medical diagnosis books, and their potions are now called “pharmaceutical drugs”, from the same word “pharmakeia” classically known to apply to the potions of witch doctors.

The true believers and the religion of modern medicine

When an adherent to a religion, a true believer, seeks to go to God and receive salvation from spiritual sickness, they need to go to a priest. For Christians, this priest is Jesus Christ alone. For Catholics, Muslims, and so many other religions, it is an earthly priest. They go to the temple, confess their sins to the priest, and ask for divine healing. The priest, usually in a white robe, tells them what they need to do to be spiritually cured.

The same is true for modern medicine. When a true believer in modern medicine seeks to receive salvation from physical sickness, they need to go to a temple, known as a “doctor’s office” or “hospital”, where the doctor who is the priest on duty in white robes, comes and requires a confession of the person’s sins.

If the person has sinned against their health by sleeping around they must be fully honest so the doctor can know if they might have an STD. If they have sinned by eating too much, or failing to exercise and take care of their body, they are required to write all these sins down on the confession sheet known as the “intake forms”. All the sins of their medical past must be revealed.

Fully transparency is required. Otherwise, the medical priest will not know enough to give them the correct healing strategy taught in their divinity training (medical school), such as what the doctor priest was taught are the correct sorceries (pharmaceuticals) for the sins that the believer committed. For example, if the person is obese and has high cholesterol due to the sin of gluttony, then they may be prescribed the “atonement” of a statin drug (sorcery/pharmakeia) to heal them of their sins and provide salvation and eternal life.

Then the believer takes the doctor priest’s word as “gospel” and believes with all their heart. Often if there is any cure it is due to the placebo effect, which happens purely based on their belief it would work, even though the drug itself was harmful. This believer worships the doctor with a glowing thank you for helping provide them salvation from sickness and eternal life on this earth.

The worship of modern medicine


The believer then worships modern medicine by paying their tithe (whether it is the monthly cost of services, or the monthly cost of “medical insurance” which comes out as a portion of their salary), and then takes their communion, which is the drug. They are encouraged to go to “confession” on a regular basis, where they are required to confess their worldly sins on a regular basis to the doctor priest in the white robe.

Then the believer commits sorcery by trusting in chemicals instead of God for healing – when the real healing can only come by living the way God intended: to take care of the body, not to engage in promiscuity (sleeping around), or gluttony (eating too much), or pride, or materialism (working too much and losing sleep), or an array of other prevention strategies that God commanded us to do, which would prevent or heal their ailment.

It is not that man should merely trust God to magically heal while they continue sinning such as eating too much or sleeping around, etc; but rather that they should live in the way God intended, which will prevent the illness, or allow the body to heal itself when living as God commanded.

Instead, the believer in modern medicine instead of God continues in their spiritually sinful lifestyle which destroys the body, and instead of trusting in God to correct their lifestyle, they trust in doctors (priests of modern medicine) and sorcery (pharmakeia, which is pharmaceutical drugs) to “fix” the problem, which is the atonement for their sins and the healing they desire, as they seek eternal life on this earth.

In fact, the modern medical industry is so steeped in Satanism that the entire medical industry uses the snake on a pole symbol from Baphomet, an ancient satanic false god, on all of their logos, from the Red Cross, to the World Health Organization (WHO), to every hospital. Moreover, all the health insurance providers also use these satanic logos.

The Caduceus & the Rod of Asclepius

The symbol throughout all of modern medicine is one or two snakes around a pole. What you might not know is that this is a satanic symbol. It is found on the belly of Baphomet.


Modern medicine kills instead of heals because it isn’t derived from doctors and healing, but from Satan and death. Like all Satanic things, it inverts right and wrong (like homosexuality being “virtuous” but straight being “bigoted”), in this case: health is death, and death is health. See the above pictures.

“All the symbols and emblems for modern medicine have one thing in common: a serpent.

Some, like the Caduceus, have two serpents around a staff, while others, like the Rod of Asclepius, have only one serpent.

the serpent representing Satan is the ultimate anti-Christ; he is weaker than Jesus Christ who is portrayed in the Bible as both the Son of Man and the Son of God, and that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ broke the power of Satan over sickness and death…”

Pharmakeia, sorcery, & the wicked of the end times

“Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” (Revelation 9:21)

The word translated “sorceries” is “pharmakeia”, which really is closest to “drugs”, as in, “pharmacy”, “pharmaceutical drugs”.

The wicked in the end times do this:

  • Murder (abortion, vaxx)
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Sexual Immorality (e.g. lgbt, promiscuity, transgender)
  • Thefts (e.g. usury, “taxes”)


All nations are deceived by pharmaceuticals

“for your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery.” (Revelation 18:23)

Again, the word translated “sorcery” is “pharmakeia”.


  • great merchants of the Earth (known for being good with money)
  • deceived the whole world with their pharmaceutical drugs
Pharmacies are sorcerers

“For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” (Revelation 22:15)

The word for “sorcerers” is again “pharmakoi”.

According to Expositor’s Greek Testament, “only the dog has no citizenship in the nomad life”, and “Here κύνες are not merely impure pagans, but the impudently impure, possibly in the special and darker sense of “sodomites””


  • dogs (possibly a nomadic peoples, and/or sodomites)
  • pharmaceutical drugs
  • whoremongers
  • murderers
  • idolaters
  • liars/deceivers
The people of the end times based on the scriptures describing them

Based on these verses we have a list:

  • great merchants of the Earth (known for being good with money)
  • deceived the whole world with their pharmaceutical drugs
  • dogs (possibly a nomadic peoples, and/or sodomites)
  • whoremongers / sexually immoral (e.g. lgbt, transgender, casual sex)
  • murderers (e.g. abortion, vaxx, communism)
  • thefts (e.g. usury/high interest loans, “taxes”)
  • idolaters (worship/serve other gods)
  • liars/deceivers

What people group in the world today fits these qualifications? (The answer if you do not know will be reserved for a separate article as it is too long for this huge article. You could also follow us on Gab where you may learn of it.)

The entire medical industry is a satanic priesthood of sorcerers

All of modern medicine is a fraud. While there is some merit in a very small portion, from emergency medicine to antibiotics (when used on the extremely rare occasions they are needed), the overwhelming majority of medical treatments, amounting to trillions of dollars, are nothing but medieval torture for profit, sickness for profit, poisoning for profit, and death for profit.

Modern medicine is a religion. The true believers in modern medicine will make every sacrifice due to their believe in modern medicine and through their absolute faith in the priests in white robes they call doctors. They pay their tithes out of their income for health insurance and drugs, they take communion which is their drug regimen, and they confess their sins on a regular basis to the doctor priest in the white robe, who “prescribes” the sorcery to heal their sickness and provide salvation and eternal life on this earth.

Through their sorceries they have deceived the whole world, and convinced people to go into debt and slavery for the privilege of getting tortured and killed by the priesthood of “doctors” of modern medicine. These doctors are the same witch doctors of times past, a priesthood who never cure, but only alter, that is, “doctor” people, which is to create a forgery that is not cured. Modern medicine is a fraud.

It is a truly sinister, sick, and demented industry that uses sorcery to cause people to be so brainwashed and deceived that they can no longer see what is front of their eyes. And what it is, is satanism, a false religion which uses sorcery to deceive people into sickness, medieval torture, being cut into pieces, poisoned, and ultimately killed.


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