Is Your Church Teaching The Occult?

When you think of sorcery or witchcraft, what probably comes to mind is Harry Potter magic, or a witch on a broomstick, or an old hag stirring a black cauldron of frogs and toads. Or, if you think of a wizard, perhaps you envision the Lord of the Rings, or a man holding a wand or a staff and casting light from it.

This is the Hollywood and storybook fiction of witches and sorcery. It is not the reality of witchcraft in the Bible. Sorcery, or magick, or witchcraft, is a very subtle art that very possibly nearly every person in America and the western world does today on a daily basis. Satan has so blurred the lines and created a delusion that most people don’t even realize they are committing witchcraft, because they are not using magic potions or casting spells, or because they believe magic to be the fiction of Harry Potter.

Real witchcraft, while vaguely resembling the Hollywood and storybook idea, is vastly different, highly nuanced, and extremely dangerous. It is not the shooting of light form one’s fingertips or casting a hex on someone using secret magic words. It is so subtle, and so deeply ingrained into our consciousness, that it has taken me years of study and contemplation to truly begin to grasp how deeply this sinister evil has crept into our everyday lives.

Satan has worked tirelessly over the past century to embed ideas which embody true witchcraft and magick into our everyday lives. Even pastors preach witchcraft from the pulpit, without knowing it. The pervasiveness of the occult into western life is a major factor in why the world is currently under God’s judgment.

Witchcraft is a blanket term that covers many areas of the occult, including necromancy (communication with the dead), and many other areas of the occult. But while it is true that such obvious acts are done in a very small percentage of the population, the reality and shocking truth is that, although many people stay far away from many of these areas of witchcraft, they still do “magick” on a daily basis, without realizing it, because they have been indoctrinated into thinking what they are doing is harmless, or even good.

The occult is all of the things that break into the demonic spiritual realm, including witchcraft, sorcery, and magick. It is the “hidden, secret and mysterious, particularly pertaining to the supernatural.” It is the intentional or unintentional method of communicating with the spiritual world, and is forbidden by God. While you may perhaps envision seances in a dark room with candles when you think of the occult, in truth is is far more subtle than you realize, although is does include seances. Delving into anything mystic is opening the door to the occult.

So, what is magick? Not to be confused with the fictional “magic” of lore, “magick” exists in the mind, not in magic spells and potions or lightning bolts from the fingertips. To find out what magick really is, we need only to look as far as the most renowned world Satanist, Aleister Crowley, who defined “magick” as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”.

That is to say, that it is the using of your own will to try to create change in the world. Due to many different New Age ideas which have crept into popular culture over the previous decades, and into media and movies and television, and even into churches, most people are unaware that in thinking certain things in certain ways, they are really opening the door wide to the occult, and accidentally communicating with demons who actually create the changes in the world.

Magick is not some secret, invisible force that has its own power, like in the movies and books. It is not some life force, or The Force, or magic spells. What magick really is, is someone, in their own mind, trying to impose their will alone to make something happen. What this does, is actually give demons permission to interfere with the world.

Every time you think positive thoughts to “attract” good things to yourself, you inadvertently ask demons to help you in your life. There is not some “Law of Attraction”, some universal law that causes like things to attract like things. This is a lie that the devil has used to twist actual cause and effect into being some magical force, in order to persuade people to commit witchcraft.

If you state affirmations to yourself and chant them over and over, then you are using a New Age form of magick which is literally sorcery. You are giving permission to demons to then come in and cause change in your life.

If you curse at someone, even if you do not use actual foul language, then you are casting a spell, a spell that comes from your mind, in which you use your will, your anger, to cast evil into their lives. What does it do? It is not magic. It is as simple as, a demon answers and then tries to work harm. This is the real occurrence that happens when someone commits witchcraft.

I urge you to wake up from the occult mindset and realize the truth that you and your church and your friends and all the people around you often unwittingly participate in witchcraft, sorcery, and magick. The New Age is deeply ingrained into our society, and if we do not wake up, turn, and repent, it will be the end of our civilization.

Stay tuned as I am writing a book which I will make freely available. It is a book which will describe in great detail how the occult has come in and invaded our culture and our churches. If you are concerned and want to know more while I continue to write, there is a book called “Occult Invasion”, which is very similar to my book, except that I will be updating it with information from the last 20 years.

I will also start writing a series of articles on the occult in today’s church and society, addressing various topics, so check back often and subscribe below to be notified by new posts by email.


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