The Christianity Bubble: Many Christians Live In A Disconnected Reality

There is a great problem among Christians today: many live in a bubble. Not only do they fail to reach out to unbelievers outside their bubble, but also they fail to reach even Christians who happen to be outside their limited social circles. As a result, this is driving many people away from God, as well as causing many to never hear the light of the Gospel from believers.

Unfortunately, with the advent of social media, along with materialism, and selfish tendencies of Americans in the West, Christians are being derelict in their duties as part of the family of God by neglecting their fellow believers. Too selfish to reach out to the poor, too selfish to invite people over besides their closest friends, and too busy with godless materialism to make time for the mission as spreaders of light and goodness as people of faith and of Christ.

Christians need to wake up and get out of their bubble, because our world is drifting so far into sin and apostasy that many people may not have a chance to receive a message of faith without Christians being intentional and deliberate to reach out to other believers, letting go of their own desires and seeing all believers as members of the body of Christ, and not one is to be left out.

Moreover, Christians need to realize that it is their mission as Christians to reach out to the lost, hopeful, and searching, to spread the good news of Christ in a world that continues to push itself farther and farther away from God. With laws like New York passing legalized abortion up until the day of pregnancy, removing prayer from schools, attempts to eliminate private schools, and attacks on Christian school and anything that pertains to Christianity, our society is losing more opportunities than ever for those lost to hear the truth and love of God.

It is therefore more important than ever for Christians in America and other Western countries to step out of your comfort zone and make it a point to live a life of holiness, intentionally reach out in friendship to other believers, and to evangelize to the lost both by living a life free of hypocrisy, and by fearlessly telling people about the gospel of Christ.


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