America Is Under God’s Judgment, and the Church (and Christians) Are To Blame

Church is not the building. What has your church done for the poor, needy, broken, hurting, homeless today? What do they do every single day? Is it enough? With the hundreds of thousands to million-dollar budgets that churches receive per month, what proportion goes to the community? What proportion goes to pay church salaries and rent for church buildings? There is no need for the church to collect income for the large church buildings. They could rent out part of the property, even to the church staff who also work full time, which could more than pay for expenses.

My particular church, seems to be one of the better churches out there. I know about the bi-weekly food bank, the missions programs, and some of the other programs. Still, like the rest of the church establishment, the entire church structure is broken and fails to induce major change in the community despite having the influence and means to do so.

So much money is given to the church. Why does anyone in a church take a salary? Paul didn’t take a salary (1 Corinthians 9:12). Why is there such an expensive building? Is it really necessary? The early church met in homes (Acts 2:46, Acts 20:20). There was no church building.

Why is there a big stage and rock music? How many members actively participate in the church? If they don’t, what is the church there for, entertainment? Why entertain secular people who pretend to be Christian because it feels good? In hopes they turn from their sin? How so? There isn’t any pressure or accountability being put on them by the church to turn from their sins. What makes you think mere bible messages are going to help? Church is mostly a feel-good social club for the majority of churchgoers, with few exceptions.

The Church Has Failed

There are serious concerns, and in no way a condemnation of your particular church, rather a concern regarding the entire church establishment in America. Why do all the Christians refuse to stand up for what they believe in, buy into all these big church buildings and pandering to fake or fruitless Christians, and fail to reach the real communities and enact radical change and turn their cities back to God?

These big churches – and I’ve seen them across the country – raise millions in a day during fundraising events (I’ve been at some, more than once I have seen them raise millions in a few minutes from wealthy members), and what does this go for? To build more and larger buildings.

Why aren’t such events held to raise funds for radical biblical campaigns to support the poor, homeless, and destitute, or to shift society away from paganism and immorality and back to God? Our children are being taught they cannot pray in schools, but meanwhile are being forced to chant prayers to Native American “gods” which are demonic entities involved in child sacrifice. Where is the church in standing up for this?

Maybe your church should seek to consider whether the way church is being done today in America is truly honoring God, the community, and equipping the few true Christians for the work of Christ.

America is under God’s judgment

I believe that America is today under the judgment of God because the churches – the called of God – which have the influence and ability to condemn evil and immorality, instead preach “tolerance” with milquetoast messages on love, and are more fearful about maintaining the big church buildings and 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax status than they are about harshly condemning the horrible immorality and corruption in the world today.

Church cannot go on the way it is going on in America today. If a radical shift does not happen, America will not stand as a country much longer. Do you really think that you can go on as a church when the country collapses along with the US Dollar? What will you do then? It will be too late for you to effect change at that point, and it’s nearly too late now.

Will the churches of America just try to continue preaching these feel good and “here’s the message for the day which is important but nonthreatening to the evils in society” sermons, or will they begin taking leaps of faith and dangerous risks in order to combat the extreme immorality in the world today? What is the church doing to save the lost people of America? I fear that America is a harder spiritual battleground than any 3rd-world country, because the people have been hardened against God by every single mainstream authority in this country.

Is your church facing severe backlash? Why not?

If churches like your church are not, right now, undergoing extreme backlash and criticism, being faced with removal of nonprofit status by the government, experiencing vicious attacks by leftist mobs, or worse, then the churches in America today are not serving God, because the country and all of accepted society today is in diametric opposition to all biblical morality.

Jesus said, “whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters” (Matthew 12:30), and “If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world but I chose you out of the world, on account of this, the world hates you” (John 15:19). Why doesn’t the world hate the church?

The world today hates Christianity and the Bible, but they don’t seem to be bothered by the presence of all the megachurches, or the little churches on every corner. I’ve rarely ever even heard of liberals or BLM terrorists picketing, plundering, or attacking the local Baptist, Methodist, or Presbyterian church. Why do you think this is? I think it’s because the churches of America are not posing any threat to Satan’s agenda. Why aren’t they? Aren’t our churches suppose to house the people of God? Where are all our warriors? Who is speaking out?

If the church really stood for God, they would not be able to function in peace in today’s society because it would take an extreme stand to try to influence change and share the true gospel of the Bible to try to get the community, city, state, and nation to turn back to God before God completes His judgment against this country and lets the country completely fall.

Therefore, the churches of America today have failed in their mission, and as a result has brought the wrath of God upon this country. Will you stand up? Or will you let this country burn? The only hope this country has is a radical shift by the galvanizing of every true Christian and Christian establishment in total spiritual war against the current establishment. Anything short of this will not suffice, and if it does not happen, then America will fall, very soon.


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