Hyper-Individualism and the War on Conformity

It’s not bad to want to belong. Modern society, especially in America, has so exaggerated individuality that they have made it a virtue to be different. The problem with this, is that it is a deception. When everyone is trying to be unique and it’s “cool” to be unique, everyone is still conforming, because this is human nature. They are conforming to rebellion against traditional values. They are conforming to nonconformity. And this causes corruption.

A united people united under a common identity, a common people, a common nation, a common cause, a common religion, and common values requires no forced individuality to maintain autonomy. Every individual is unique in their own right. You don’t need to be odd or weird or freaky to be a unique individual.

The freaks and goths and weirdos are the extreme version of individuality. This kind of freakiness is what the Weimar Republic pushed to turn Germany into a freak show from 1917 to 1933. Conformism isn’t by itself bad. Conformism is only bad when you are conforming to things that are ungodly, weird, or harmful.

No, it’s not “good” to be weird, like “stay weird Austin” (Texas) or “stay weird Portland” (Oregon). When they say “stay weird”, what they mean is stay freaks, it’s okay to be a freak, a demoralized loser; but it’s a lie. It’s not ok to be a freak. It’s good to be a unique individual with a thinking mind; but “weird” is pushed by the enemies of good and the enemies of God, because they want people to be so extremely individual that they defy human nature itself to become freaks against the common good.

Everyone is already unique and special, with our unique gifts and talents and abilities, and you don’t need to actively pursue individuality to be an individual. The push to be a “non-conformist” was intended to recruit people over to the side of weird and evil, because what follows weird and ugly and different, is wickedness, depravity, and evil. A conforming society conforming to biblical values will as a collective not tolerate such freakiness, and as a result, depravity never gets a foothold. It is ostracized, as it should be.

Don’t force individuality. Rather, do whatever you can to conform to a group of godly men or women, rigid, clearly defined, disciplined, because you will absolutely retain autonomy and individuality, but you will get so much more accomplished together, than individually.

(Photos of the girls never before seen in color, as these were black and white photos that I colorized.)

german-girls-1939-colorizedGerman girls 1939 (Colorized)

colorization editing processColorization editing process

us-marinesUS Marines

Brazilian girls at an athletic competition in São Paulo, Brazil October 1942 (Colorized)Brazilian girls at an athletic competition in São Paulo, Brazil October 1942 (Colorized)

us-military-menUS Military Men


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