There Is No Scientific Evidence For The Existence Of Viruses

With Covid policies wrecking the world, the media causing mass fear and panic among the masses for a supposedly 98% recovery rate for an alleged deadly new illness, one might be terrified and believe the fearmonerging hype and end up getting injected with a permanent gene-modification medical experiment.

The truth, however, is as shocking as the realization to many that evolution, the Big Bang, and most of modern science that is fraudulently taught to children as proven fact, are a complete and total fabrication.

“Viruses” Are An Unscientific Scam

There is another insidious lie being taught to us as absolute fact when in reality there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support it. This lie is the fact that there has never been any real evidence that any “virus” actually exists.

In fact, about 250 years ago when the fraud, Louis Pasteur, first proposed the existence of a “virus”, his proposal was not some genetic code spreading like a computer virus through the human body, but rather a “poison” that harms the body. The very word “virus” means “poison”. It was not until the mid 20th century once computers were invented and the discovery of DNA, that the idea of a “virus” like a computer virus was first proposed as also affecting the human body.

The problem with it is, though, that there has been no evidence or experiment to conclusively prove the existence of any virus. Not to mention that the very idea defied logic and known biology. Science itself precludes the existence of any virus. Not just the Covid virus – any virus.

The idea of a virus spreading from person to person and infecting others has never been proven in any laboratory experiment. Many such experiments have been done, but they have all failed. In order to confirm the existence of a “virus”, which has never been physically observed in any microscope (the pictures you see are not viruses, but exosomes, part of the human body), what must be done is to take fluids from an infected person and transplant those fluids into a non-infected person and cause the other person to get sick. This has never been successful. It has failed every time.

Real Plagues

There have been plagues. The black death is one such plague, and malaria is another. The black death of the middle ages was caused by bacteria spread from rats caused by the invasion of Genghis Khan, whose troops ate the rats and brought them into Europe when he attempted to invade there. The black death is not a virus, it is a bacterium.

Malaria is also not a virus. It is a parasite. By drinking contaminated water, the malaria parasite spreads its eggs into the host body through the water, and then these eggs grow in the body into the parasite which can ultimately kill the host. This is another deadly organism.

In Japan there used to be a more serious plague caused by snails. Snails host the parasite “schistosomiasis”, which is the deadliest parasite in the world. It is so deadly that Japan sought to eradicate snails by dredging the oceans and destroying them all in order to eradicate the plague. The parasite still exists, and 200,000 people die per year from it; but due to snail control measures, it has been kept largely at bay.

What “Virus” Illnesses Really Are

There is no such solution for influenza, HIV, ebola, rabies, smallpox, dengue fever, rotavirus, SARS-Cov-1, or of course Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2), because none of these fictitious diseases actually exist. They are a complete and total fabrication. The illnesses themselves are real, but they are not caused by any “virus”.

What people have gotten sick and died from is poisons and contamination of water, food, air, and even objects. Contamination through commercial waste, radioactive waste, fluoride, aluminum, mercury, lead, pesticides, food preservatives, plastics, chemical coatings such as paints and flame retardants, climate engineering, air pollution, pharmaceutical drugs, and a host of other poisons which have been leeched into the water, ground, and air, both intentionally and unintentionally; distributed into our food through pesticide and groundwater contamination, and through genetically modified plants (GMOs); along with airborne radiation in the form of radar, wifi, cellular frequencies, microwave radiation (5G), and other forms of radiation, all these poisons and radiation have caused the illnesses and cellular damage that have led to each so-called “outbreak” attributed to “viruses”.

Instead, what has occurred is that the opportunity has arisen for corporations to continue spreading their chemical and radiation poisoning and profiting from it, while at the same time creating the entire vaccine industry which is based on a complete and total fraud. There is no cure for the common cold because there is no common cold. The artwork that pictures the cold virus is nothing but human exosomes, which are released when the body needs to dispel toxins.

This is why the cold virus, influenza, and covid look the same – not just because they are all supposedly “coronaviruses” (yes, the “common cold” is allegedly a coronavirus, the same type that they are calling “covid-19”). In reality because there are no such “viruses”, they are only artist renditions of human exosomes, which are released by the body to fight poisons in the body, including radiation poisoning. This is scientifically proven.

Why has no isolated sample ever been provided of coronavirus? Because there is no coronavirus. If they took the human exosomes that they picture as a “virus” and claim that is the sample, it would quickly be revealed that those are just exosomes, not “covid”. So, they provide nothing, because they have nothing. All the freedom of information requests and court cases around the world have resulted in the refusal to provide any evidence, because there is no evidence.

Why The Covid Scam?

The elites who orchestrated this scam use this orchestrated opportunity as a massive global power grab in order to advance their plans a communist One World Order via the 2030 agenda. It would sound crazy if you didn’t see the evidence in front of your own eyes with the massive lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and toppling of world governments by fraud. In addition to this, they can spread their agenda for forced global depopulation through these genetic modification injections, so that the ones who don’t die in the next few years are permanently damaged and sick, as well as sterile, so that they can be yet another prop for the fraudulent medical establishment to create permanent dependence on the government and the medical industry.

The Covid “vaccine” (not a vaccine by definition) is now the most profitable pharmaceutical drug in human history. There are now many more billionaires in the world – the Covid vaccine makers. By controlling, fooling, and coercing governments to mandate or coerce the citizens to take the deadly gene therapy injection, they have guaranteed record profits, and at the same time pushed their depopulation agenda forward.

In addition to the record profits, it will prop up every other medical fraud by making millions more sick and dying clients (patients) to give their life savings on untested dangerous, and deadly medical treatments. And the vaccine makers are 100% immune from litigation, due to agreements with world governments.

What’s The Solution?

Now, with the world governments controlled by the people behind Big Pharma and other satanic agendas on Earth, our freedoms will continue to erode away at a record pace unless two things happen:

1. People must turn back to God. If people do not fight the evil of sexual depravity, homosexuality, transgender, and other sexual horrors, God will let this calamity fall on us. We must repent of this evil, overthrow the culture of evil, and reinstitute godly moral values. If we do that, then the Lord may turn and relent of the disaster that is upon us.

Who can tell if God will turn and relent, and turn away from His fierce anger, so that we may not perish?
(Jonah 3:9)

2. Fight tyranny. If people do not stand up and fight our governments to take back the power of the people, then the governments will take the rest of the freedoms we have left. The only thing necessary for the advancement of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Do you still believe in the vaccine hoax? The virus hoax? The medical hoax? If not, then you must wake up, get up, and do something about it. There isn’t much time left. By the time it gets to the level of Communist China, it will be all over.



  1. You mentioned rabies but I’m trying to imagine how rabies could be attributed to environmental toxins. Do you have any insights on this? Thank you!

    1. It took me two seconds to find two articles:

      “Rabies” has been proposed as simply malnutrition or maltreatment by Dr Matthew Woods, a contemporary of Louis Pasteur, the inventor of the “virus” hoax in the 1800s using proven fraudulent methods (Pasteur poisoned his subjects when his experiments to prove the existence of viruses failed, and documented his fraud in his journals).

      “In animals, so-called rabies is fundamentally due to maltreatment or malnutrition or both.” – Dr Matthew Woods

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