Communist Kabbalism Killed Over 200 Million, and America & Europe Are Next

In the 1950s, China was a normal country with a rich heritage and tremendous history. It wasn’t all good, but they were a normal people, for it wasn’t Communist yet. Then Mao Zedong attained power. What followed is called “Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution”. In only 4 years from 1958 to 1962, Zedong genocided 45 million people on ideological grounds. By the time the dust settled, over 65 million were dead. Some tolls put the total death count in China at 78 million.

How did Mao’s Cultural Revolution get started? Earlier, in Russia of the early 1900s, there was a Cultural Revolution as well, it was called Bolshevism. Ideological Marxists, the Bolsheviks followed the views of Marx and other Kabbalist scholars like Frederich Engels, both of whom co-wrote the Communist Manifesto.

Marx was a Kabbalist practitioner and devout racist and classist, with a deep-seeded hatred of Europeans. Marx claimed that Germans were ethnically “stupid”, and European Slavs were, quote, “ethnic trash”, and deserved genocide. The acceleration of the Kabbalist agenda began in 1913 when the United States was successfully overthrown economically by forein interests. This happened when the Rothschilds seized control of the nation’s money supply and created the “Federal” Reserve, which was against the US Constitution.

The banker Mayer Rothschild famously said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” The Kabbalist Federal Reserve is a private bank which is not controlled by the government, but rather it is controlled by the Rothschilds. Using America’s money, the Rothschilds poured millions of dollars (a huge sum when adjusted for inflation) into seeding violent protests and riots to overthrow the Russian monarchy.

The October Revolution

On November 7, 1917, only 5 years after the Federal Reserve was created, and only 5 days after the Balfour Declaration to Baron Walter Rothschild was sent, the Kabbalist-funded “October Revolution” succeeded into overthrowing Russia. The well-funded Marxist Bolsheviks (with money from American “bankers”) overthrew the monarchy, and assassinated the Tsar and his family, including the women and children, gunned down in a basement mercilessly until the floor was filled with inches of blood. It was a horrific massacre.

The October Revolution was also called the Bolshvik Revolution, but historians call it the Red Holocaust. When the dust settled, 100 million white Christian Russians were ethnically cleansed, on racial and religious grounds. Mass executions began in the Red Terror of 1918, which began summary executions by the millions. Executions during Stalin’s regime alone are estimated at 20 million or higher.

Over the following years, continued mass executions and starvation by government agricultural policies resulted in tens of millions of deaths. Between 1931 and 1933, 10 million Ukrainians were genocided in Holodomor by starvation. It’s known as the Holodomor Genocide or the Kazakh Genocide, since some of those who were starved to death were in bordering Kazakstan.

Between 1937–1938, Stalin’s “Great Purge” ordered mass executions by gunshot to the back of the head, beatings and torture, as well as mass deaths in the Kabbalist-run Soviet Gulags, due to starvation, disease, exposure, and overwork. As many as a million were executed by gunshot, and millions more due to the Gulags and forced starvation.

Before the Cultural Revolutions of pre-Soviet Russia, Russia was a normal country. The Revolutions were waged using ideological subversion of anti-European racial and class warfare; and the massacres were funded by wealthy Kabbalist bankers from the United States and England. The Soviet Union eventually fell 74 years later in 1991; but today, over 100 years later and over 30 years after the fall of Communism, Russia still suffers the effects of the Cultural Revolution against Russia.

This Kabbalist cultural ideology and Marxist Bolshevism eventually made its way into China, also a formerly normal country, and the mass killings by Mao Zedong began totaling between 65 and 78 million deaths by summary executions, torture, and starvation. Then it spread to Cambodia, where 2 million Cambodians were genocided on Communist ethnic grounds. In other countries in Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America, similar Communist genocides, mostly funded by Kabbalist bankers from the west, continued to occur throughout the 20th century.

Bolshevism in America

In recent years this same Bolshevism has made it to the United States. Among the Bolshevik movements in recent years include incited class warfare, racial genocides against Europeans using racial replacement and mass immigration, along with terrorism; and Maxist movements of rioting and mass killings in the 2020 by Kabbalist-led Black Lives Matter, funded again by Soros and other bankers from the United States, seeding racial division and relegating European Americans to second-class citizens.

Today, America is undergoing a “Cultural Revolution”, and it’s the same overall pattern that was seen in the early 1900s in Russia and in the 1960s in China, and other countries as well. America has no more political system, it is directly controlled by Communists; mass burning of crops (called “wildfires”, but which are arson by Bolsheviks), and targeted and malicious policies, are bankrupting America and causing intentional food shortages. This is exactly how it happened shortly before the other Cultural Revolutions toppled the power systems of those countries.

The difference today is that the American government is not a central monarchy and therefore it takes longer and is more complicated to overthrow, Americans with guns are the deterrent to martial law, the world is more public due to social media, and the strategy of cultural revolution has partially shifted from summary executions by gunshot to the back of the head and firing squad, to a slower form of genocide called the Great Replacement, which is the ethnic cleansing of Europeans everywhere.

There is no way to vote out of a revolution funded by enemies of the state. These are the simple facts of history, and the question remains, what are you going to do about it? Votes that don’t count or lone gunners aren’t going to change anything. Are the enemies of God, Christians, and Europeans going to succeed in turning North America and Europe into the same Communist, totalitarian, genocidal, anti-Christian states of the past century?

The kingdom of evil

The world is the kingdom of Satan. Satan’s chosen people, the Kabbalists, rule the world today through central banks, mass terror, and genocide. Christians, true Christians, are the enemies of all that is evil, and the only thing standing in the way between Satan and absolute global control. It’s difficult to conceive how over 200 million people have been killed by Satan’s people under the name of Communism and anti-racism. This is not to mention the billion (with a b) children killed by abortions in the last century – abortion, which was formerly a crime in all states and nations, at all fetal stages.

Over 1.2 billion deaths by genocide and abortion in the past century also doesn’t count the billions of people not born due to birth control and cultural brainwashing of intellectual Europeans. The message of Satanic Communists is to defy God’s first command to humanity to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” (Genesis 1:28); and instead to choose not to have any children, or at most, 1 or 2 children.

In all of history until the past few decades, people had 7 or more children regularly. Birth control and cultural brainwashing, along with divorce and feminism, put an end to that, mostly for Europeans. Child executions put an end to that for the Chinese, who until recently were not allowed to have more than 1 child.

And all of these more billions of executions, abortions, or non-births is not counting the millions who have been killed through forced, mandated, or compelled injections of poison, rendering at least half the world’s civilized population dead and dying. Millions more will die due to this medical genocide. If you aren’t clear, this is the communism we feared. Instead of a kill shot to the back of the head, it’s a kill shot into the arm.

How many more billions of people are going to die or fail to be born due to Satan’s agenda before people wake up and realize that Satan’s people are not going listen to your vote or a protest? Do you really think it’s God’s plan for Christians to fold their hands and live a simple life while mass killings by abortion, starvation, bolshevism, marxism, feminism, liberalism, and communism continue day after day?

Do you think this world got like it is because Satan is bad? While it may be true that Satan is evil, do you think that maybe we got here because those who could do something about it were too distracted by comfort, security, stuff, cars, clothes, tech, food, social media, and more stuff, while turning a blind eye to the wickedness around us?



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