Third Wave Feminism Is A Form Of Lesbianism And Mental Depravity

Feminism, specifically third-wave feminism and the redefining of female sexuality, is not just a corrupt way of thinking; it is actually a form of homosexuality. It is no coincidence that feminism often includes some form of cross-dressing. Women wearing pants, cutting hair short like men, and wearing male clothes is an outward portrayal of a deep mental illness, the disease of homosexuality. I call it a disease, although it is not a tangible disease but a disease of the mind, a disease of ideals, a disease of the spirit, a disease of the soul. Those afflicted with this disease are on their way to hell, a place of eternal torment and unimaginable horror.

How exactly is feminism homosexuality? Feminism is the ideal of seeing what the other sex is and desiring not just to have it, as in a marriage, but to actually be it. It is a disease that brainwashes girls into wanting to physically and psychologically be like a man. This is the reason why a feminist often begins to mold themselves into a man not just psychologically but also physically by altering their appearance. Their inward corruption and dysfunction is expressed outwardly in attempting to make themselves more like a man – and at that, some twisted, corrupted version of a man.

The outward evidence that shows feminists changing their appearance to becoming more manly, a sick corruption of sexuality, is evidence of the inward corruption and disease that plagues their mind. The problem with our current society is that the devil has used evil people to twist the ideals of ethics and morality to make it seem like this horrifically immoral mentality of homosexuality is actually a “normal” and “acceptable” thing. Of course, if anyone in their right mind attempts to consider whether this sexual corruption of the mind is natural can easily see that it is not only unnatural but highly repugnant and detestable.

Feminism was just one of the many ways that the devil has been using to corrupt our society in preparation for the homosexual agenda. This is because for females, feminism is in fact a prerequisite form of lesbianism causing women to desire unnatural sexual desires for their own bodies and minds, to think and act and even look like a man. In taking on the mentality of a man, these women prepare their minds for the corruption of desiring not just the material things that men want such as money and power but also the physical desires of men – other women.

Feminism is a depraved and disgusting illness of the mind caused by decades of societal brainwashing perpetrated by agents of Satan. Today, this agenda has largely succeeded, and is preparing America and Western Europe for the dreadful wrath of God. Fortunately, many people are waking up; but if we don’t make some major changes soon, we will incur the wrath of God and the destruction of our nations in the same way that Rome was also destroyed as a result of their sexual depravity.


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