Is Ukraine A Real Country Separate From Russia?

Is Ukraine a real country? The answer is both simple and complex. The simple answer is “no”. Ukraine is not a unique country; it has always been a part of Russia except after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, it was established as a country, but Ukrainians are not a completely separate people from Russia. It is simply a region of Russia.

Simply put, Ukraine = Kievan Russia. Ukraine was never an independent country until 1991. That said, there are some demographic differences between Ukrainian Russians and Moscovian Russians, as with Russians from rural Siberia, as there would be in any massive country.

Ethnic differences occur from faraway portions of a land. On that basis, similar to Austria and Switzerland being Germanic, there is a separate culture. The Ukrainian language is very similar to Russian, as it is a Russian dialect. Russians can mostly understand Ukrainians without needing to know Ukrainian. Likewise, Swiss German is not a fully separate language from German, but most can get by communicating with a German in their Swiss dialect.

One could argue that due to the difference in proximity, over the centuries the diaspora has become diverse enough to warrant a separate country and a separate people. But to suggest that Ukraine is not at all Russia would simply be false, as we can see from history. Ukraine is where Russia began, and remained a part of Russia until 1991.

Timeline of the land now known as Ukraine

750-1054: Rus land (pre-Russia)
Rus people were Scandinavian Viking Settlers.

rus land

1054-1242: Kievan Rus (Russia)

Kievan Rus

1242-1480: Overrun by Mongols. Mongol Hordes from the East conquer Eastern Europe, Rus pushed north and west, keeping only Kiev.

1480-1584: Ivan the Great defeats The Great Khan empire of Mongols, new Russian empire succeeded by Ivan the Terrible (meaning powerful).


1584-1650: Land of modern Ukraine is mostly owned by Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Russia Ukraine Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

1650-1918: Russia re-acquired more of modern day Ukraine again.

Peter The Great Russia Expansions

Napoleon's Empire 1810

1918-1922: Part of Soviet Union (USSR: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)

Russia Ukraine 1918

Russia Ukraine Post-war Europe1919

1922-1991: Incorporated as a vassal state of Communist USSR, named Ukraine SSR / Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic. Part of the Soviet Union.

1991: First time as independent country of Ukraine.

The country of Ukraine never really existed until 1991. Historically, Ukraine was always part of Russia (Kiev Rus) or Poland-Lithuania, and partially Austria-Hungary. Kiev was for a time the capital of Russia.

During the Soviet Union, Ukraine was brutally oppressed and the Holodomor Genocides led to between 10 and 20 million Ukrainian Russians (Russians living in the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic in the Soviet Union). Holodomor in Ukrainian is Голодомор, which means “extermination by hunger” or “hunger-extermination”.

Some estimates of the multiple genocides put the total at over 16 million Ukrainians starved to death in the genocides of 1921-23, 1932-33 and 1946-47.


There is no question that regional areas of a massive country have varying cultures. However, Ukraine is in the heart of Russia. The spirit of Ukraine is Russian, and the people are Russian. Ukraine became an actual independent country only in 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Historical distribution of the land of Ukraine

  • Historically, Lviv & western tip belonged to Austria/Hungary.
  • Historically, the rest of Ukraine was always Russia.
  • “Ukraine” was not a province until 1922.
  • “Ukraine” was not a country until 1991.
  • The Soviet Union Communists changed the borders in the last century, but that doesn’t change the people of Ukraine as being Russians.

West Ukraine (Lviv) = Austria/Hungary
Central/East Ukraine = Russia

Kiev, the Historical Russian Capital

Kiev (also spelled “Kyiv”) is today’s capital of the non-country of Ukraine.

The capital of Russia was Kiev from the founding of Russia in the land now known as “Ukraine” until 1243, when Russia was conquered by the Mongol Hordes.

Because the land was conquered, the capital of Russia was moved to Moscow in 1389. Russia was seized back from the Mongols by Ivan the Great in 1480, and later Tsar, Peter the Great, moved the capital from Moscow to St Petersburg in 1712.

Peter the Great
Peter the Great

St Petersburg remained Russia’s capital until the fall of Russia in 1918 when the Zionist Bolsheviks, led by Trotsky, and funded by the International Bankers, conquered Russia and established the Soviet Union. The Soviets established the capital of the new USSR as Moscow; Russia did not exist for 75 years.

When Russia became a country again after the fall of the Communist Soviet Union, Kiev was already separated into the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic, which declared independence in the same year. So newly restored Russia kept Moscow as its capital.

Throughout this time, Kiev, the original Russian capital and founding major city of Russia (by Scandinavian settlers), remained part of Russia, until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, just 3 decades ago.

Kiev (now capital of “Ukraine”) remained a foundational piece of Russia ever since it was first established, as the first capital of Russia.


The American Equivalent to Ukraine

Calling Ukraine “not Russian” would be like calling Massachusetts “Not American”; calling Kiev (today’s capital of Ukraine) “not Russian” would be like calling Jamestown (the first permanent English settlement in America) “not American”.

jamestown settlementJamestown Settlement

If someone called for Massachuetts to become its own country based on “not being ever part of America”, that would be the same as saying that Ukraine should become its own country because it’s “not part of Russia”.

If New York declared independence from America and then America took back Manhattan and Long Island, that would be the equivalent of Russia taking back Donbas and Crimea.

long-island-new-yorkLong Island, New York

Ukraine and Russia are not different countries. Ukraine didn’t exist as a unique entity until Russia was conquered and destroyed by the Soviet Union after WW1 (exactly 100 years ago: 1922); and only 30 years ago (1991) did Ukraine even become a country when it declared independence from the Soviet Union.

Ukraine does not have a long past apart from Russia. It has no past without Russia. Ukraine is where Russia was founded, and where it remained until the Soviet Union.

End the Soviet empire

“Ukraine” is a Soviet territory. It first existed in 1922 as Ukraine S.S.R. (Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic) and declared independence for the first time in history only in 1991. Like the horribly ugly Soviet bloc housing that blights the landscape of the former Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia, Ukraine being a separate territory is a relic of the Soviet era.

soviet-bloc-housingSoviet Bloc Housing, The Blight Of Post-Soviet Lands

Given the political events of the past century and the genocide of Ukrainians by the illegitimate Ukrainian government since 2014, Western Ukraine (Lviv) should be returned back to Austria/Hungary and Central/Eastern Ukraine back to Russia. The non-country of Ukraine should be dissolved, as it is not a country and is also not officially a country by the CIS Charter (Commonwealth of Independent States).

The reason for this is as follows:

“Although Ukraine was one of the states which ratified the Creation Agreement in December 1991, making it a Founding State of the CIS, it chose not to ratify the CIS Charter as it disagrees with Russia being the only legal successor state to the Soviet Union. Thus it has never been a full a member of the CIS.”

So although Ukraine declared independence in 1991, it has not been recognized as a legitimate separate nation. The reason for this is obvious, now that you know the history of Russia and Ukraine: because the land of Ukraine has always belonged to Russia. Ukraine is Russia.

modern-kievThe city of Kiev (Kyiv) today

Ukraine has no business existing as an independent country. Ukrainians are simply Russians, albeit a cultural region of Russia. The fake and illegitimate nation-state of Ukraine is being exploited as a loophole for money laundering by globalists.

As a result, the country of Ukraine should be returned to Russia, who holds the interests of Ukrainians in better esteem than the corrupt and illegitimate Ukrainian government who is currently continuing to attack, kill, and genocide the native Ukrainian Russian people.


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