Issac Newton: Scientist & Physicist, or Insane Alchemical Mystic?

Issac Newton is not who is taught in school textbooks today. He was not even by any definition a “scientist”, but rather a mystic and an alchemist. He was a deeply religious man, but he was not a Christian, because he was both a Freemason and a mystic, with the strangest occultic views, despite some of his religious views sounding Christian.

In modern textbooks, Newton is proclaimed the founder of modern physics, but the truth is quite surprising and shocking: he was an insane mystic who believed in strange supernatural metaphysics, as can be found in his many journals. When he died, he left behind an estimated 10 million words of writings, many of which would be considered “blasphemy” in the modern “scientific” community which today publicly denies the supernatural.

Classical alchemy is not the mere study of chemical reactions to transmute elements from one to another; but rather, it is the study of the spiritual, metaphysical properties of the nature of reality; and that by doing certain practices, which would be called witchcraft or sorcery today, one could access the spiritual world to transmute physical matter from one thing into another by tapping into the metaphysical spiritual world. This is why alchemists were branded “heretics” by the Catholic Church.

Many of Newton’s writings in his private journals are not scientific at all, but mystical, discussing the most unusual metaphysical theories. He was a mystical zealot, describing the most strange and nonscientific theories to explain the nature of the universe. Much of what he wrote cannot be described as rational. Let’s take a look at an excerpt:

“So then [it was] one designe of the Wrst institution of the true
religion to propose to mankind by the frame of the ancient
Temples … and thence it was that the Priests anciently
were above other men well skilled in the knowledge of the
true frame of Nature…”

And this is the lighter of the mystical writings. I have personally read a lot of his writings and it was quite shocking to say the least to read some of his strange mystical views on the world. I don’t believe him to be a genius, but a satanist, a sorcerer, an alchemist, and a mystic. A true heretic. He was called a heretic by the church, but it wasn’t because of science; he was a heretic because of his heretical, satanic mystical views.

Much of his writings have been hidden by the modern “scientific” community out of shame. And many of his writings have been re-written and sanitized to hide his true beliefs. Now imagine that modern science is founded not by scientists, but by occultic mystics. And yet, this is the case. It makes one wonder just how deep the corruption of modern science really goes, when its founders were not even scientists at all, but frauds, mystics, and lunatics.


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