A Man Stranded In The Ocean Is Offered Salvation From Three Different Ships

Finding salvation is like a man drowning in the ocean, who is approached by three different ships who offer to rescue him.

The first ship is a large and beautiful pirate ship decorated at the helm with a stunning mermaid statue made of bronze, with rubies for its eyes and studded with diamonds. The ship is coated in gold and silver and glows in the sunlight. It is overflowing with chests of treasure, plunder, and gold coins, and there are many beautiful women on the ship.

The crew all seem to be having the time of their lives. But little beknownst to the man, the life is dangerous and ends in an early death, and there is almost no way to escape from the pirate life. “Aye, matey, come to us, we’ll save you!” shouts the captain in a deep friendly voice.

The second ship is an even more grand and beautiful ship, clearly an imperial vessel. It is a multi-level slave ship, but the slaves are kept on the bottom level out of view to row the boat. On the helm is a well-dressed captain and a large, strong crew. Some are working diligently, but many are lounging around. It is the most magnificent design, with the deck made of a rich mahogany with a clear varnish, and the most beautiful carvings throughout.

It seems clear that this will be a safe vessel. It could endure any storm, for the hull is made of hardened steel, and the sails are thick and billowy, and clearly new. But little beknownst to the man is that all rescued men have to become a slave so they can earn their keep. “Come to us, good sir, we’ll save you!” Shouts the captain in the most confident and commanding voice.

The third ship is small, tattered, and torn from the sea, but is still sea worthy. The sails are thin and weathered, but sufficient. The wood is old but intact. There are no decorations anywhere, it is but a humble seafaring vessel. The helm is plain, and the deck is simple. There are only 12 men besides the captain on board the little ship, and they are working hard to keep the ship going. Water from a crashing wave covers the deck, and some men are seen dumping the water overboard using buckets.

The men are rugged and it seems they have lived a hard life, yet all are smiling and of a light spirit. It seems to be a kind atmosphere. The captain stands at the helm holding the large, old wheel, smiling with a gentle smile at his crew. He is dressed in tattered white robes, which seem to glisten in the sunlight. As the sun shines through his robe, it almost makes him look as if he is glowing, and the sun behind him like fire.

The captain turns his eyes toward the man who is drowning, and his gaze is gentle yet piercing. He reaches out his hand, and in a soft voice that can barely be heard, the captain says, “Come, and join my crew, which is my family. It will be hard work, but you will have freedom. My Father will get us through any storm, because He made the storms and the sea. My name is Jesus. Come, follow me.”


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