Pharmacy vs Apothecaries: How the Sorcerers Took Over Medicine with their Snake Oils

“For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (pharmakeia) were all nations deceived.” (Revelation 18:23)

(Preface: Nothing in this article is an exaggeration or hyperbole. It is based on concrete, verifiable facts. It is not namecalling to call a pharmacist a sorcerer, it is the literal definition.)


how-pharmacies-look-todayHow pharmacies look today; pharmakeia definition

What we today call pharmacies, where drugs and snake oil are sold in the name of “medicine”, were not always called pharmacies.

Pharmacy comes from the word “pharmakeia” which means “witchcraft, sorcery”. A witches’ brew of eyeballs, frog legs, and toadstools stirred as she said magick words to create demonic potions is the quintessential definition of “pharmakeia”.

Before the 19th century, stores which sold natural medicines (natural herbs and vitamins) were called apothecaries. One source says, quote, “apothecaries did not take part in the compiling of a pharmacopoeia until the very end of the eighteenth century.”

So it was not until relatively recently that apothecaries were replaced with pharmacies, and even in Europe within the last decades, there were stores still called apothecaries.


how-apothecaries-used-to-lookHow apothecaries used to look

Where does the word “apothecary” derive from? It derives from simply the original word for “shop” or “storehouse”, because dried herbs are non-perishable and thus can be stored for long periods, as people need them less frequently.

The etymology (word origins) for apothecary are as follows:

“from Old French apotecaire (13c., Modern French apothicaire), from Late Latin apothecarius “storekeeper,” from Latin apotheca “storehouse,” from Greek apothēkē “barn, storehouse,” literally “a place where things are put away,””

So apothecaries were simply a shop for natural foods and dried herbs, not a den of literal witches calling themselves “doctors” and “pharmacists”, sorcerers committing pharmakeia (witchcraft, potions) using fancy magic words (oxycodone, thimerosol, acetaminophen, etc: magic words and tricks to disguise poison as medicine).

This is after having their sorcerers cast curses with magic words like “disease”, “virus”, “pandemic”, or “cancer” to create fear and faith in pharmakeia instead of God, which use not real words and not real diseases, but curses so you will ingest their magic potions.

Modern-day sorcerers

pharmakeia-merchantsRevelation 18:23

Only “licensed” and “approved” sorcerers: “pharmacists” means “sorcerers”, as does “physician”, (see my former post) can distribute their magic potions. Yet many people have faith in “modern medicine” which is sorcery. “Faith”, because it’s a religion.

Physician or doctor means “sage”, another word for “sorcerer”, which is why Witch Doctors are called “doctors”: these are where modern doctors come from, it is the same. Witch doctors said magic words and created fear of fictional diseases and problems to sell their magic potions created with spells and concoctions. It is exactly the same today.

(See my previous article linked at the bottom to learn more about how modern doctors are literally the modern version of witch doctors.)

Real Medicine vs Pharmakeia

pharmakeia-pharmacyA pharmacist/sorcerer’s potion lab

Real medicine is created by God. It requires little to no money and simple knowledge that anyone can know, like that dandelion, echinachea, and goldenseal, all natural plants that grow everywhere, can boost the immune system.

Satan’s sorceries are created in a laboratory, a sorcerer’s lab, and cooked up and brewed in witches’ pots, and require knowledge of the magic sorcerer’s words found in the sorcerer’s magic books called “pharmacy” (sorcery) drug guides; require a system of blessings and curses as described:

First, a “disease” must be literally pronounced upon them by a “doctor”, a sage, an approved sorcerer, to give permission to the pharmacist (sorcerer) to distribute the magic potions, which are powered by the magic words, and through deception the victim is led to believe it’s a cure for the curse that was pronounced upon them.

Pharmaceutical drugs, which are literally sorcery, pharmakeia, are by definition not natural, because nothing natural can be patented. And thereby God’s natural medicines found in apothecaries were replaced by sorcerer’s portions in pharmacies; and people are clueless that the origins of all the words for doctor and pharmacy are literally defined as sorcery, and sorcerers are running the world.

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