When Does Life Begin? Is Abortion Wrong? The Answer Is Finally Here And Undeniable.

I have the final answer to the abortion debate, which no one has ever before exposed with such certainty. When does life begin? To answer this, we need to know the origin of life. The answer when true science is unveiled, reveals undeniably the absolute and undeniable answer to the question of when life begins. Once we know when life begins, we also know whether, when, and why abortion is or is not wrong.

The age old question asks, when does life begin? Does life begin at birth? At conception? Sometime in between? If sometime in between, when, and why?

The reason that this answer has not yet been clearly defined or understood until today is because the religion of modern science has failed to accurately perceive the nature of reality and the nature of life. Modern science has taught that life is a compilation of molecules and cells making up a being. The claim therefore then purports that since life is cells, biology, and, some claim, thought and consciousness, then it is at the realization of this stage, whichever stage is correct, in which life begins.

Common positions on when life begins

If life begins with living cells, then conception seems feasible. However, then one must claim likewise that even sperm is considered life and must have the same sacred value as human life itself. Then one must also say that skin cells are life, and one must beware to lose even a hair. This is incorrect.


If life begins due to biology – that is, the culmination of the human organism – then life should begin at some point when the body becomes developed. This would literally depend on sometime between the fetus and adulthood. Unfortunately, this measure also fails because by the same measure of maturity, people continue to mature and change throughout their life, even until their last day, their last moment. Therefore, maturity of the body alone cannot be a measure of life.

If life begins at consciousness, as many claim, then one must determine when the body becomes conscious – and even more challenging, what consciousness is. Unfortunately, this has proven too challenging a measure to define as there is no way to accurately measure consciousness.

Some try to claim that feeling is consciousness, and thereby that since a fetus clearly shows signs of pain during an abortion, then the fetus must be conscious. However, opponents would say that this is simply a biological response, and this fetus is still not a conscious person, just a mass of tissue with a biological response.

The greater problem with using consciousness as a measure of life, however, is that many scientists claim that due to brain waves, a child often does not reach true consciousness until about age 6 – although this is just a generality. Perhaps some experience the same brainwave states years earlier. Should abortion be legal for small children then? Sadly, some abominable people would actually answer this with a yes.


Some may claim that consciousness and life begins at birth, but unfortunately this is unfounded. This is merely an observation of the viewers who observe the baby passing into the open air – but there is no clear transition between an unborn baby and a born baby besides exposure to air. This is because even after birth the child is still covered in placenta and connected to the mother through the umbilical cord. So, birth is not quite birth. Therefore, birth is not a clear indicator of life. Moreover, the position of a body in space does not determine whether it is alive or not, so birth itself cannot be the realization of life.

Science proves the existence of the soul.

However, a different measure of life supersedes all former measures. In listening to a lecture by Dr Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist and medical doctor who was a tenured professor at several universities including Stanford, in which he describes his scientific studies about the human cell and the brain of the cell, I came to a realization, not which he teaches but which can be easily extrapolated.

This was not the first time I heard this science. The scientific findings prove that due to experiments with denucleization, in which the nucleus of the cell is removed, even along with everything else in the cell, the cell continues to live; and therefore, the nucleus cannot be the brain of the cell, as has formerly been taught in science classes. In other words, DNA and genes, which are the substance contained within the nucleus, are not the brain of the cell.


Rather, if the cell continues to live normally with nothing remaining but the cell membrane, then the brain of the cell is either the cell membrane itself, or, the cell membrane is a receiver for the “brain”, which exists outside the cell. The latter appears to be evident.

These finding have now been confirmed by accepted science, although reluctantly; as many articles in science journals like Nature in recent years have confirmed this truth. In short, it means that science has effectively proven the soul, or the spirit; for this unknown force is the soul, which is invisible and unseen, and exists outside the cell. The cell membrane is the receiver for the signals given by the spirit of the person, which instruct the cell to live, or even to die.

As a result, life does not exist in the cell, but rather, life exists outside the cell. Life is the spirit of the person, or it may be called the soul. This is who we are, not merely our bodies, although our soul does need a host body in order to interact with the world and live as a person.

At this moment of re-listening to a new lecture which reiterates the newfound biology of the cell, I came to an epiphany, a realization about the truth about life, which gives the answer for the abortion debate once and for all.

If a cell only lives because of a spirit outside the cell which instructs the cell to be alive and live, then the answer to when life begins is clear and undeniable. Life begins at conception.


Life begins at conception when the human soul is generated.

Why does life begin at conception? Because at conception, at this miracle of the spontaneous generation of life by the combination of a sperm and an egg, it is at this moment that a soul of a new person is created spontaneously.

A lot of people may not know this, but at the moment of conception, there is a flash of light, which can even be captured by photographs. It is my belief that this flash of light is the generation of the human soul. Perhaps this light is God’s power granting the human soul its life. However, the light is not necessary to know that this is now life, because the very first dividing of the fertilized egg is evidence that there is now a soul with this new person.

Whether this soul is created out of thin air, or granted by God, is unknown and beside the point; because the very fact that these cells in the zygote (fertilized egg) develop into the subsequent blastocyst, and then the embryo which will eventually become a fetus, and ultimately a human; that is, the very fact that these cells begin to move and divide and multiply, is evidence that the soul is there.

If there was no soul, then there would be no life, and the woman would not become pregnant. The egg would never become fertilized. The woman’s pregnancy – that is, conception, is evidence that a new soul of a person has been generated. At conception, a new life of a new person has begun.

This is because a cell cannot live without the signal given by the spirit of a person instructing the cells to live. Therefore, this means that undeniably, life begins at conception.

If a spirit dies, the body dies; or if a spirit is not present, a cell dies. If a skin cell falls off, it dies, because it is no longer receiving the signal from the spirit of the person to live. Likewise, if a sperm successfully fertilizes the egg of a human, what occurs is not merely a joining of the egg to the sperm, but rather a spontaneous generation of a soul of a human being.

It is at the generation of the human soul which is when life begins, so the moment that a human egg is fertilized and turns into a zygote, this is the moment that life begins, because this is the moment that a human soul comes into existence.


Abortion is murder because it kills the living person with a soul.

Therefore, all abortion is inherently murder. It does not matter that a zygote or an embryo is not yet a full person, nor that a fetus is not yet fully developed, nor that a baby has not yet seen the air of the world, nor that a child has not yet become “conscious”, per se.

The reason that the killing of a zygote, embryo, or fetus is murder is because in killing the host of the soul, the unborn cells that make up the human embryo or fetus, one also kills the person. The spirit of a person is the person, and the embryo or body is the host. Abortion murders the person by killing the host body of the person, even if this person is not yet developed past the first signs of life, which occurs at conception.

Life is invisible and unseen. Life is the soul (Genesis 2:7), and the life of the body is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11). Abortion kills the soul’s chance of having a host body in which to live life, and the destruction of human life is murder. The soul is generated at the moment of conception; therefore, abortion at any stage from the moment of conception is murder.


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