Part 1: Why Is The Distinction Between a Heliocentric or Geocentric Universe Important From a Christian and Scientific Standpoint?

Why is it important to know whether the Sun is the center or the Earth is the center of the universe? As a Christian, does it really matter which one is the center?

You might be surprised to learn that yes, it really does matter which one is the center. In this article I will discuss the reason it really does matter which one is in the center theologically, philosophically, and scientifically.

The Copernican Principle, begun by Nicolaus Copernicus in the 1500s, was the first in history to defy the natural understanding of the universe, including the Biblically-supported narrative that the Earth is the center of the universe. Copernicus wanted to put the Sun at the center of the universe.

We are significant in the universe

Why did Copernicus want to do this? Why did Copernicus care whether it was the Earth or the Sun that was at the center? The truth is not scientific but philosophical. The reality is this: If the Earth is at the center, it would not make any sense from an Atheistic point of view, because it would mean that we are significant.

To say that we are significant in the universe is to say that the traditional Atheistic narrative that people just happened and were not “created” by any sort of God is wrong. If there is no God and we just happened into existence (evolution was not invented yet in Copernicus’ day), then it would make no sense for the Earth to be in the center.

Why? Because the truth is that if indeed the Earth is at the center, then someone had to have put it there. The chances that our Earth is the only thing in the universe that is in the center and that this also happens to be where humans live, has a statistical probability so slim that it just isn’t possible, unless there was a God who placed the Earth here in this special place in the universe.

Therefore, Atheists had been trying to use science to try to disprove God. And when they could not, because in fact true, real science actually provides evidence for God and not against, then they tried to make things up to support their disbelief in a Creator God.


Copernicus attempts to change history

Therefore Copernicus founded this ideology that the Earth is not in a special place in the universe. Even though no one in all of history, all the brilliant geniuses of the old days, such as those who built the Great Pyramids (which scientists are still unable to replicate with such precision today even with all our technology), none of the people in all of history believed that the Sun was in the center.

Despite this, Copernicus in his great arrogance and tremendous Atheistic views decided to create a fictional narrative that supported his ideology that the Earth could not be in a special place since he did not believe in God. In order to create a radical shift and move the people away from science and into philosophical ignorance, Copernicus aimed to undo what the Bible teaches about the Sun rising and setting, and instead say that it is the Earth which rises and sets.

The Copernican Principle therefore is that humans are nothing special. It states that we are just one small speck in a universe with billions of planets teeming with life. It suggests that we are nothing special, we are just another planet revolving around a star, it is not the universe which revolves around us. Of course, no evidence has ever been found of life on other planets, which was expected based on the Copernican theory that suggested we are just one of many.

Modern science continues to prove the Copernican Principle wrong. Although there is zero real evidence of a heliocentric universe, more and more science is uncovering what ancient people have known since the beginning of humanity, that the Earth is really the one in the center. In my future posts I will lay out more precisely just how modern science proves this.

If this is true, and the great geniuses of old who knew astronomy perhaps better than the astronomers of today were actually correct and the Earth really is in the center, then this is significant because it means that we are in a special place in the universe. If we are in a special place, then that means we are special. If we are special, there must be a reason why we are special. Inevitably, this will lead to the acceptance that we must have been created by something, by someone, by an intelligent designer, by God.

earth and moon solar eclipse

The blissful ignorance of Copernican theory

Copernicus sought to undo this logic by placing a fallacious philosophical system masquerading as “science”, which resulted in a fictional view of the universe that helped Atheists no longer feel like they were wrong about not believing in God. It gave Atheists a way to live in blissful ignorance while never doing any real research while believing in a theory about the universe which has absolutely zero evidence.

There is no evidence for a heliocentric system, and despite 5 centuries – 500 years – of blind acceptance of this fallacy, not a single proof that the Earth revolves around the Sun has ever been presented. However, there has been evidence after evidence presented as real proof that the Earth really is the center, and the sun revolves around the earth, but of course the Atheists reject the truth because it does not conform to their false views that there is no God and that we are nothing special and that God did not create us.

It is no wonder then that great frauds such as Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein became so famous when, like Nicolaus Copernicus, they too devised fictional narratives based on the Copernican Principle and Atheism, which are not only not supported by science but also refuted by science. Darwin’s theories of evolution became extremely popular among the Atheistic pseudo-scientific community because it appeared to give an answer, a theology to believe in other than the Creator God.

Even though evolution is completely contrary to the most fundamental tenets of real science, it gives a sort of broken logic that is sufficient to Atheists to justify their belief in Essentialism and Naturalism to support their Atheism. It gives them something to believe in other than God, a belief in the natural world as having accidentally come into existence.

albert einstein vs henri poincare

Pictured on the right is Henri Poincare, the true inventor of the famous equation.

Einstein and Relativity – The Great Fraud

Likewise, another century later Albert Einstein rose to great fame when he came up with the theory of relativity. Except that the theory was not his own, it was largely devised by his wife. His theories were mostly gleaned from other philosophers such as Sir Isaac Newton (“Gross bodies and light are convertible into one another…”, 1704), and his famous equation E=MC2 was originally invented by S. Tolver Preston (1875), Jules Henri PoincarĂ© (1900; according to Brown, 1967) and Olinto De Pretto (1904), long before Einstein.

Why was relativity so popular? Its complexity made it difficult enough for the common mind to comprehend that it lent enough ambiguity to create further support in the minds of Atheists that allowed them to believe in science as a religion – despite the fact that their “science” was not science at all, but a work of fiction which was easily refuted with real science. This relativistic view of the universe allows Atheists to attribute unexplainable fictions away as a relativistic phenomena. For example, “this is not supported by science because in a relative sense it is explainable in its own fictional paradigm”. This is not science, this is pseudoscience.

Relativity is not a scientific answer to the universe, but rather a philosophical explanation attempting to validate claims by Atheists that are not actually supported by science. The complexity of relativity allows those unlearned or incapable of comprehending it to accept the philosophical views of Atheists regarding the universe as fact without ever taking the time to attempt to validate these baseless Atheistic opinions with any real scientific study outside of mere textbooks.

All of these and other great frauds all bring their unscientific views based on the Copernican Principle. Without the Copernican Principle, which is essentially the idea that we are insignificant and therefore not created by God, all these other theories would not be possible. This is the reason why Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake in 1600, because his support of the anti-God Copernican theory was literally heresy and a direct attempt to undermine and break the influence of the church and Biblical teachings.

I have a lot more to say about this and will continue this article in Part 2. I hope you enjoyed.


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