Donate Prayers Not Money

Jesus became angry was when He visited the temple and saw all the merchandise, profits, and scams. He overturned the tables and drove all the moneychangers out of the temple with a whip. Many of today’s churches have become much like the moneychangers and profiteers in the temple, profiting off people trying to learn about and worship God.

I have decided that this ministry will never request any money donations. There will never be any donation nags, tithes, fundraising, or subscription fees. There will never be any ads on this website, for many reasons. No other monetization will be advertised.

No content will ever be locked behind a paywall. No one will ever need to pay for books or content. Everything will be provided free to all. In times past, paper books required money and resources for printing, but today it can be published online for free and distributed via PDF and downloaded and distributed free. Although there is a nominal cost for hosting and bandwidth, I will pay those fees myself. God will provide the means.

When Jesus was asked to pay taxes, did he start fundraising and passing around the offering plate? No. He certainly could have. Thousands followed him wherever he went, he was famous. Instead, Jesus told his disciples to go fishing and there would be a coin in the mouth of the fish. God provided the means. Jesus did not require his followers to pay the ministry costs. Jesus didn’t even ask his followers for money for food and housing. Jesus provided his ministry absolutely free of charge, and this ministry will follow in those footsteps.

Additionally, this ministry will never apply for 501(3)(c) charity status. No third party or corporation will ever have power over this ministry. Any money to support this ministry will come from my own non-ministry work. I only want your prayers. The best way you can support our ministry is by praying for this ministry, and for me, James, author of this website Revive Truth, and founder of Revived Christianity. Pray right now if you have a moment.

Jesus lived homeless and in general poverty, yet God used His Son Jesus Christ to change the world. Therefore it is evident that a successful ministry that reaches millions does not have to rely on direct donations of money. We do need money to live. Money is essential to pay for food, clothing, and a place to live. But God is the author of our destiny. If we have faith, God will provide.

What’s the problem with money in ministry? Money is dangerous. It is too easy to become corrupted by money, especially when linked with ministry. Money in ministry is a temptation, and a snake lying in wait for the strike. Without any income in the ministry, there is also no taxes. Without taxes, there is no government or human control. Human governments cannot tax prayer, so they have no way to control a ministry fueled by prayer. There is also no temptation to alter the message due to money.

I believe that ministry should be free for all, just as Jesus freely gave His life for us, and freely taught all. I believe it is wrong to charge money for books and wisdom imparted by God. Therefore, all books and writings I write for this ministry will be free.

Jesus in His ministry gave food to the people. He fed the 5,000 with food, and gave them teachings free of charge. The Bible says nothing about Jesus collecting an offering plate. If He had, surely he would have been rich, for He could literally raise the dead. Therefore, if God could provide for Jesus, then God can provide for me and this ministry, without passing around an offering plate. Paul worked as a tentmaker, and did not rely on donations but on his own labor.

Instead, I need your help, through your prayers. The prayers of the righteous are heard by God. I believe that God controls all things. Please pray for me, a mere man, and the ministry God has called me to.

If you have a prayer life, become a partner not by recurring money donations, but by including me and this ministry in your daily prayer life. That is far more powerful than dollars, and can never become a stumbling block, or be misused or misappropriated.

Pray for the following, and anything else the Lord leads you to pray about:

  • That many will be saved or returned to God through this ministry
  • For God to prepare the hearts of the readers and listeners so they might know and understand the truth
  • For God to give me the wisdom and discernment to know God’s Will for my life and this ministry
  • Direction for this ministry to lay out the path before us
  • For God to provide the right connections to help this ministry be effective
  • The discipline for me to consistently spend enough time in prayer, and to write and teach consistently
  • The means by which to achieve the plan God has for me and this ministry
  • The focus to not get too distracted by the cares and needs in this life
  • That God protects me and this ministry from any attempts at harm from any enemies of God or enemies of me or this ministry; for the dark forces of evil work tirelessly to derail the servants and ministries of God.

Thank you for your prayers. With your prayers, surely God will provide what is necessary for this ministry to be effective. Please continue to remember me, this ministry, and your fellow Christians in your prayers.

Thank you again for your prayers. May God bless all those who contribute to this ministry by praying for us.


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