Cities Are An Obsolete Relic From Pre-Modern Civilization, And Need To Be Eliminated

Cities. Those bustling places full of hope and light and opportunity. That’s what’s sold to people, but it is very far from reality. Cites are now obsolete. There is no need for cities in modern technological civilization.

The reasons that cities existed in times past was because it made communication, transportation, work commute, and social interaction possible. But the time for cities is now over. Modern communication, technology, transportation, remote working environment and the internet, and more have made the need for big cities obsolete.

toyko-japan-cityTokyo, Japan: What people think city life will be like before they go

While it’s kind of cool and stunning to look at cities from a distance, the reality is that city living does not get such a benefit. Instead, people in cities are far less mobile than people in rural areas, because city dwellers often can’t afford to have cars or it is impractical to do so. So city dwellers get around by public transportation or taxis, and are confined to a small area of the city for most of their lives, rarely leaving their small corner of a few square blocks.

Besides the ultra-wealthy who get city views from a skyscraper, the overwhelming majority of city dwellers see nothing but a drab concrete prison, concrete walls wherever they go, which they pay way too much for a very small amount of space. All they see is the same few buildings to and from their daily commute, and are forced to delude themselves about liking city living because of the extreme cost that they need to continually justify to continue such living.

city-life-badThe reality of city living is this: a bunch of people crammed into a small ugly space.

drab-concrete-cityAnd here is their daily commute (minus the traffic).

Even more, they are forced to overlook all the extreme inconveniences of city living, including high crime, transportation inconvenience, the overpriced cost of living, the poor quality air and water, the poor quality of living for all but the most wealthy, the limited space, and so on. The only “benefit” of city living besides seeing lots of people all the time (also a disadvantage for most people) is the job opportunities and capability to walk to the grocery store (which is also increasingly dangerous); but these job opportunities are disappearing for white men, and also increasingly sparse for white women, due to ever-increasing diversity quotas.

There are certainly pros and cons to both city and rural living; but suburban living eliminates the disadvantages from both, a compromise of some disadvantages compared to rural living (quiet, etc), for the benefits of city living (such as proximity to amenities), while eliminating almost all of the rest of the disadvantages from both city and rural living.

suburban-citySuburban living seems idyllic, but it’s a reality for many people.

Rural and suburban living have a significantly higher quality of life than city living. Compared to city living, there is no contest when compared to rural and suburban living. Instead, city dwellers are forced to demonize both, falsely, in order to help justify why they didn’t make a mistake with the extreme sacrifices they have to make with city living. But city living is simply not worth it.

And this is all aside from the advent of lockdowns and smart cities. China social credit scores with AI assisted facial and body recognition completely eliminate any possibility of privacy. There is no freedom, even in their own homes. China lockdowns led to people being welded into their cold steel apartment buildings, and suffering starvation and death. So the future of cities is going to be worse than ever.

china-social-creditChina social credit scores track everyone in real time. A mask won’t make you anonymous because it can track your height, shape, posture and even your gait. And it’s probably illegal to try to fool the system.

As a result, we should eliminate cities entirely from society. A society without cities does not have the infrastructure to easily spread mass propaganda, tyranny, and control. By eliminating cities altogether, we remove the power of those who seek to control the masses. A new society should be technologically advanced and leverage modern advancements to have a better quality of life with rural and suburban living than city life can afford.

The time for cities is over. That’s why they are desperate to push everyone into smart cities or the “cities of the future”, because they know that cities are no longer necessary and they are desperate to consolidate their control by forcing people back into cities. It’s time to put an end to the idea of big cities once and for all.


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