“Light” At The Beginning Began When God Created An Explosion Of Energy

In the beginning God said, “let there be light”. And God separated the light from the darkness. But, this was the first day, and God did not create the Sun, Moon, and stars until the 4th day. So what was the light? Where did it come from?

Light is more than visible. What is light? Light is a form of radiation, it is a combination of photons and waves. Photons are pure enegy, and ultimately everything is vibration. Yet, what is also visible, but not to the human eye? Ultraviolet radiation, x-rays, and a virtually infinite amount of frequencies, all which provide the ability to see, just not with our own eyes.

The virtually infinite frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies do not all come from the Sun, Moon, or stars. So where do they come from? Scientists say that there is a “Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation” that is the remnants of the so-called Big Bang that started the universe.

The Big Bang makes no sense by itself because it has no evidence and all of it is refuted from the perspective of a natural process. There are many articles refuting the possibility for the Big Bang to have happened naturally, so we will not discuss that here, but a couple key points include the lack of galactic uniformity, and inflation. So the Big Bang couldn’t have just “happened” to cause “evolution”, which is fictional, over “billions of years”.

But then came the biggest thought that blew my mind. The light. What was the light? Prepare yourself. What if the Big Bang was really the moment that God spoke all the frequencies of radiation into existence – that is, God spoke and BOOM, all of the wavelengths of light, ultraviolet, x-rays, and everything boomed into existence. Not all of Creation, but all of the energy in the universe. It created light. Not just visible light, but all light. It was the biggest explosion in the universe and it began with the words of God, “Let there be light”.


Light In The Beginning

That was the light! It was the moment in the beginning when there was nothing, except the formless Earth and the universe that “was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” (Genesis 1:2) And God spoke and it vibrated the whole universe, and created all of the cosmic radiation and light we have today.

How did God see 4 days before He created the sun, moon, and stars? God sees in more wavelengths than our visible light! God doesn’t need visible light, God created that for us! God created the Sun, Moon, and the stars for us, not so He could see. God can see in all the wavelengths of light! God doesn’t need the Sun, Moon, and stars to see, God can see in what we perceive as darkness!

Oh how if we could imagine the beauty of millions, billions, and trillions of wavelengths of light that God can see. Can you imagine? I cannot! It is more than we can comprehend.

And I have contemplated this before. The Big Bang. That started evolution? No! The Big Bang was the initial boom of God’s words that spoke energy into the universe. It was a huge explosion that radiated light throughout the entire universe.

If you look at each of the flaws of the Big Bang theory, none make sense from a perspective of naturalism (naturalism is the view that things just “happened”). All of them fail and therefore the Big Bang is not scientific.

But what if GOD was the master and architect that created a massive boom in the beginning to jump start the universe? What if God was the almighty power making it happen? The Big Bang is possible!

Evolution is not scientifically possible, because it is not scientific nor plausible – too many things are interdependent to have “evolved” independently. God created all living things.

But in the beginning, God shaped the universe, and the Big Bang was a grand explosion booming at the beginning of the universe, it was God speaking energy into movement! Inflation makes sense if you consider that God made it happen. It doesn’t make sense for it to happen on its own, but if a master and all-powerful Creator was there, He could make it happen!

God Spoke “Let There Be Light”, And There Was Light

After God spread energy throughout the universe, there was LIGHT. Light, the vibration, the virtually infinite frequencies of the universe that we cannot see. This was the light that God created on the first day. Perhaps this is where the aether winds are. The Michaelson Morley experiment proved the aether winds (although they intentionally misinterpreted it after failing the experiment, which was supposed to prove there was no aether, but instead it proved there is).

This changes everything about our perspective of the beginning of Creation. If God spoke energy and there was a huge bang of energy spread throughout the universe, which God then used to shape the universe, then it changes how we read Genesis.

God separated the light from the darkness. One is day, and the other night. Perhaps there is more to this universe than we imagine, because that Day and Night is not coming from the Sun and Moon – God did not create those celestial bodies until 3 days later. This means that Day and Night are independent of the Sun and Moon.

Then God created a firmament to separate the waters from the waters (Genesis 1:6). And this firmament God called “heaven” (Genesis 1:8). This is the sky. The sky separated the waters above it, from the waters below it. And then God formed dry land (Genesis 1:10), and called the waters “Seas”, and they were all gathered into “one place” (Genesis 1:9).

God created the plants one day before He created the Sun and the Moon. This is completely plausible for the plants to live in darkness for one day. But is also supports the fact that the 6 days of creation were 24-hour cycles, not “millions of years”. Perhaps this is why God made the plants first! If He had made the animals before there was visible light, they would have been created in darkness, and animals need to eat every day. But plants can live a day or a few hours without light!

On the fourth day, God created the Sun and Moon and the stars, and then on the fifth day, God created the sea creatures and the birds. This makes sense because the sky and the oceans make up the overwhelming majority of the Earth. So it makes sense that God made them first.

Then on the sixth day, God created all the land animals and everything that roams the land. And lastly, God created Man, and then after considering that Man should not be alone, God formed Woman out of Man, so that Woman was the last creature to be created in all of Creation.

The magnificent order of Creation

Notice the order of operations. This was a well-orchestrated plan. God did them in order. First, the energy, the “light”. Then God divided up the energies into Day and Night. Then God divided up the waters – the clouds for rain, and the seas and water for the land. And then God formed the land. Each thing required the last. Once there was land, God created the plants.

And then God created the lights of the day and night, and then after this, God began the creation of the living things that are not plants. After the plants, God created the sea creatures, many who eat plants, and many who eat other sea creatures. Then God made the birds, which feed on the sea creatures and the plants. All the things were created in order.

Then after the birds and the fish and whales, God then made the animals. All the sea creatures, fish and whales, birds, and animals were all created in order, after light, so they could see, for God created the animals to see only a tiny spectrum of the light of the universe.

And then came Man. God created Man in His own image, and man could see what the animals and all the preceding living things could not. Man could think rationally, philosophically, and consider God. But God is alone, and God saw that Man should not be alone, for to be alone is lonely.

And so God created Woman out of Man. So Woman was not created before Man, because Woman is made from Man, and needs Man. There is no Woman that does not need a man. Man does not need a woman, but would be lonely without her and could not fulfill his design, to multiply; but Woman needs Man and cannot survive without Man, because Woman was formed out of Man. Now a woman can survive alone, which is against nature; but only because Man created all the things for her to survive upon.

God created a magnificent symphony of creation where it started calm and void, then there was a huge boom, an explosion, a bang, and then the symphony of 6 days of magnificent music began, where God created through sound, through words, through vibration, through energy and frequency, all that is, and then crescendoed up from the lesser creatures into the greater ones, ending with Man. And then, God finished Creation with woman, to bring beauty and love and affection into the hearts of men.

When you consider the magnificence of God’s great creation over these 6 amazing and unfathomable days, the beauty and glory of this wondrous creation, it makes sense why God would say to honor Him on the seventh day when He rested from all that He had made. For this was a magnificent and unfathomable and incomprehensible work of art to the highest degree, and we exist today because of this wondrous work of art. And so, every Sunday, we honor God and give thanks for His wondrous Creation; for in 6 days, God created the universe, and on the seventh day He rested.

Praise be to God.


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