How Science Killed Religion In The West

It was about the year 1514, and Nicolaus Copernicus introduced a theory that revolutionized the entire world – and in so doing, killed religion.


Religion, of course, is not dead overall. But to perhaps the vast majority of westerners, religion is as good as dead. Since the foundational underpinnings of observational reality have been so twisted as to discredit the very fundamental principles of Creation by a higher power, the new religion of “Science” has taken its place as the predominant religious power in the west.

When I say the word “Science”, I do not describe the process of observation and experimentation to reach a concrete conclusion. No, when I say “Science,” what I describe is the system by which the ruling powers of western society maintain certain “scientific” principles which are religious views under the facade of science. Yet, the foundations of Science that have killed religion have no basis in actual science. “Science” is merely the new word for the new religion adopted by atheists. Therefore, religion has not been “killed”, per se; it has been replaced with a one-world religion, a religion of naturalism, the religion of atheism, the religion of “Science”, the religion of Copernicanism.

The Copernican Principle states clearly that there is nothing special in the universe. It says that we are merely cogs in a machine, a vast, infinitely expansive universe of atoms, with no forces that exist except for the laws of physics and the interaction of matter. That quantum “physics” has removed all the principles of physics at the quantum level is of no effect, for it is not evidence which is the foundation for the Copernican religion falsely called “Science”. Rather, it’s faith. Faith that we will “one day” find the evidence for which there is none.

The new religion of Copernicanism is the foundational religion for all those who claim there is no God. Their religion states clearly that there are no forces great or small which cannot be explained by material science, and that all things evolved accidentally from primordial dust at the explosion of the universe call the Big Bang. That the Big Bang theory has no real basis in scientific fact is irrelevant, because the religion of Copernicanism, aka the religion of “Science”, states clearly that there is no God and that without any God, things could not have been Created, they must have happened accidentally.

That all the laws of statistics prove the impossibility of even a single cell “evolving”, much less entire codependent and interdependent organisms made of trillions of these cells, is of no effect, because Copernicanism, which is the religion of new “Science”, says it must have happened, that we just haven’t found the evidence yet.

So, where did all this begin, and how did it happen? I will now take you on a journey which is the result of hundreds of hours of research and years of study, research, and contemplation to arrive at the scientific and historical conclusions that show the real story of why the new Copernican religion falsely called “Science” has usurped all other religions in the west, and how it did it.

Religion in the Middle Ages

It was the middle ages, and the Catholic Church was the ruling power is nearly every western country in Europe. Some, however, found this highly distasteful. They disliked that the Catholic Church had the final say when it came to matters of our origin, and even matters of science itself. Even those within the ranks of the Church doubted the very tenets found within the annals of scripture, the Holy Bible.

Most people of the middle ages were illiterate, and the Catholic Church had forbidden that the Bible be translated into any language that the common people would be able to read. It was the Catholic Church’s policy that only ordained priests of the Catholic Church would have the authority to read and interpret scripture. Yet, not only did some inside the Church’s richly adorned religious halls doubt that the Catholics were genuine, they doubted even the veracity of scripture itself. This included some of the priests themselves.

After all, the religion of the Catholics taught many extrabiblical teachings that were not found in scripture, such as praying to the saints; and even the idea of the priests themselves, which is unscriptural. It is no wonder, then, that even those among the very ranks of the Catholic Church began to doubt the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Nicolaus Copernicus

Among these doubters came Nicolaus Copernicus, a canon of Frauenberg Cathedral, which is to say he held a low position among the ranks of the Catholic Church. He sought to prove that we are not truly special in the universe. In order to do that, he set about seeking to undo one of the most commonly held beliefs among all scientists, scholars, religious leaders, and laypeople across the whole Earth – that the Sun revolved around the Earth, known as Geocentrism.

It had been the longstanding belief based on thousands of years of intense scientific observation, along with the evidence provided by scripture, that the Earth is at the center of the universe. Copernicus, however, along with his successor Galileo Galilei, claimed otherwise. Why? Because they started with the presupposition that we are not special in the universe. If we are not special in the universe, just one of billions of planets, galaxies, and stars, then it is a statistical impossibility that Earth could be in the center of the universe – unless someone put it there.

Although he claimed to be a devout Catholic, Copernicus heavily doubted scripture as well as Creation. Therefore he sought to create anew model for the universe, where the Earth was not fixed at the center of the universe like the Bible says, but instead, it moves just like the other planets around a fixed and unmoving star.

The Death of Human Observation

There was a huge problem, however. Although Nicolaus figured that the Earth had to move if the Earth was not special, he had to concoct a way for that to happen. And there was a major flaw in his model. It simply did not work with the science. Therefore not only did Copernicus make up the idea that the Earth was orbiting the Sun, and not the other way around; but also that the Earth spun, at thousands of miles per hour.

How don’t we feel the movement of spinning at thousands of miles per hour and rocketing around the Sun at thousands of miles more per hour? Why isn’t the wind affected by this ultra-fast spinning of the earth three times the speed of sound (Mach 3)? If the Earth is spinning like a top, why do accelerometers and other ultra-sensitive equipment unable to detect any motion all all? Why are the oceans not cast out into the atmosphere since they are spinning so fast? If the Earth is spinning so fast (to make a rotation in one day), and the oceans are miles deep, why is there no turbulence between the deeper and shallower water like would happen on a ball spinning at mach 3 breaking three times the sound barrier?

Although the science and evidence, including empirical evidence which is evidence by observation, makes it astoundingly clear that the Earth is a fixed, unmoving ball hanging “upon nothing” in space, as the Bible says, it is a moot point to the priests of modern “science”, because in the eyes of the Copernican religion, it has to be the case because they say so. No evidence is needed, and all evidence to the contrary is ignored. Therefore, the first foundation of the death of religion was laid – the denial of objective observation.

Throughout history, every human on Earth woke up each day, observing so clearly that the Sun rises and the Sun sets, just as the Moon rises and sets each day. Yet, in recent history, people in the civilized world in the West have been taught to ignore their own senses. To ignore their eyes, to ignore their sense of feeling, their sense of balance, their sense of motion, and their own logic. The first nail in the death of observation itself had been laid.

The Death of Real Science

In fact, it was not only the first killing blow to religion, but it was also the first killing blow to science itself. Real science is the observation of controlled experiments that can be repeated. By creating a theory that could never be proven, and by denying objective reality and the very observation of one’s own eyes and human experience, science itself was dealt its first killing blow. Instead, science was replaced with Science, an organizational religion based on Copernicanism, with the foundation of this religion being that there is nothing special in the universe.

The end result of this as seen today is that religion itself – not just Christianity, but every form of paganism, has been completely upended. Why the death of paganism? In the past, people knew there must be a higher power that put the Earth and everything in the universe in its place. The universe is simply too big, too grand, too complex, and too amazing to have happened by chance. This, too, was centuries and even millennia before the discovery that even the smallest microorganisms are unbelievably complex.

How could people be purged of this ideology? By taking away the whole universe from them. Copernicanism, aka modern “Science”, is the method by which the universe is taken away from every individual indoctrinated into this religion from early childhood. People are taught they can no longer trust their own senses, they must rely on the priests of the new religion, called “Scientists”, to tell them how the world works. People are astounded that there can be a world that so defies every one of their senses, and therefore they are fooled into believing a lie, because nothing that is proposed in the Science religion has ever been proven, because it is not true.

Charles Darwin & Evolution

The second death blow to religion came about 250 years later, in 1859. A man by the name of Charles Darwin published a revolutionary book called “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”. It is a supremacist and highly racist book, not a scientific book; but nonetheless it has been used as the basis for evolutionary “Science” ever since.

Darwin was a curious boy, and a rebel at heart. He was fascinated by biology and nature, and set out in his early adulthood on a ship so he could see the world. In his travels, he observed that many species were similar to one another. Using fallacious logic, he leaped to the baseless conclusion that we all evolved from the lowest life forms into the most complex ones.

Unfortunately, Darwin’s theories were never proven, because they are not true. Real science has proved otherwise with absolute scientific certainty. Not only is there no statistical chance of the evolution of even a single cell, but more, none of the proposed evidences have been uncovered even once in the last 150 years since. Why? Because there is no evidence. Every supposed “missing link” has been proven to be a hoax; never once has any evidence of a “missing link” been discovered, such as for example a cat turning into a bird, or a mole turning into a tiger. The kinds always remain exclusive. There is a fish which can “walk”, but it is not a mammal or land animal, it is still a fish, with the capability to somewhat “walk” with its fins. A dog can swim, but that does not make it a fish.

Science has proven that there is a “survival of the fittest”, it is not due to “evolving” – that is, the adding of genetic information; but rather the “devolving” – that is, the loss of genetic information. For example, a species becomes immune to a bacterial disease because a mutation resulted in the loss (not gain) of some necessary genetic information for the bacteria to thrive. As a result, an “immunity” to the plague occurs.

Science has never once observed the adding of genetic information. However, survival of the fittest has been observed innumerable times through simply the loss of genetic information, which is “devolution”. To devolve, the life form must start at the highest point, not the lowest like evolution proposes. In other words, a Creator had to create a high life form, which over the generations and mutations slowly loses genetic information until it can ultimately no longer survive, and fails to reproduce. It becomes extinct.

Evolution: The Second Death Blow To Religion

Why is evolution the second death blow to religion? Because although it is baseless and without scientific evidence, the belief that we could happen by “chance”, although it is mathematically and scientifically impossible, takes away the mystery that there must be a higher power that created all things. If the truth were allowed to be expressed, people would come to the realization that God created all things, because that is what real science supports; but all western institutions, establishments, and educational systems are controlled by the Copernican atheists who insist that their theories are correct and even though they are not proven, they say that “one day” they will be proven.

That religious veracity for a debunked theory being pushed as absolute fact to unsuspecting and ignorant children and onlookers, fools people into believing there is some scientific possibility that things could have just “happened” by chance. Statistically, there is more chance that the wind blowing the sands of the Sahara Desert will construct a fully functional Boeing 747 by “chance”, than there is that even a single cell could have evolved from an explosion, or that the laws of physics and mathematics could have just “happened” by chance.

Thus, people have been fooled into believing a second lie, by being denied the mystery of the universe, by being presented with a false and baseless religion of “Science” which is not based on science at all.

The third and final nail in the coffin of religion came by the means of a fraudulent idiot by the name of Albert Einstein, who failed at mathematics, failed to get into college, and could not even advance past the lowest level of patent clerk. By stealing some theories written by others years earlier, Einstein with the help of his wife plagiarized those theories and presented them as his own. Today they are known as Special and General Relativity.

Relativity: The Great Illusion

Relativity states, like Copernican theory, that you cannot trust what you see with your eyes, or your human senses or powers of observation. It creates confusion, by claiming that to one observer, the inverse of what the other observer perceives is true. It claims that even the laws of time are subject to their relativity in time and space; and therefore even time cannot be trusted. The only thing that can be trusted is the textbooks written by the religious priests of the Copernican religion, who follow the Copernican Principle, that “we are not special in the universe”, in everything they write and teach, even in the total absence of facts and evidence.

Instead, to validate such theories, fraudulent evidence is concocted, false ideas are promoted, and false logic is presented, to trick the onlookers, learners, and students into believing there is some basis for a scientifically baseless theory that has been completely and conclusively debunked by the laws of mathematics, biology, and physics.

Instead, people are taught that, like the original Catholic Church, only the priests, known as “scientists”, have the wisdom and divine authority to prescribe what you are capable of thinking, feeling, or seeing. What you see and observe is then never correct unless it adheres to the laws of the new Copernican religion of naturalism.

Ideas that are called “absurd” and “heretical” in “Science” circles, such as Creation, biblical geocentrism, or the Great Flood, all which are conclusively proven by real science and every power of human observation, are ridiculed, quashed, and never allowed into the “official” annals of the sacred religious texts we now call the system of “peer review” – which by “peer review” it means that only science papers approved by God-hating atheists, priests of the Copernican religion, will ever be allowed to be inducted into the sacred journals, the scripture of “Science” in the west.

In other words, the system of control by the hyper-religious atheist Copernicanists is so conclusive that any real science is crushed, and only carefully selected, heavily filtered, and often modified “evidence” is ever supplied as acceptable “Science” in their sacred religious annals known as journals of “science” and “medicine”, or taught in any schools controlled by them. The entire educational system, from kindergarten to Ivy League doctoral schools, are all filtered through the narrow and baseless lens of the priests of the Copernican religion, the atheists of naturalism.

Copernicanists: The New Religious Priests of the Religion of “Science”

Therefore like the Catholic order before them, the new religion of “Science” has risen, this time claiming to not be a religion; but being a religion, and not science, by every definition. Like the Catholics, the new Copernicanists maintain total and absolute control over what is taught or accepted as fact. Like the corrupt Catholics before them, the Copernicanists viciously persecute any dissenters or blasphemers of the religion of Copernican and naturalism, even to the point of death in the most severe cases. Like Catholicism, any dissenters in the ranks of the new religion are excommunicated – in other words, fired from their jobs and completely discredited, no longer able to be priests of “Science”, since they are blasphemers by teaching views other than the accepted religion of “Science”.

Therefore, the ultimate conclusion is that religion has been killed, but not by science, but rather by “Science”, the false, unscientific, and baseless religion hereby deemed as “Copernicanism”, founded on naturalism, that there is nothing but the physical world; and based on the Copernican Principle, that there is nothing special in the universe, especially not the Earth, or people.

For this reason, today pagan religions among the “civilized” west are virtually extinct (very few believe in false gods of the past); and even Christians are shallow and superficial in their faith. How can you, after all, be grateful and in awe of a Great God who did nothing but allow things to just happen by chance? There would be nothing spectacular about God, not being the Creator. And without being able to use one’s own eyes to observe the awe-striking and amazing rising and setting of the Sun each day, or seeing the stars, due to light pollution, or even seeing nature, due to getting lost in digital – fake – reality, no one has the awe that God instilled in the universe itself.

Yet it is all based on lies and illusions, by the father of lies, Satan himself. And he’s doing a great job, having conquered half the world to believe in his new religion of Copernicanism, based on lies on top of lies on top of lies. And yet without the faculty to trust one’s own eyes and senses and mind, placing blind faith in Satan’s priests of the religion of naturalism founded on Copernicanism, suppressing people just like the corrupt Catholics did in the middle ages; no one has the temerity to consider that their priests they call “Scientists” may be wrong – and wrong they are indeed.



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