3 Worst Forms Of Modern Art and the Truth About Why Satan Loves It

The modern art movements progressively degraded European art across all forms, starting with changing the tone of music, to pornographic arts (nudity in paintings and sculptures), and ending with what we have today, which is as overtly groteque, or as shocking, or as limiting in form as absolutely possible.

Prominent forms of modernism and modern art in all its forms have poisoned life and ruined the beautiful, allowing for the degradation of culture, and the glorification of ugliness. But the key point to this “art” is the very fact that it is not artistic; it either lacks all skill, lacks beauty, lacks form, or is actively groteque, overly simplistic (denying art rather than embracing it), or is intended for a shock effect of some form.

Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup” was not even art at all, but just a few pictures of Campbell’s Soup labels. It quickly became famous, because it is the epitome of what modern art is. While yes you could find some intellectual stimulation in contemplating the ridiculousness of this as “art”, the truth is that this is what modern art actually is. It is not art.

Andy Warhol, 1968, “Campbell’s Soup”

Often the people who create such “art” are completely insane. Van Gogh was infamous for cutting off his own ear and mailing it to a girlfriend. His lunacy shows in his paintings. But those with a vested interest have been able to sell this “art” as the highest priced paintings of all time, replacing the virtues of art itself with rather the status of being able to own an expensive work, regardless of the fact that it is ugly and completely lacks skill.

Alternatively, the purpose of modern art is to create a feeling of uneasiness, disgust, or negative emotions – the opposite of what used to be associated with art. The modern art exhibits featuring a toilet are prime examples of this.

Modern forms of art are often so poorly made that a child could paint it, such as Jackson Pollock, who literally just splashed paint on a canvas. No, there was not skill to it at all. He became famous because the modern art industry propped him up and extolled the virtues of his literally non-art “art”. He could not even be bothered to make a proper name, just naming them “No. 1”, “No. 2”, etc. Talk about lazy. And the anti-art propagandists gobbled it right up, because this is exactly what they wanted. As anti-art as non-art can be.

Jackson Pollock, “No. 5”, 1948

Conversely, art in all its forms, including painting, architecture, and music, was, before the mid 1800s, all beautiful, and enriched the lives of all those who partook. In the early 1800s, and more so in the 1700s, such non-art and anti-art of today’s modern art industry did not exist.

In the early to mid 1900s, contemporary modern art was being pushed through the hand of communist movements which were attempting to remodel European society. As a result of this, some activists (for traditional art) such as Alfred Rosenberg created organizations to fight this onslaught of attempts to degrade European art.

Rosenberg specifically fought 3 forms of “modern art”, which unfortunately have so infected and poisoned our society that we have forgotten what real art is, and have been brainwashed since childhood to accept this as “art”, when in reality, it is by definition anti-art.

3 Worst Forms Of Art

There are plenty of forms of bad art, probably hundreds or even thousands of categories by this point. But we will look at just 3 today, because these are the 3 forms that Alfred Rosenberg’s organization was fighting back in 1919. Could these be the lynchpins causing today’s intentionally bad modern and postmodern art?

1. Expressionist art

Since childhood we are taught to extol the virtues of expressionist art like Van Gogh and “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. These skill-less and disturbing paintings often featured ugly, terrible art that was the antithesis as all that was good in art.

Today, when compared to some modern art, this almost looks good – but in truth, these paintings should be worthless trash, and there is a reason why Van Gogh died poor without selling a single work. No one wanted it, because it was very, very bad.

Vincent Van Gogh, 1889, “The Starry Night” (cropped)

Contrast this with actual art:

Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal), Italian, 1697–1768, “The Grand Canal, Venice,” oil on canvas, Grasset Collection

When compared to real art, and looked at objectively, one can see that truly, expressionist “art” is an insult to the field of art. We are taught to appreciate bad, ugly paintings, and see the “beauty” in ugliness. That is the whole point. It’s a great brainwashing experiment.

2. Bauhaus architecture

Bauhaus architecture is the type of modern bulding that we see. The ugly, garish, square block buildings that lack all elements of architecture design. While we have been conditioned to see such simplicity as virtuous and even desirable, the truth is that we only think so because all our architecture has been taken away from us.

While there can be some art to such architecture, the purpose behind this “art” is to remove art from architecture, and replace it with drab, boring, eyesores, to take away the feeling of beauty from everyday life. Soviet block housing is the culmination of this – purely practical concrete squares, as boring as architecture can get. It’s such a garish eyesore that even a westerner will find them distateful to look at.

Bauhaus architecture

Contrast this with real architecture:

Vienna Museum of Art

It’s clear that Bauhaus, modern architecture, and soviet block housing is outright robbery of culture and beauty.

3. Atonal music

The purpose of atonal music is to create a feeling of uneasiness and to change the way that people listen to music and thereby how they think. It is to remove the beautiful classical music of Beetoven and Bach and replace it with jazz, rock and roll, and similar “music”, which in the music industry is in fact defined as “bad music”. In other words, the antithesis of enjoyable music.

The intention of such modern musical forms, which are pushed as “experimental” or “edgy”, is, just like other modern “art” forms, to remove what is beautiful and replace it with what is ugly.


Versus real music:


We have been trained to look for enjoyment in ugly things.

Why does Satan want to remove our art? Because when we are surrounded by beautiful things, we can easily recognize when something is ugly, distasteful, undesirable, or unwanted, and as a result, it is hard to push social change. We are motivated to remove ugliness when we are surrounded by beauty. But when we are surrounded by ugliness, one more ugly thing blends in rather well. Additionally, without anything beautiful, it takes away patriotism and things worth fighting for. Who would want to fight to protect an ugly, dirty, concrete wasteland?

I believe that humans have an innate desire to want to experience beauty in their surroundings. So if you take away everything beautiful and fill it with garishness and ugliness, then you force people to try to find beauty even in the ugly. And when people get conditioned to finding beauty in what is ugly, then you can begin introducing immorality, and things that are harmful to them, and they will be conditioned to try to find some enjoyment in it, never realizing what they are missing with something that is actually beautiful.

By destroying all that is beautiful, it removes barriers of ugliness, depravity, and disgusting things from entering society, which makes it easy to degrade the culture, and ultimately destroy and replace the culture with one of immorality, materialism, and diversity. Ultimately, the result is what we see today – the lack of enjoyment of everyday life, a daily grind, and the replacement of white people in all white countries, and the removal of Christianity from European nations.

It could very well be the case that the continual degradation and corruption of all art is primarily responsible for the corruption and degradation of European culture over the past 2 centuries, and ultimately the failure of all European countries on every level, ultimately resulting in the present impending collapse of Western Civilization. But this was indeed the plan, all along.

When art is removed and degraded, Satan wins.


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