Apparent Overabundance (Inefficiency) In Nature Is Evidence Of A Creator God

So-called scientists who blindly perpetuate the myth and fallacy of evolution against all evidence to the contrary would be up in arms about this. When someone’s theory (evolution) is so contingent on their worldview and so blindly accepted without merit (accepting false merit in its stead), anything that can be done to give a supporting leg to stand on is grasped wildly, even if the logic is nonsensical. Anything to disprove the Creator, even if truth is contrary to what they so desperately want to believe.

One such truth that I realized yesterday is the idea of overabundance in nature. An overabundance in nature is not something that so-called evolution would have produced. In a word, it is, essentially, inefficient. An evolutionary system as proposed by the God-denying atheists would propose a world in which nature by way of chemical reactions somehow utilized the most effective and efficient paths toward life. Let’s forget for a moment the obvious fact that nature has proven to never create anything, but, by way of entropy, destroy. For example, a fully-functional Boeing 747 has never developed out of a mega tornado blowing its way through Kansas. The so-called process of evolution would be far harder than even that.

So, setting the obvious fallacies of evolution aside as it is so obviously disproven by science, we can take another fact of nature which is evidence of a Creator God. This fact of nature is overabundance, which is inefficient. If a factory was pouring the molten steel for a car door and when they were done, the car door was 70% bigger (or thicker) than it was supposed to be, this would not be a wonderful thing for the company, but a waste. It is highly inefficient to use double the material for the same product if not needed. Even if the car door still fit, it wouldn’t be used, but rather melted down again and reused to make nearly two doors.


An evolutionary nature should behave similarly. Why is there more food produced than could feed the entire world? (Don’t be fooled by the myth of overpopulation – even besides all the plants and birds and fish and animals all for us to eat, the whole world’s food processing centers produce more than enough to satisfy every human on earth and plenty more.)

Why does our Earth have (cumulatively) too much water to ever drink, too much oxygen to ever breathe, too many plants to ever utilize? Why is there more land that we could ever live on? (All the population of the Earth – 7 billion – could live comfortably in just the state of Delaware, which is the smallest U.S. state.)

An evolutionary system would have exactly the right amount of everything. It wouldn’t give us more energy than we need to eat, sleep, and breed. It would not allow the creation of emotions that serve no function for the animal functions of humanity (eating, procreating, etc). It would be heartless and cruel. It would not allow for joy, peace, or love. It would also not allow for hate, sadness, or grief. There is no point to any of these things from an evolutionary standpoint. Simply put, no emotions would exist because they serve no purpose to a Godless, purely material existence.


After all, the birds of the air and the beasts of the land and the fish of the sea all continue to flourish and multiple all absent from such things such as philosophical thought and a search for meaning in the world. Humans don’t need any of these seemingly pointless emotions just to eat, propagate, and die. There would be no point to any of it. We also know that the animals have seemingly pointless emotions too. They get happy, sad, scared, lonely, and excited. Why? It serves no function for simply existing.

Ah, but it does. The functions such things serve is the proof that surely we are not just molecules, cells, chemicals, and bacteria swarming all together in a thing we call “life”. No, there is a purpose, order, and meaning to the world – but this purpose, order, and meaning is in total, diametric opposition to the driving force of nature – destruction.

Nature destroys, people build. It makes no sense if there was not a mater designer. An evolutionary system would do the opposite. Nature would create, and people would destroy. However, nature has never created a Being 747 airplane from the dust of a tornado; and although people have also destroyed things, people also are able to create a Boeing 474. It only makes sense if there was a Creator God.


God did us the great service of creating nature as a destructive force of chaos in which humans are allowed to organize this chaos into structure. I believe this is what God meant when he said in Genesis that God created Man in his own image. God created man, like God, to have the power to create, to organize chaos. A bird can build a nest out of twigs and a beaver can create a dam out of trees, but only mankind can create a skyscraper. No animal could even come close.

Before God created the Earth, the universe of formless and void. There was no pattern, no method. God created order out of the chaos. Since then, nature has set about to do what it always has destroy order and revert back to disorder and chaos. Science has a word for this – entropy, The Second Law of Thermodynamics is that all things tend toward destruction and chaos – that is, entropy. Note that unlike the theory of evolution, this is a Law and not a theory. Science has proven that nature creates entropy until everything is destroyed.

If the Earth was left alone for a trillion or billion trillion years or however long, eventually it would completely revert back to its state of total entropy – it would be formless, void. It would not make a more complex universe. It would simply revert back to its original state of total and utter destruction of all things.

This brings me to an interesting thought. What if God did not create the matter that already existed in the universe?

The Bible says, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” What if, like the Bible says, there was a formless and void mass, in which God took this mass and used mathematical formulas and mastery of every science to create an order to the chaos and create the world we have today.


After all, science says that matter cannot be created or destroyed. We don’t believe anything created God, but that God always existed. What if an empty, void universe in the form of total entropy also always existed along with God, and God simply created something out of what was there? This would certainly make sense. I can’t tell you for certain if this is true since I was not there in the beginning of the universe, but it seems logical.

Back to the original point, science proves by its apparent inefficiencies, it proves that there is a Creator God, and not a mindless force that somehow magically forced order out of the chaos, because this goes against all the laws of science and physics. Science does not create, and science, if it were a force, would not be inefficient. Over trillions of years, the science would supposedly become the most efficient force in the universe, a cruel and heartless master which cared not about pain, suffering, or lack of meaning or purpose. Such things are not useful as means to the end.

Therefore, the only conclusion is that there has to be some reason for the search for reason. Otherwise there would be none. There has to be some reason that we function like humans instead of machines. There must be a reason that we feel joy when we hug a loved one or sadness when we move away from our home. There is a reason indeed. The reason is because God gave us the evidence of Himself in the heart of our very existence.

the beauty of nature bumblebee on a beautiful flower

Without God, there would be nothing, and without God, there would be no point for joy or love or mercy. Mercy is not a thing known to nature. You could plead with the tsunami all you want, but in a couple minutes you would be enveloped in an immeasurable quantity of water and drowned without mercy. Nature is cruel, and heartless, and merciless because nature has no soul. Nature does not think, it is simply the driving force of destruction, slowly undoing God’s creation in its mindless efforts to revert back to its natural state of nothingness.

Nature never creates. Life creates and fights against the laws of nature. God created life. God created the clover who will push its way through the smallest crack in a stone cavern to reach the single ray of light that shines down. Without light there can be no beauty. God is light, and God brought light into our world.

It is in rebellion against nature that life strives for a place in the world. It is in opposition to the destructive forces of nature that life pushes through and survives for as long as it can. It is God who created this driving force of life in the world, and it is God alone who allows life to continue to exist and flourish in the world, and who prevents nature from totally destroying all things.

Humanity is the greatest thing that God has created on the earth, because humanity has the ability to create like God has the ability to create. Surely humanity does not have near the power of God, but God created us in His own image so that we can create, so that we can bring order to the chaos, so that we can do His great work in the world to bring light, and joy, and peace to an otherwise dark and terrible, and destructive world. It was for this reason that God has set man above all the life on the earth to be its master. We are here to bring order to the chaos.

light and order in the darkness

Let us not then forget the One who gave us so great a gift, who showed us the way to prosperity. Let us not forget to be diligent in our work, kind with our words, and patient with a world which only seeks our destruction, for this is the nature of nature. Nature is not our friend, but our enemy; but life is our friend and our ally. A man uses a dog for comfort, a horse for travel, and a bull to plow.

Of course, all of these animals have largely been replaced by machines, but these machines are in the image of that which we know, because God had provided these animals to us first. We modeled our planes after the birds that we saw gliding through the air, our boats from the fish we saw swimming in the sea, and our cars from the horses that we once rode. All this was given to us by God in spite of a chaotic world.

Why is there suffering in the world? There is suffering because we live in a world which seeks mindless chaos and destruction, while we are a light in the darkness, here to create and bring order to the chaos in the same manner as God once created a beautiful paradise from a void and empty space. By recognizing that we are here to do, to build, to create; to love, to forgive, to have mercy; to help, to support, and to grow; by recognizing who we are and our place in the world, and by recognizing our Creator who made all of this possible through all that we do, we can achieve the purpose that we were created for.


Without God, none of this would be possible; and life would be utterly vain, void, and without purpose or meaning. Moreover, without God, there would be nothing at all. Fortunately, we can have fellowship with our Creator who loves us and created us for a holy purpose.

By recognizing our God first, and doing the good work that God has placed us here on Earth for, we can truly achieve all that God meant for us and our lives. And best of all, we can do it all with great abundance. We do not need to live in misery or scarcity, but trust God in all things, and God will richly reward us beyond our wildest dreams – both in this life, and the life to come.

These rewards may not be in money or material possessions – it might instead be in the form of joy, peace, and love; but we know that God will give great things to his children who He loves and who are obedient to Him (Matthew 7:11). It won’t be easy, and there will be much sacrifice required of us, but it will all be worth it, both in this life, and the life to come.


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