Satan’s Monopoly On Sound – How Wickedness Corrupted Christian Society Through Audible Media

“And Josiah took away all the abominations out of all the countries that pertained to the children of Israel, and made all that were present in Israel to serve, even to serve the LORD their God. And all his days they departed not from following the LORD, the God of their fathers”
(2 Chronicles 34:33)

The history of Israel is a history of a people who continued to fall prey to the abominations and pleasures from Satan whenever there was not a strong and godly enough leader to fully abolish all the abominations from Israel.

Josiah was one of the few kings that forcefully removed every abomination from Israel, and throughout his reign the people were blessed, and flourished. King Josiah started ruling at only 8 years old, and when Josiah was 16 years old, he began to seek the Lord (2 Chronicles 34:3). Josiah did good in the sight of God. During Josiah’s 31 years of ruling, there was peace. There was no war, no oppression, and no famines.

Josiah found the Book of the Law, renewed the covenant, tore down the high places of idol worship, destroyed the priests of false gods, reinstituted the Passover, and turned to the Lord “with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his strength, in accordance with all the Law of Moses” (2 Kings 23:25).

But upon his death his son Jehoahaz “did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord, according to all that his fathers had done” (2 Kings 23:32).

As a result, he only lasted 3 months before Isreal was sent into war again and defeated by Egypt. Jehoahaz died in chains in an Egyptian prison.

2 Kings 24 says that next next King Jehoiachin was also wicked, and so was King Zedekiah, who “did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord, according to all that Jehoiakim had done. For through the anger of the Lord it came to pass in Jerusalem and Judah, until he had cast them out from his presence that Zedekiah rebelled against the king of Babylon” (2 Kings 24:19-20).

So there were continuous wars and sufferings during the times in which the kings were wicked and wickedness was throughout the land.

So as we can see, when the people of Israel were righteous and put away all their wickedness, God blessed the land and there was peace. But when they rebelled, God brought them into bondage.

What does all this have to do with sound?

Our current nations are ones of compromise that have gone far from the way of the will of God, and instead pursued after worldly pleasures. It includes gluttony and food indulgence, and many idols – idols of money, of pleasure, of unholy visual media such as pornography, and of unholy audible media such as music.

But how did all this wickedness creep into society? America for example was once a God-fearing nation.

Rothschilds – a banking or media/music monopoly?

Many who have read about the banking monopolies of the Rothschilds may have heard the statement attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”, and while this statement may or may not have been stated by him, although it is evidently accurate, some research can uncover the origins of this phrase:

“Let me make the songs of a nation and I care not who makes its law.” This statement is attributed to Plato, who was alive before Christ.

Knowing how much the banking cartels can control a nation’s laws through control of the money supply, it may make you wonder how music can be used to control the nations. However, control and corruption of music and media was always the strategy of those who sought to corrupt a nation or people, or to achieve global power.

Music, which is media, and which is the media before there was ever television, was the media of the day. If Plato had been alive today, he may have said “media” instead of “songs”. Songs in Plato’s day were the media. Songs were the mechanism of propaganda.

Even more, it is not only through music, but also through other media that sound is the primary driver of brainwashing – not visual, but sound. Visual is secondary in power to sound. This includes in movies and television. Laugh tracks are a prime example of this – although they are not related to the actual show, they tell people when to laugh. Music is used as a euphoric driver, and when combined with amazing CGI visuals, it creates a mesmerizing effect.

But you may not realize that it is the music, not the visuals, which have the greater impact. To see the truth about this, mute any amazing and euphoric scene and just watch the visuals, and see how immediately the power of the scene evaporates. It is the music which creates the euphoria, not the visuals. The visuals only complement the primary psychologically driving force: the audio and music.

The same is true from another aspect regarding action movies. Constant explosions sounds cause people’s attention to stay focused and fixed on a screen which otherwise has disconnected and random scenes flashing from here to there in total chaos. But it is the sounds, the loud booms, the sounds of cars and explosions and booms, that keep people staring at the screen in a state of trance.

The mechanism behind the loud booms, loud bass, and explosions in movies and television, is an extension of drums from Voodoo and Native American tribal witch doctors. It is designed to distract and cause a disturbance, so that the viewers cannot focus on anything else because of the disruptions caused by the loud booms on the screen.

But if you mute any war movie, it loses nearly all its power. Only in the most extreme graphic movies do the visuals have any power – but without the booms from the audio, no one would actually want to look at the screen. The explosions are intended to force your attention by creating a state of disturbance. So it is the sounds and music of movies that have the real power; and the visuals are merely a compliment to the audio.

Drums are an ancient occult instrument used to invite demons

Satan uses sound, especially drums and disharmonic music, to create corruption. Voodoo tribes in Africa regularly exploit this phenomenon, and this is in fact where drums come from – tribal witch doctors. The purpose of witch doctors using drums is to create disharmonious vibrations and put people into a state of trance that allows them to be inhabited and corrupted by demons.

Drums create a disharmony that disrupt the natural frequencies that compose the world that God created perfectly. In this way, the drums create instability and thereby allow demons to inhabit and in some cases possess people, as is strived for in all tribal occult religions, especially Voodoo from Africa, and Native American spirituality (witch doctors).

This is not the only way to achieve demonic influence and possession – drugs are another medium which is often combined with tribal drumming. It is therefore no surprise that Rock, which introduced drums to the music of Christian America, so often incorporates drugs. In fact, it is so pervasive that Rock is notorious for being combined with drugs use and sexual immorality.

Today, even churches play drums. Is it any wonder how Satan infiltrates churches when the worship songs honor Satan and not God? Do you think God enjoys filling a place full of disharmony, mindless pleasure-seekers, and Satanic drums? Of course not.

Euphoria in worship is a deception of Satan

Do you really think the feeling of euphoria from listening to drums music when you enter a state of trance is godly? If so then do you also say that the same feeling of euphoria which can be achieved through drugs and alcohol and extramarital sex are also godly? No, the feeling of euphoria is a physical phenomenon, but people are being taught they are feeling the spirit of God. They are feeling the spirit of gods alright, false gods – demons.

I have seen the same in Pentecostal churches when people are “slain by the spirit”. People have been outright possessed by demons right in front of me, falling on the floor and writhing with distortion, and they are convinced this is the Holy Spirit filling them, completely and blissfully unaware that they are outright possessed by demons. It is a shocking thing to see. The only spirit they are being slain by is the spirits of demons.

So the enjoyable peaceful feeling that Christians in church get when they [often mindlessly] chant words on the screen to the beat of Satanic drums, in many cases with songs that are unscriptural, these churchgoing Christians are really worshipping Satan, but they think they are worshipping God. The euphoric feeling they get is sensual indulgence, not the peace of the Holy Spirit. It is the same feeling one gets from taking drugs. They have entered a state of trance, not the Spirit of God.

But to convince a so-called Christian that the peaceful feeling is really a deception of Satan is to quickly cause them to show their true colors – and their colors are vile, vicious, and full of vitriol for anyone who dares to question their sensual ungodly pleasures.

Rock music and rap music in church worship is not godly, it is Satanic occult sensuality. It is through sensual pleasures that Satan deceives people in all things. Satan rarely if ever lures people in by things that are hurtful. You attract bees with honey, not vinegar. Satan attracts Christians with ungodly but blissful pleasure. Not all that is pleasurable is good. Drugs are euphoric, and so is Rock worship music in church. Pleasure doesn’t always mean good. In this case, it is a pure deception.

This is why the Christian church is neutered and powerless in today’s society. Satan has monopolized and corrupted sound, preaching, and worship. It is Satan’s monopoly on sound.

Sound is the foothold of Satan in society

I propose the undeniable truth that it is music and sound, that is the entrance, the foothold that Satan established into society. Pornography and the depraved evils of today’s society could not have succeeded without Satan’s monopoly on sound. Sound through the speech in movies and television, and sound through the entire music industry, including almost all so-called “Christian” music.

But the people are too superficial, greedy, and sensual to reject the pleasures of sound that is not according to God’s will. If you should dare to question someone’s “music choices”, then you should find yourself incurring Satan’s wrath, because it is demons which convince a person to “love” Satanic music, especially rock, pop, and rap, and this is evident by the vitriol and wrath you will incur by daring to point out the wickedness of such music.

The people of today are just like the people of Jehoiachin and Zedekiah’s day.

To many people, if you address the idolatries of food or music and call it wicked, the wickedness of the religious adherents to worldly sensualism, the pursuit of worldly pleasure, will condemn you to hell for “legalism”. The argument of “legalism” becomes a crutch to dismiss anyone who brings conviction of the Holy Spirit upon them. They have been brainwashed by Satan to believe the conviction of the Holy Spirit for wickedness is some sort of verbal assault of “legalists”. But they are deceived.

They are angry because the demons which fill their hearts are defending their territory. Yes, that’s right, the people are full of demons, and this is why they get so angry. It is not the spirit of God which fills people with anger for threatening worldly sensual indulgences, but the spirit of Satan. The people are full of demons. And it is their music that allows these demons to seize this level of control over them.

As long as you cling to “your music”, which is really your demons, then you will never be able to fully follow the path that God has for you. The devil will derail you at every turn.

And people wonder why America is so corrupt today. It is Satan’s control of sound, the corruption of all the music and speech, the monopoly on sound, that has corrupted the nation and allowed wickedness to flourish.

Eliminate all ungodly sound, especially through music and other media, with zero compromise, and then purge wickedness from the nation, and you will find yourself in a peace time. Without media, the devil loses his greatest foothold to corrupt the nation and bring it into a time of suffering.


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