“Mental Illness” – A Myth. The True Causes Of Behavioral Disorders Are Not “Mental”

Gender dysphoria, depression, schizophrenia, and other voluntary and involuntary behavioral problems are not “mental illnesses”. And the majority of “mental illnesses”, that is, behavioral problems, are caused by personal choices leading to poor behavior, or occult influence, or by natural causes such as poor nutrition.

No Scientific or Medical Test Exists.

“Mental disorder” indicates victimhood and denies responsibility of the individual. Yet in 200 years of psychology there has never been any physical proof of a “mental disorder”. Not by blood, bile, chemicals in the brain, etc – nothing physically distinguishes a “mentally ill” pcerson physically from a “mentally healthy” individual.

Without looking at behavior, it is 100% impossible to determine whether an individual is “mentally ill” by any physical test whatsoever, despite billions being poured into research and centuries of research. Instead, these “mental illnesses” are voted into existence by a board of psychologists and psychiatrists who literally invent new “mental illnesses” based on a vote on a list of behaviors to be included. This is not scientific.

In other words, “mental illness” is not science. It’s philosophy.

Mental Illness: A Myth.

It is better to describe “mental illness” as “behavioral dysfunction”, because that is what is meant, and that is what it is. The person needs behavior correction, not drugs.

There are six general causes of behavioral dysfunction and misbehavior:

1. Sinful behavior resulting from sinful choices; for example: homosexuality or “transgender”;

2. Behavioral dysfunction due to poor choices exasperated by brainwashing, lack of good parenting, liberalism, etc; that is, bad behavior by choice or habit;

3. Demonic influence and demonic possession; for example: schizophrenia, multiple personalities, and epilepsy; as well as extreme cases of depression, and suicidal tendencies. These are purely demonic. Even rebellious behavior can be demonic influence, especially through occult influence (such as heavy metal music and rock music, yoga, talismans, psychic consultations, drug use, alcohol, etc). Many times, psychosis or even mild behavioral problems may be demonic.

4. Acute Anxiety Disorders & Severe Trauma: Severe dysfunction due to extreme emotional trauma. For example, PTSD in soldiers. However, in some cases, PTSD is demonic in nature. However, mild “anxiety” is not an “illness”, it is merely a behavioral issue due to poor choices or extenuating circumstances.

5. Physical Deformity & Brain Damage. There is also an extremely rare situation in which there is a physical or brain deformity; as well as “autism” which is actual brain damage; but this is not what is referred to by “mental illness” but rather a “disability”. Brain damage and deformity is a physical disability, not a “mental illness”, and is not correctable except by extensive physical therapy, or is a permanent condition (e.g. a missing arm).

6. Natural Causes. The rest of behavioral dysfunction is caused by poor nutrition, poor diet, poor sleep, and/or poor family/social situations. Fix these, and sadness or lack of focus go away.

The most important ones to note are # 1,2,3, & 6, as these make up the majority of “mental illnesses” which are misdiagnosed as drug-treatable, instead of treatable by natural methods like accepting responsibility for one’s actions, choosing better nutrition, or removal of occult influence, as well as deliverance from demons.

So the next time you hear someone talking about “mental illness”, remember that no mental illnesses exist, just behavioral problems. And the solution is not drugs or psychotherapy; but a better world, better lifestyle, restoration of moral values, and elimination of occult influence. And for issues related to severe trama, the only cure is allowing time to heal, and prayer.

Victims by choice

Big Pharma can’t profit off healthy eating, good sleep, and prayer, so they sell drugs, and they use the psychology and psychiatry industry, as well as the corrupt medical and hospital systems, to find them customers – that is, victims. The only victims are those who take drugs and go to psychotherapy. And it’s easy to stop being that kind of victim: stop taking drugs, and stop trusting in the corrupt medical establishment instead of taking responsibility for your actions and correcting course. You are only a victim by choice.

Most behavioral problems stem from lack of accountability for people’s own actions, failure to live a healthy lifestyle (physically and socially), and the victimhood mindset. So stop using the phrase “mental illness” to describe demoralized, deranged, damaged, or demonized people. And make the necessary changes and provide the necessary support to those in need of help, including prayer. The answer is definitely not psychotherapy and psychiatry. The answer is natural and biblical.


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