Babylon The Great Has Fallen, The Balkanization Of America Is Coming

After NY, PA, AZ and others called a victory for literally braindead disabled people that are unable to speak, even after a red wave like never before, it’s safe to say that the electoral system, and hence the system of government in America, is irreparably broken beyond repair. Even to the most hopeful who really don’t want to have to inconvenience their way of life by doing what’s necessary, it is unequivocally and undeniably at the stage for a new system of government in the United States.

Without a valid electoral system, a republic cannot stand. A nation divided will fall. A land where the people have vastly different ideological views about the world and about God cannot survive. Many of these people are severely oppressed by the ruling powers, being forced into starkly contrasting ideological views that they are fundamentally opposed to. The only solution for such a place is balkanization, so that the differing ideological and people groups can live separately in peace, with their own rulers serving their own interests.

A large portion of the American population supports the end of the current United States system of government and the balkanization of the American continent (being split up into several countries like former Yugoslavia). This is especially vital considering that actual Americans have been successfully demographically replaced with people who are completely opposed to the American way of life, especially in key political and economic powerhouses like NY, CA, IL, WA, and many more.

Americans turned a blind eye in the name of “tolerance”, and allowed themselves to be replaced so they would not have to give up, for the time, their peace and comfort. Unfortunately, time has run out. The time for the end of the United States approaches.

When the day comes, which is coming soon, that the US Dollar (USD) is replaced by the proposed digital currency, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the world will change. If Americans do not step up and balkanize the continent before that happens, America may well become a replica of Communist China, where there is no privacy and social credit scores, no one will be allowed to live outside cities, and Christianity will be at risk of being outlawed and its proponents silenced.

Get yourself prepared. If you see the writing on the wall, make sure that you are ready for what is coming. The time for peace and comfort is coming to an end; and if America falls it will be because of God’s judgment on the wicked.

But those who hear God’s call at this time in history have enough time to protect themselves and their families. However, it may mean giving up what is nice and comfortable and moving to a far away place that is closer in line with God’s will. Trust God, and He will protect you; but do not hold onto your old life, or you may burn along with Sodom and Gomorrah.

Balkanization is the way to preserve the American way of life in some areas of the American continent. Do not be deceived, there is no peaceful way out of this storm. Conservative politicians no longer hold the power in government to do what it takes, even if they do win both the House and Senate; and every government agency is bent on turning America into a communist nation as fast as possible. If the people do not rise up and do what is necessary to balkanize the American continent, then America could pass the point where balkanization without a massive civil war (that would likely fail) could be achieved.

Because of demographic replacement, America as a United States encompassing sea to shining sea is now a dead dream and a time past. No longer will there be a place for an America with a politically and ideologically homogenous population, because the people themselves are no longer homogenous as they have been integrated and replaced. Americans are now outnumbered by non-Americans and those who hate everything America and Christianity stand for.

Do not wait for someone else to take the lead. It is up to you now. Do not make rash, hasty, or impulsive decisions. Definitely whatever you do, do not commit any random acts of violence, that will only hurt our cause. Instead we must gather our leaders and thought leaders and develop a clear and solid plan of action, and make cool and calculated decisions leading to the balkanization of America. But be aware, the enemy is watching. Be fearless, but not foolish. Pray daily and trust God, do not act out of fear or impulse, but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Get ready, the time is coming soon. It’s up to us now; no one is coming to save us. If we fail, freedom fails with us. The time is approaching quickly, so get ready: spiritually, personally, physically, financially, and in every way, get ready. The storm is approaching.


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