The State Of Depravity In The Year 2043 | This Liberal Dystopia Might Be Closer Than You Think | Virtual Reality, Liberalization, Surveillance

The year is 2043. Flying cars and teleportation are still in the distant future, but there is a new political ideology hitting the streets by storm. Multiple major cities break out in protest and people rest uneasy as fear of the crowds turning to riot is ever-looming overhead.

Ever since the courts overturned Harriet vs Fido and made a firm stance on anti-bestiality laws, liberals have been pouring out of the woodwork in support of “everyone deserves love”, the new slogan for the addition to LBGTQA, “A” short for “animal love”. As the next natural progression of the depravity movement, liberals continue to protest that they are not able to love their animals sexually in the comfort of their own home.

Despite the courts upholding the 13 age limit for marriage, instead of the proposed 11 age limit, the liberals are not very happy about that either. After all, teenagers are people too, and 11 is technically the first of the teenage years. With children maturing much faster due to all the chemicals in the water, air, and food that have been altering people’s physiology and disrupting their hormones for decades, many girls have begun developing sexually much earlier.

2043 riot

Moreover, with wholly absentee parents of the new high-tech generation who grew up with virtual reality, this generation of children have effectively raised themselves. With their parents gone basically 24/7 despite existing in their living rooms, children have often been left to fend for themselves. Fortunately, government “education” is there to help them while their parents are at “work” for extended periods virtually.

With their parents’ heads covered with a virtual reality display, and hooked up to machines for their body to survive during extended periods of remote work (or just remote VR watching or gaming), this new generation of children had to grow up psychologically much quicker since their parents had effectively “checked out” — of life in general.

And with the new VR pornography accessible to anyone with a SmartVR integrated phone, children have been exposed to the most depraved pornography as real as if they were in the room with them, as early as age 5. Psychologists have described this new mind-altering phenomenon as “surprisingly effective” since this new level of VR has an even more profound impact on the minds of developing children than even television of the late 2010’s.

vr man in living room in the future

Moreover, child “sexual protection” laws now prevent parents from prohibiting the children from either owning a SmartVR device (which is now government-issued) or even limiting access to their internet with child-safety locks. Children have complete and unfettered access, since now sexual re-education programs are even government-sponsored in the new branch of the government education program.

As the “Child Exploration Protection Law of 2033” states, “All children must have full, unrestricted access to sexual education in this new progressive world”, and “No parent shall deprive their child of access to VR sexual exploration, or else face a fine of $20,000 and 5 years in prison for each offense”.

As a result, parents have no control to restrict their children, for the crackdown of 2037 was a fine reminder when over 1,000 parents were imprisoned when the NSA leveraged their “FreeSurveil” program which passed in 2035 giving them unlimited access to all computer systems nationwide. With this new program, FreeSurveil was able to track down all violators in a matter of days. After this, the problem with parents illegally restricting pornographic content from their children’s VR devices was virtually eliminated, no pun intended.

mass surveillance

This all may sound rather horrifying to us today, here in 2017. However, this is the next natural progression of sexual depravity, government control and the surveillance state, and lunatic liberalism (along with the advent of VR technology).

30 years ago, no one in the country would have stood up and promoted or even allowed forced “sexual education” in school extolling the “virtues” of the homosexual lifestyle to elementary school students (little children), same-sex marriage, unigender bathrooms with males and females sharing the same bathroom at the same time, and transvestites as a “lifestyle”. Today however there are laws in place condemning anyone who even speaks against these atrocities, with threats of firing from employment, fines, imprisonment, and even getting murdered by liberal “activists”.

All this would be shocking to people only just a few decades ago, and the thought that children would have unrestricted access to pornography on their own personal computers in their pockets 24/7 would have sparked an outrage that would have swept the country. Yet today this is a horrible reality.

What will we do about this? Will we really let these liberals overrun our nation and overrun our people and overrun our children with this insane level of sexual depravity? Will we sit back and let it happen or will Christians stand up and speak out and reverse these atrocious laws and ideologies before it is too late? Share this post if you think it might wake some people up.


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