It Is Absolutely, Undeniably, Impossible To Change Your Gender, And Here’s Why

Jordan Peterson recently was soft-banned from Twitter after he posted a tweet about Ellen Page having been brainwashed by the evil Hollywood groomers to get the horrific genital mutililation known as a “double-mastectomy”, which means getting her breasts removed, which was a terrible tragedy.

Males who want to “transition” can get physically castrated, and we know of these creatures as “eunuchs”, not girls. They are still a boy, just without the male genetalia. Both sexes can get chemically castrated by being given hormone therapy to “transition” into the other gender; and if done early enough, they may even develop some farcical genitalia of the wrong gender.

But is this new horrible and hideous creature that results, this abomination which they call a “transitioning” transgender, are they really another gender just because they change their appearance or get extensive genital mutiliation surgery? What does it mean to be a male or female anyway? Do we define it as physiology? Do we define it by genitalia? Do we define it by appearance?

No, none of these are correct. God so designed it so that a person’s gender is absolutely permanent and irrefutable, even beyond the obvious physical elements that make a man a man and a woman a woman. How so, you ask? It is ridiculously simple:

  • A male has a Y chromosome. Their chromosomes are XY.
  • A female has no Y chromosome. Their chromosomes are XX.

And to top this off, a person’s gender is embedded into every single cell in their entire body.

There has never been an XY chromosome person who was not a male. And there has never been an XX chromosome person who was not a female. So any argument that there is more to sex than chromosomes is an outright lie. Chromosomes absolutely and irrefutably determine a person’s sex. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a manipulator.

XY = Male, XX = Female

With the exception of an extremely rare deformity of a third chromosome or physical deformities, every human on Earth has either an XX or XY chromosome. But “Klinefelter Syndrome” (XXY Syndrome) is still a male, because they have a Y chromosome. “Triple X Syndrome” which is three “X” chromosomes, also rare, is still a female, because they do not have a Y chromosome.

It all comes down to whether or not a person has a Y chromosome. Why? Because the Y chromosome has the specific information to make a person a male. With it, the person is a male. Without it, the person is a female.

When a genetic test is done to determine someone’s sex, all that is needed is any cell from their body. The geneticist will then look at the cell with a microscope and see whether they have XY or XX chromosomes. If it is XY, then the determination is “male”. If it is XX, then the determination is “female”.

No scientist on Earth would be able to rightly ask the person’s “preference” when diagnosing the sex of a person. Only the chromosome can tell that. Their preference doesn’t matter. Their surgeries do not matter. Their hormones, balanced or not, do not have any effect on their gender. If they have XY, they are male. If they have XX they are female.

There is nothing more to say about this, the result in undeniable. This is the absolute, undeniable, irrefutable fact. It is not possible to change one’s gender, only their appearance. There is absolutely no procedure whatsoever that can change a person’s chromosomes. XY means male. XX means female. End of story.

Pronoun and gender “preference” is unbiblical

The idea of someone introducing themselves with their pronouns, like “I identify as a male and my pronouns are he/him”, is absolutely absurd and unbiblical. Instead, if someone had to preface, they should say this:

“God identifies me as a male, and my chromosomes are XY (and there’s nothing I can do about it).”

What a person “identifies” as and what their “preference” is doesn’t mean anything at all, because they can’t change the fact that God ordained them as a male or a female. God ingrained it permanently into every cell in the person’s body. You can’t delete the Y chromosome, and you can’t add it.

What God thinks is what matters, not what we think, because God is our Creator. “Gender preference” is actually an extension of the lie of Satan in the Garden of Eden, “you will be like gods”.

Pride is the sin that is exploited to create gender “preference”. The pride to convince someone that they can choose something that is God’s domain. But they are living in denial. It is not possible to choose one’s gender; God already chose everyone’s gender at conception.

Dealing with deviants and child molesters

A girl who dresses and acts like a boy is a homosexual, a sexual deviant, someone who is mentally ill and in need of serious mental help. But a girl who actually wants to get a surgery to physically look like a boy (they can never “become” a boy), or a boy who actually wants to get a surgery to physically look like a girl (they can never “become” a girl), should be arrested and taken immediately to a mental institution where they should be locked in a padded room for their own safety and be given the psychological therapy they need.

Of course, without groomers brainwashing children at an early age, such “gender dysphoria” would never exist in the first place. So, such mental institutions would not be needed, because without the sick demented criminals who advocate genital mutilation and sterilization of children on a “gender-preference” basis, children would not ever want to become the opposite gender.

Children who are convinced to prefer to be the other gender (even though they can never be) are being exploited and abused. And such child abusers should be arrested. Parents who teach their children that it’s ok to want to be the other gender are child abusers and need to be arrested.

Parents or caregivers who give their children “hormone therapy” or “gender transition surgery” are worse than child molesters. Laws need to be made making this sexual child abuse and mutilation to have the penalty of death. Sex hormone drugs or surgery is child molestation. It is sexual abuse, and worse because it is irreversible.

Any doctor who performs such a surgery such as removing male or female genetalia of children, or chemical castration of children through hormone therapy and hormone blockers, should be immediately arrested, tried in a court of law, and when found guilty of genital mutilation, sentenced to death. Genital mutilation, especially of children, is a crime against humanity and cannot be tolerated in a civilized society. Mutilating the genitals of a child is a crime of the highest order.

No one can change your God-given gender

The fact is that there is nothing anyone can do about the gender they were born as at the moment of conception. Only God decides a person’s gender. Genital mutilation, castration, sterilization, and hormone therapy have absolutely zero impact on a person’s gender, only on their appearance. Every person remains the same gender they were born as from the moment of conception until the day they die, and there is absolutely nothing they or anyone can do about it. God ordained it, and it cannot be changed. XY is a male, and XX is a female. End of story.


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  1. Too many, even in the Christian community, overlook the impact child molestation and the hyper-sexualization that accompanies such trauma. It happens in far too many homes and “Christian” homes are not at all exempt. Society has degraded so much that if a home does not have a sound Biblical foundation, the children are in dire straights as the public school system is a sham. It is sad and infuriating at the same time – seeing how too many children are used.

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