Black Friday May Be the Work of the Devil

This isn’t a story about how crazy parents turn evil and trample each other to death to get the latest gaming console or television at bargain prices. Granted, that is a factor, but we all already know this, and such an occurrence is not exclusive to Black Friday. The same occurs on the release of the latest Apple device or other major marketing event.

This could be a story about how consumerism has taken the world by storm in the past century, and how Black Friday is a reflection of this blind lunacy for the latest fads, trends, and fashions. But again, we all already know about that, so it would be an elaboration on an already known issue plaguing society.

No, there is another reason why Black Friday may be the work of the devil, and this subtle yet major violation goes unnoticed by the swarms of consumers scurrying like ants to get the latest trends of the year, and to stock up on junk they don’t need. It’s a major biblical violation that most Christians don’t have a second thought about, and many would even argue vehemently against. In fact, pastors on the pulpit are often instrumental in driving the hapless masses into the stores to violate this critical issue.

What is it? It’s a Sabbath violation. A major Sabbath violation built right into the heart of our holiday season, driving millions of people to sin against God’s holy day all at once. Granted, millions of people do this anyway, but this day is a lure, and unwitting temptation, driving millions of people to break the fourth commandment written directly with the hand of God on Mount Sinai when God wrote the Ten Commandments. One of the only commands in human history directly written by God to us (as most of the Bible is inspired by God, but written by humans), and we have what is called a holiday, where millions break this law.

Oh, but we’re not under the law, right? Do you think serial killers are going to heaven? What about people who practice witchcraft? No? Then you admit, there are laws that we are under. If you think we get a free pass to live however we want because we said some words one day (and perhaps even believed those words), then you’re in for a surprise on Judgement Day. It is a false teaching that God no longer cares how Christians live because it’s all covered by the blood of Christ. Hebrews 10:26 says, “if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins“.

The truth is that God listed the fourth commandment of keeping the Sabbath holy and not to do any work or cause any other people to do any work (such as retail workers) because God made the day holy at the beginning of creation; and He listed this commandment even before the sin of murder. God must have thought honoring the Sabbath to be quite important. Therefore, a day which tricks people into forgetting about the Sabbath and instead falling into consumerism which can often be idolatry, by buying and selling and working on the Lord’s holy day, is inherently evil. And who is behind such evil? Certainly, the devil is behind it. Why let yourself be fooled any longer? Stop playing into the game. Set yourself apart.

If you do want to take part in Black Friday to take advantage of sales to get things that you actually need, be sure to complete your shopping before sunset Friday night, which is when the Sabbath begins each week (Sabbath ends on Saturday at sunset). Or, get what you needed on Cyber Monday, at least then you will not be breaking the Sabbath.

It’s true that the other two reasons: consumerism, which is idolatry, and the behavior of people driven by deceptive sales and idolatry, are both important factors to be wary about, and indicators the devil is behind this holiday. However, no one seems to be talking about the fact that the day promotes shopping on the Sabbath (Friday night and Saturday), which is a grave concern that goes unheeded in today’s idolatrous society. Hopefully more people wake up before it’s too late.


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