The Long History Of Medical Fraud Compelling Lethal Injection Using Fear Propaganda From The Mass Media

“Covid” is not the first time that a hoax illness has been invented to license mass executions by lethal injection and non-stop fear propaganda to increase murder profits. It’s true, a few people are getting sick now – from 5G radiation sickness, not from a novel “virus”. This is the hoax. If you or someone you know has gotten this new illness, then it was caused by the high-powered 5G weaponry installed secretly while you were locked in your homes. There is no “variant”. The “variant” was just a way to hold on to a police state, and to justify the additional deaths caused from the tests and “vaccines” instead of addressing 5G.

Additionally, the egregious lies about a “pandemic” and “mass death” are complete and utter fraud. The numbers are fabricated, and every journalist who speaks out is immediately fired and discredited. We are in the midst of technocratic communism. A handful of old people probably died from the 5G radiation sickness, but the rest died of ventilators (murder), “vaccines” (lethal injections), the tests (which can be fatal themselves), and other natural and unnatural causes including car accidents and falls, but labeled “covid” deaths fraudulently. Hospitals receive huge sums of money for every “covid” death, so they are motivated and incentivized to lie.

What makes this new fake disease unique from others, are twofold. First, the wearing of masks. This is because it’s psychological warfare to make the masses compliant and to prepare people for subservience and slavery – all freedoms taken away.

Second, this crisis is unique because of the global lockdowns. That was done so they could secretly roll out and install 5G in schools, daycares, nurseries, universities, stadiums, cities, churches, rural areas, and basically anywhere you can think of that you do not want deadly radiation pouring non-stop into your and your children’s brains and bodies.

The real reasons for the 5G rollout


The purpose of 5G is not to let you “download movies in seconds” (don’t they say pirating is bad? Surely they are not facilitating pirating!) or to let you watch netflix on your smartphone faster. Nor is it to minimize “congestion” of 2.4GHz. First, there is no “congestion”. All our devices work fine, and even with gigabit internet, we have no problems getting high speeds. Second, even if there was congestion, they could use 2.5Ghz, 2.6Ghz, etc.

Why would they jump to the 60Ghz to 100Ghz, which is severely disadvantaged by the fact it needs 5G towers every 500 feet due to its short range, and that can’t easily go through walls or trees? Because it’s extremely fast and can handle much higher bandwidth. But 99% of regular users do not need 4GB/s (4,000 MB/s) download speeds (compared with 25 to 100 MB/s which is currently standard in most places), unless they are downloading mass amounts of illegal files. No, they are not giving us this new technology so we can steal more movies and play more video games. After all, no one asked for it.

The real purpose of 5G is both as a weapon and as a comprehensive surveillance system. It is not a “kill-grid”, per-se, like some call it. It is not designed to kill. That some get sick and die from radiation poisoning is incidental, it is not the goal. After all, people have been getting sick and dying of radiation poisoning in the tens of thousands per year every year for over a century. We call it “influenza”, when it is really radiation poisoning from radar (“Spanish “flu” of 1919), 2G, 3G, 4G, wifi, microwaves, cell towers, etc.

5G will be used as a weapon by keeping the public dazed, weak, and confused with brain fog and lethargy due to the dangerous radiation, fit a sick and weak population poses far less threat than a healthy one. If one city gets out of hand, the 5G weapons system can be remotely activated to higher levels, subduing the population. 5G was actually invented by the military as a crowd control weapon.

5G will be used as a surveillance system to turn the civilized world into a technocratic totalitarian dictatorship exactly like China’s current surveillance state. George Orwell’s prophesy has come completely true. Total surveillance is here, they are literally still rolling it out as I speak.

Why again is 5G needed for a surveillance state? Big data and artificial intelligence requires huge, massive amounts of data and instant availability. Current 4G is not enough for Big Data. This is the absolute, primary reason for the 5G rollout, which is only the beginning.

They are not stopping at 5G. They already have 6G and 7G planned, which will go to up to the 200GHz range – 200 times more powerful than existing wifi, and 200 times more dangerous. It will also need to be placed every few feet of any individual – and how will they do that? Probably, by making humans themselves, as well as their smartphones, the actual antennas for the 6G and 7G systems. It does not make sense any other way. And to achieve this, they will need to hoard as many people into big cities as possible. And many will pay over $1,000 for the privilege of having a sterilizing 6G or 7G antenna in their pocket.

Other fear hoax “diseases” just like the current one


Back to how this particular crisis isn’t the first hoax disease causing mass propaganda and non-stop fear propaganda on television. There is another notable hoax causing people to voluntarily get lethal injections – and all while using their life savings and all the money of family and friends, and getting into mass debt just to pay for the lethal injections designed not to save the patient, but to kill a healthy patient. Have you thought of it?

For decades you have seen it on every health-related tv show; it’s in books, movies, television, even comics and children’s books; and constantly on the news making people terrified of death, and compelling them to pay good money on a regular basis to get dangerous radiation to “detect” this fake disease. Magically, the “scans” can only be “interpreted” by a sycophant brainwashed themselves for 10 years in a propaganda program which got them into so much debt that they need your money to get their head above water.

I’m talking about an oncologist. And cancer. A fake illness, really just a fungal infection, although most of the time the “cancer” is actually nothing at all and a lie or misinterpretation by an oncologist swimming in debt or greedy for more money. When it is a fungal infection, it is cured by injecting pure baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) into the fungal mass (aka “tumor”) – a proven treatment banned by the medical establishment in favor of the lethal injections known as deadly chemotherapy.

Almost no one dies of the “cancer” (fungal infection), they die of the lethal injection they happily paid everything they had for. Close to 100% of people who get chemotherapy die, sooner or later. Almost no one survives this lethal injection. It is literally a mass killing center for profit. They steal every penny from them using fear, and then kill the victim without a fight by giving them lethal injections under the fraud that it will save their life.

Again, there are many more lethal injections sold for profit using non-stop fear propaganda as a treatment against imaginary or misclaimed “diseases”. All viruses are fraudulent. They are part of our body’s natural immune system to defend us against poisons and radiation.

The symptoms of all “viral” “infections” are really chemical poisons and radiation sickness. In the case of “covid”, it’s high-powered 5G radiation. Instead of solving the real problem, lethal injections known as “vaccines” are sold for profit. Worse, healthy people are persuaded to part with their money in order to get injected with dangerous and deadly poisons. No human escapes unharmed, every vaccine injected causes harm, whether it is manifested immediately or years later.

No medical or scientific tests exist


Also, all “mental” illnesses are a hoax. Behavioral and emotional problems are real, but this is a dysfunction (sadness, anger, etc, due to lack of discipline, no father figure, etc), not a “disease”, by definition. The entire industry is a hoax. All “mental illnesses” were invented and agreed on based on a panel of “experts” who had drugs to sell. No “mental illness” has ever been proven, medically or scientifically.

There are no genetic tests, no brain scans, blood tests, chemical imbalance tests or X-rays that can scientifically/medically prove that any psychiatric disorder is a medical condition.
No Medical Tests Exist | CCHRINT

It is also my opinion that severe schizophrenia is in fact demon possession, and severe depression may in some cases be demonic oppression, when it makes no sense if the person’s life is good. Again, no medical test exists to prove “depression” as an “illness”. Because it is not an illness.

A person “with” depression, anxiety, even schizophrenia, is biologically indistinct from a “healthy” human. If you test their blood, urine, or even chemical levels in the brain, it is impossible to tell which sample is the “healthy” or “sick” one. Because there is no such thing as mental illnesses.

No medical tests exist. Yet, by using fear propaganda and product advertising, they convince an unsuspecting public to voluntarily pay good money to kill themselves by lethal injection – in this case, lethal pills that cause millions of deaths.

Suicide by injection


Diabetes is another hoax. Disruption of the body’s ability to process sugar properly is caused by obesity, which is idolatry, the idol being food and drink. Gluttons and drunkards’ bodies do not function properly, because they have been grossly abused. The cure is to lose weight and stop eating all those sugary and processed foods. The few gluttons and drunks who give up their idol and go cold, become cured of “diabetes”. Instead, when people visit “doctors”, their weight and lifestyle are not emphasized as the cause and culprit, and they are prescribed lethal injections and lethal drugs.

Statin drugs cause premature death, and insulin injections often turn out to be deadly. The victim is said to die of “diabetes”, when really the lethal injection killed them. Even Webmd, part of the fraud medical establishment, admits in an article entitled “Suicide by insulin?” that too much insulin is deadly. Think: if you do not really need more insulin, because “diabetes” is a hoax, just a disorder of poor health, and not a disease, and you inject yourself with more insulin than you need, then you have too much insulin which can be deadly. It is a lethal injection.

This is not even to mention that rDNA insulin is produced from a genetically modified e-coli chimera (multi-species organism), where they combine human cells with e-coli bacterial to create a human-bacteria hybrid that produces genetically modified (GMO) insulin. This was first approved for use by the FDA in 1982, meaning people have already been being injected with GMO substrates for 40 years as of this writing.

Unnecessary surgery, drugs, and transhumanism


How about heart “disease”? Why would you call a disorder caused by being unhealthy, sedentary, or obese, a “disease”? To create fear and sell drugs. No one wants a disease, after all. Never is a patient instructed to lose weight, get in shape, and taught how to eat healthy. No, they are sold deadly drugs, and injected with transhumanist technologies like pacemakers which send electricity shocks inside the body.

They are even given usually unnecessary open heart surgery, “bypasses”, and other irreversible surgeries for a preventable and reversible condition. Often, the surgery is done when nothing needed to be done at all. Doctors use high pressure tactics and fear of death to convince unsuspecting victims to part with large amounts of money, sometimes ending in unnecessary death.

An article touting mass unnecessary surgeries, written by MSM (meaning the real number is far higher if it is so egregious that even MSM admits it), says,

A 2011 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed records for 112,000 patients who had an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), a pacemaker-like device that corrects heartbeat irregularities. In 22.5% of the cases, researchers found no medical evidence to support installing the devices.

Of course, likely 100% of pacemakers are unnecessary surgeries. The solution is to live an active and healthy lifestyle. It goes on:

Unnecessary surgeries might account for 10% to 20% of all operations in some specialties, including a wide range of cardiac procedures — not only stents, but also angioplasty and pacemaker implants — as well as many spinal surgeries. Knee replacements, hysterectomies, and cesarean sections are among the other surgical procedures performed more often than needed, according to a review of in-depth studies and data generated by both government and academic sources.

[From] 2005 [to 2013], more than 1,000 doctors have made payments to settle or close malpractice claims in surgical cases that involved allegations of unnecessary or inappropriate procedures… About half the doctors’ payments involved allegations of serious permanent injury or death.

That’s just how many cases were won, and many were class-action meaning just one lawsuit could have thousands of victims.

Certainly, most actual cases were from people without the knowledge, ability, or means to file a lawsuit or hire a lawyer, and most of the lawsuits lost were likely because the doctor’s lawyer was better than the victim’s lawyer. Besides high profile cases in America, rarely does a wealthy criminal such as a doctor or a pharma executive lose a court case, because the entire system is corrupt, and the judges and the attorneys and the legal system is all in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry and medical establishment.

The reality is that not 10%, not 20%, but likely more than 90% of all surgeries and medical procedures are medically unnecessary, and cause more harm than good. It goes on,

The costs of unnecessary surgeries touch consumers and taxpayers in ways most never imagine. Medicare, Medicaid and their private insurance counterparts spend billions of dollars on operations that shouldn’t be done…

About 10% of all spinal fusions paid for by Medicare in 2011 were not necessary, either because there was no medical basis for them or because doctors did not follow standards of care by exploring non-surgical treatments. That translates to $157 million in improper payments, just for spinal surgeries in a single year.

Again, not 10%, but likely 100% of spinal fusion surgeries are unnecessary and permanently debilitating procedures. That means $1.5 Billion taxpayer dollars are spent giving unnecessary spinal fusions to welfare recipients every year. $1.5 Billion from one procedure annually, you can only imagine how much when you combine all medically unnecessary procedures. And this is only for welfare recipients. And not to mention the countless permanent disability and death caused as a result.

Death to prevent disease?


Still, we have not covered every other false “disease” for which fear propaganda is used to trick people into paying for dangerous and deadly drugs and lethal injections. All vaccines cause harm, and millions die. The Supreme Court in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, 2010, upheld that all vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”.

SIDS (“Sudden” Infant Death Syndrome), always happens in a healthy baby right after receiving the usual deadly “vaccine” concoctions. They baby suddenly dies. All to prevent disease? It’s called SIDS because there was proven to be no other cause of the death, besides the vaccine, and they refuse to admit the vaccine killed the baby.

The list goes on. Tetanus, rabies, shingles “vaccines”, and so on and so forth. “Covid” is no different in that regard. All that’s different is that this time they also locked down the world to secretly roll out 5G, and forced the prisoner tactic used for Guantanamo Bay inmates which is mask wearing, to create more fear and subservience to facilitate the total global takeover.

But the fact that they have yet another fake strand of a fake disease and that they are selling new lethal injections (they take the money from the governments not the people this time, and it’s the most profitable drug in history already), using intense fear propaganda through every media outlet, this is the same thing they’ve been doing for the last century non-stop for all their other inventions.

We have been continually bombarded by television propaganda about fake diseases and “miracle” lethal injections and deadly drugs since as long as most of us have been alive. The covid scam is just the newest invention and the most profitable mass murder by lethal injection yet.


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