Showing Grace To Those Who Believe In False Ideologies

If you are aware of the facts surrounding the so-called coronavirus, which does not exist (it is 5G radiation sickness), and about other scams perpetrated by the mass media orchestrated by none other than the powers of darkness in this world led by Satan, it can be easy to stereotype those who are asleep and heavily brainwashed as sheeple, ignorant, NPCs, or stupid. However, this is not exactly the case.

People are led to believe those ideas which they are most exposed to. Many otherwise well-intentioned people are taught from childhood to blindly believe what is taught in schools, in the media, and on television. It is human nature to believe authority figures when they present a rational argument. Of course, rational arguments can be made for things falsely. Evolution is described and promoted rationally, despite lacking all valid evidence. False evidence is promoted to prove a false theory. This is how all false theories are perpetrated. Those who believe it are given incorrect facts, and cannot always be blamed for believing it.

If no one of authority steps in to correct their thought patterns to allow critical thought, then that person is incapable of understanding reality – not because they are stupid, but rather because they have been exposed to a diabolical and widespread plot led by an ultra-manipulative entity (Satan) which has mislead them to believe lies. Scripture calls Satan the father of lies, and he is the best at it. One of Satan’s favorite ideologies of destruction and death is Communism, and in Communism it teaches that if you expose someone to anything long enough by people in positions of authority, they will believe it and ignore their own eyes and ears and mind that gives empirical evidence to the contrary. If people hear the same lie long enough, they will believe it. This is how Satan brought sexual depravity, idolatry, greed, and other evils into our formerly-Christian culture.

I have come to realize that many of the people who believe in massive fraudulent lies that defy logic and common sense, such as evolution or a global pandemic – which at first was a total fraud to allow the roll-out of 5G, and after was really 5G microwave radiation sickness, and subsequently (the “variants”) was really vaccine injury and further 5G radiation sickness – are not all stupid, unlearned, or mindless drones believing whatever propaganda is spewed from CNN. Many are intelligent, rational human beings who have been fed lies on such a massive scale, and deprived of the true facts for so long, that the only way for them to rationalize what has happened to them and the people they care about is to blind themselves to the evidence in front of their eyes and believe in the global pandemic hoax.

In short, it is not because they are stupid, gullible, or easily manipulated; but because the enemy, Satan, who is behind these lies that are now causing thousands to be killed with by lethal injection and hundreds of millions more to be maimed for life and all future generations, this deceiver Satan is the most experienced master deceiver in the universe. Satan has been at this for thousands of years and has such experience with his lies and deceptions that he could fool anyone. You, too, given similar circumstances, could be fooled by Satan, if the spirit of God did not reside within you to give you wisdom and cast doubt on the deceptions.

We Are A Light In The Darkness

As earthly messengers of God and brothers and sisters of Christ, we are obligated to be a light to shine in the darkness of this dark world. Unlike those hypocrites which claim “tolerance” and yet viciously attack anyone who thinks differently than them, we as true followers of the Most High God must not also be hypocrites acting in a manner inconsistent with our beliefs. While we can expose others to reality and truth, many of them will never accept it until the day CNN decides to admit that it was a hoax – which will likely never happen.

Therefore we have no choice except to be the true and only “tolerant” ones – not tolerant in the vein of compromising our own beliefs, because we must never compromise on truth – but rather to accept that others will refuse to believe the truth even when faced with every bit of evidence. Instead, we must treat them with kindness and grace, and even forgive their indiscretions and unfair treatment against us which they do just because we know they truth and they disbelieve it. We must have mercy and grace, just as God had mercy and grace on us and sent His Son to die for us.

Yuri Bezmenov, a former Soviet Communist defector, in his 1984 interview, famously said that once a person has been demoralized and deceived, they will not believe evidence even in front of their own eyes, and will continue to resist any evidence until the Communist boot is on their neck – and then it will be too late. So, we must understand that the pattern of brainwashing that has affected so many people through the lies of the mass media is so strong that no amount of arguing or evidence will ever convince them otherwise. Therefore it is futile to argue viciously with a brainwashed person, because their only hope is the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. No amount of human knowledge could ever convince many of these people that what they have been persuaded to believe is all a lie.

The reality is that this pattern of thought and deception is not unique, not new, and not exclusive. Satan has been using the same pattern of thought manipulation as far back as Adam and Eve. “Did God say?” said the serpent in the garden. It is the same story. The people were deceived, and they strayed from God.

This same pattern of manipulation has tricked hundreds of millions of people into false religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Mormonism, and even Atheism. These people are not all stupid. They have simply been deceived. Therefore let us have grace with the billions of deceived people on this Earth, and instead of getting hostile, let us show grace and kindness to those who have not been given the gift of wisdom to see through the lies of the wicked one.

Love Your Enemies And Have Mercy On The Lost

Once a person has been demoralized, it would take a miracle to bring them back. God did provide such a miracle – His Son, Jesus the Christ. The only hope for these people is the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, which is imparted almost exclusively to the children of God. Until then, it is our obligation to be a light in the darkness, the city on the hill, a breath of grace in a land of vengeance. We must not behave in such a way as to become hypocrites of what we believe, and in so doing spurn the grace given to us.

Remember that we will be forgiven by the measure that we forgive others. To say that Christ’s death covers us even if we refuse to forgive others is a lie. Christ himself said that if we do not forgive others, then we will not be forgiven. Do you think Christ is a liar? Do not be fooled. If you do not forgive others, then you will not be forgiven in eternity.

14 For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive yours.
(Matthew 6:15)

Christ also said to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

43 You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor’ and ‘Hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.
(Matthew 5:43-45)

Who will you serve? The God who has mercy on the wicked to give them a chance to turn to escape everlasting fire? Or the devil, who loves violence and death? Choose your path, and know where each one leads. One leads to life everlasting, and the other to everlasting torment. Pray for the lost, and turn from your own wicked ways. Be a light in the darkness, and be good to those even who do not deserve it. Have mercy, and God will have mercy on you.



  1. Martin Luther did not believe in the heliocentric model. Neither do I. I agree more with what is written on this website, that I have never seen before, because there are millions of websites and I don’t spend my time online. I feel like I am supposed to go to church. All churches want you to tithe. I attend a Baptist church with a very charismatic pastor. He talks about the earth being a planet so that would mean he believes we are flying around the sun or somesuch thing. I feel like I need to find a church that does not buy into the heliocentric model. Since I agree with most of what is written here, that I have read so far, could you tell me if going to church is biblical and the best way to find one, thank you very much

    1. Modern church is not the biblical model, so it is neither bad nor good from a pure sense. It is good to meet together with other believers, and one way to do that is in a church.

      What is more important is that the church is teachings things that are biblical, and if you are able to find a small community of believers. Large gatherings can be good for some teaching, but I think they are best for worship. Provided that your worship is genuine. You can worship in small groups too.

      The most important thing to find is not necessarily the best church building, but the best group of true believers in God. Beware of false teachings. You might find them in a church building. The best way to do it is as follows:

      1. Pray that God leads you to a good community of believers.
      2. Read the website and make sure that what the church believes is in line with the Bible.
      3. Visit and try to find a small group to see if they are true followers of God.

      1. Thank you for answering previous question.
        The elderly sick widow or some other needy person or family has raw sewage spewing into their house.
        They do not have funds or for some good reason they can not leave their house to a clean safe environment for the remainder of sabbath. For instance, if it is an ice storm and they don’t have a four-wheel-drive as one example.
        As a plumber, do I tell them to wait until the Sabbath is over and then I will show up? If they have no water do I tell them I will restore their water for them after the Sabbath? Do I tell some people that I just cannot help them because of the Sabbath? Do I help all the people that ask for my help for free on the Sabbath?
        You know exactly where in the Bible people are allowed to save their animals that are in peril and certainly saving their animal saves money, so finances are involved and not simply the life of an animal that has no soul.
        I am not trying to be argumentative and you seem to have an answer for most things. I don’t even like to take up your time with my questions. Your time is better spent doing something else than answering my question.
        Still, as big as the world is and how we are not living in a time that is comparable to any other time on earth, how is it possible for all stores and all services to be halted on the Sabbath? I agree that the medical system of today is corrupt but certainly a doctor that is paid must set a broken leg or put in stitches on the Sabbath and he is getting paid for it.
        Remembering the Sabbath and keeping it holy seems a little different then all businesses being closed for one day, meaning, no gas pumping and so many things that are needed that need to be paid for just to get people to a house of worship. Asking someone else to work would not be right either then so I guess taking a cab to church on the Sabbath would be sinful?
        What about disaster situation‘s? Many people help on disasters for free but to get all that free work done many people need to be paid for their services or materials. Local police and fire rescue who are definitely paid and many certainly love Jesus but it is their job to save people from the burning building whether it is Sabbath or not. I am long-winded like you but not nearly as intelligent so I will not go on and on as I believe you probably understand my thoughts and how I am trying to understand what you were saying about no work on the Sabbath.
        I’m sure you’ve encountered this type of questioning many many times and I’ve tried to think about it but I don’t see how I can refuse the emergency call to fix the peoples plumbing.
        If I break my leg or get in a bad car wreck or need to go to the emergency room, I want to go on whatever day I need the help even if it is Sabbath.
        I am a poor man that needs little money as all my needs are taken care of but I can’t pay workers and buy all the materials for them to fix other peoples problems on the sabbath for free can I?
        Grace and peace to you and thank you for what you do

        1. Jesus said in Luke 14:5, “Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the sabbath day?” While this verse is often misused my Christians to justify basically anything (like, “I’m hungry and forgot to grocery shop”, which is not a valid excuse), it is valid in the context that it is not wrong to do good on the Sabbath.

          The laws against the Sabbath are in doing work and requiring others to do work. If there is an emergency like a fire or a plumbing emergency, then of course there should be someone to help. However, such emergencies are often preventable, and all precautions should be taken beforehand, just like you should shop for groceries and prepare food on Friday (before sunset), so that you can eat well on Saturday (the Sabbath). But sometimes, and this is in exceptionally rare cases, such emergencies do happen.

          Part of the problem with modern society is that it is commerce-driven. In the past, the community would have helped with said issue. Today, it requires a tradesman, who incurs expenses. If said emergency must be done, it should be done only at a reasonable profit, so a plumber, who by the way charges exorbitant rates like most tradesman today, should only profit a reasonable amount to pay for his expenses if he has to do emergency work on the Sabbath. And, only emergency work should be done, and none other. So, it will not be common to work on the Sabbath even by a tradesman.

          If there is a fire, of course the firemen are permitted to work. Note that firemen do not charge the homeowner, they are usually volunteers, and even paid firemen are paid by the city, so this is not commerce.

          If the issue is not an emergency, or if it would not cause unusual suffering, then it should not be done, especially if it was preventable.

          If it were common to honor the Sabbath in our society, then many things we may restructure entirely, such as creating passive heating and cooling, to prevent HVAC emergencies, using stone instead of wood, to prevent many fire emergencies, and so on. But, we live in a godless society that is effectively the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, so we should consider getting out of this society before the judgment of God comes to it. It is not acceptable to break the Sabbath just because you live in a godless society.

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